Hot Association and Nonprofit Social Media Jobs This Week – April 5


Under new leadership and a growing team, we have been thriving, increasing our membership by more than 240 percent over the last four years. This position is responsible for the development and promotion of member benefits, as well as the creation and implementation of new retention and engagement activities. Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board !

Top Stories of 2014: Here’s What You Read and Shared From Associations Now

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The new book The Art of Membership explains that some members don’t want to become more engaged, but if you understand what those members do want, you can keep them satisfied and renewing year after year. This and other highlights from new benchmarking research. Longest average time spent on page: New Hampshire Looks to Kick-Start Craft Beers With Marketing Nonprofit , by Ernie Smith, January 23. Leadership.

Leading a Staff That Works Everywhere

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Others are located at other remote points elsewhere in Alaska, as well as in California, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. People who lead remote workers need to adjust their leadership styles. Every time I meet somebody new and we start talking about where we’re located, I have to explain it, and make sure people understand that it doesn’t really matter where we are, that we can serve their needs,” Rich says.