Building a Virtual Sponsorship Program, Part 3: Pricing and Sales

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The final part of building a virtual sponsorship program is pricing and selling of the virtual event sponsorship packages. Today we’re going to cover pricing and selling your virtual sponsorship inventory, a very important topic that many of you care about.

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The Current Role of Leadership

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One of the realities about the current role of leadership – and times when we’re not dealing with a crisis such as a pandemic – is getting your team to buy-in to your values and mission. We’re going to give the association an evaluation of the opportunity, recommend inventory and pricing for virtual sponsorships. Learn more about our new service by clicking here or let us know below how we can help: The post The Current Role of Leadership appeared first on The Moery Company.

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Price Your eLearning Right

Blue Sky eLearn

Rethinking Event-Based Pricing. One of the most common mistakes I see in pricing eLearning is exclusively applying the old one-time registration model. Before setting pricing, it’s critical to understand your market. Conduct a market analysis to understand your competitor’s products and pricing, target market, market needs, and price range that market will bear for the value you’re offering. Consider these models to price your eLearning right.

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Virtual Event Sponsorship Pricing and Sales – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 245

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The third and final episode in our series on building virtual event sponsorship covers pricing and selling your new inventory. Tune in to hear a list of upsides you can use to bring sponsors on board and the variables to consider when pricing your packages. On this episode we’re going to cover pricing and selling your virtual sponsorships, a very important topic that many of you care about. That helps you come together, not only with the pricing, but with the inventory.

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How’s Your Pricing Strategy?

Associations Now

And, more precisely, how to price what you’re selling. As I was working on my feature for the latest issue of Associations Now on pricing strategy , it quickly became clear that there are few hard and set rules about how to think about pricing. Except, perhaps, that you should be more confident about experimenting with pricing than you perhaps have been. One is that the lack of a coherent pricing strategy risks alienating members.

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Don't Compete on Price

Eric Lanke

image source Don't compete on price. There are certainly some organizations that can successfully compete on price. They generally have high-volume, low-investment business models, and are perfectly suited for the low-price strategy. As a consumer, if I'm after a commodity, whoever can get it to me at the lowest price is going to win my business--but not my loyalty. And this is why competing on price is a bad strategy for associations. Associations Leadership

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Leadership Limerick: Putting a Price on Value

Idea Architects

Every Monday, I offer a leadership limerick, highlighting an idea or strategy about effective leadership in limerick form. Searching for leadership limerick will identify previous posts. Everywhere around you can see Offers for things that are free But while it may seem very nice To find zero as the price It makes you wonder what the value will be Give something to get something. You shouldn't just play around with price. leadership limerick

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Social Media Roundup: Nailing Down the Price

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Make sure you’re pricing it according to market demand. Some advice on that in today’s Social Media Roundup: Is the Price Right? RTF @digitec : Tips for Pricing Member Education [link] #assnchat #eLearning via @digitec @nrgmunguia. “No matter how you decide to price your online learning, remember it is always easier to lower the price if sales aren’t what you thought they’d be than it is to raise prices later,” she writes.

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Interview with Michelle Price on Breakthrough Business Strategies.

Jamie Notter

Leadership insight.right when you need it. Interview with Michelle Price on Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio. Monday, December 19, Maddie and I will be interviewed by Michelle Price on her “Breakthrough Business Strategies” radio program , talking about our Humanize book. Leadership. Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact. Generations. Humanize. Books: Jamie Notter. Posted December 16, 2011. in Announcements , Humanize. Tweet.

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Grow Your Membership Without Raising Dues

Association Adviser

” Both Barkan and Mook said they found a higher membership price connoted more prestige and, therefore, had more perceived value. From the Front Lines Leadership association conferences association events membership models price-based value pricing value-based pricingAdapted from a session given at the 2016 ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo by: Magdalena Mook, CEO/Executive Director, ICF – International Coach Federation.

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What I'm Reading

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When's the last time you looked at your pricing strategy ? blog roundup selling pricing innovation leadershipGreat lessons from great bosses. There's more to building trust than personal integrity. Think associations don't need to sell? Wrong! And here are some good tips to help you do it. Leading? Publicly give up your illusion of control. Innovation is a great FIRST step. Here are some key things you need to know and do to get to the finish.

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The New Face of Leadership

Jamie Notter

Of course, back then was the heyday of Fast Company, when the magazine was sold for $350 million–the second highest price ever paid for a magazine. Humanize LeadershipFast Company Magazine, believe it or not, has been around for almost 20 years. It was founded in 1995 by Bill Taylor and Alan Webber (who were previously editors at Harvard Business Review).

Leadership Resources For Sale

Idea Architects

I will sell them at the prices listed below. These individual item prices DO NOT include shipping. The complete bundle of new diversity, team development, innovation, and other leadership resources would cost $1732.95 When you've been consulting and speaking as long as I have you tend to stockpile some resources that never get put to use with clients. My overeager purchasing can now work to your advantage as I am selling the following new and unused items.

How to publish a book and why you should care

Aaron Wolowiec

From editing to book cover design, distribution, sales, file conversions, pricing and everything in between, it’s a behind-the-scenes look at what makes the publishing world tick. As a featured association management blogger on Alltop , I was recently given the opportunity to receive and review an advance copy of a new book written by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch titled, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur—How to Publish a Book.

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Social Media and Leadership Survey Results


We will be sharing the results of our Social Media and Leadership Survey TODAY, Tuesday October 16 at a workshop in Washington, DC. The findings provide valuable insight into the expectations and behaviors around social media and leadership that exist across the hundreds of companies that participated in the survey. All are welcome!

Tuesday Buzz: How Netflix Navigated a Price Increase

Associations Now

Despite raising its prices, Netflix actually saw a huge surge in subscribers during its most recent quarter. Sometimes, price increases can scare away your members. At times, the streaming company has struggled to raise its prices without facing consumer backlash—most notably in 2011, when the company was criticized for its attempt to spin off its DVD-delivery service from its streaming service.

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Four Visionary Leadership Conference Mindsets Needed In The 21st Century

Velvet Chainsaw

Here are four visionary leadership mindsets today’s conference organizers should foster and implement. They keep their conferences from becoming a commodity, where price is the only identifier. The post Four Visionary Leadership Conference Mindsets Needed In The 21st Century appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw's Midcourse Corrections. Vision…it’s easy to talk about. It’s hard to create and implement. And it’s often even harder to upgrade.

Leading with Transparency, Promise, and Vision – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 239

Moery Company

Here’s how to weave these three things into your leadership practice to get your team’s buy-in on the decisions you make moving forward. This is really about leadership, whether you are an association leader, you are running your own business, or you are running your own house. This is about leadership. We’re going to give the association an evaluation of the opportunity, recommend inventory, and pricing for virtual sponsorships.

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How’s Business? – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 248

Moery Company

We implemented a pricing model that was retainer plus commission for our sales work when we started the company. Our price also includes us building out the infrastructure and hiring the best salespeople in the association space to do these things.

What to Change, What to Keep the Same – Association Field Report (August 28, 2020)

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However, we’re not going to change our pricing model because it’s been critical in helping us survive during the pandemic. Business Practices association field report data Sales thought leadership

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House Report: Poor Leadership Led to VA Conference Spending Spree

Associations Now

After Ouster, Lessons Learned Martha Johnson, the former GSA administrator who resigned in April 2012 after revelations the agency spent $800,000 on a Las Vegas conference, is detailing some of the leadership lessons she learned as head of the agency in a new book, On My Watch: Leadership, Innovation, and Personal Resilience. million price tag for the two conferences.

Leadership and the Art of Plate Spinning

Plexus Consulting

By Virgil Carter The title of this article is drawn from a recent article of the same name by Colin Price, published in a recent edition of the McKinsey Quarterly. Price goes on, saying, “Our research shows that the most successful organizations, over the long term, consistently focus on “enabling” things (leadership, purpose, employee motivation) whose immediate benefits aren’t always clear.

Virtual Event Sponsorship Resources for Associations

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OVERVIEW | DOWNLOADS | STRATEGY | DESIGN | PRICING & SALES | ADDITIONAL RESOURCES. Your sponsors and partners are looking for robust data, thought leadership, networking, and information on how to navigate your chosen virtual meeting platforms.

Association Staffing and the End of Toll Booth Workers: 3 Lessons for Association Executives

SCD Group

Interestingly, many major cities are doing it via dynamic pricing (see USA Today story: Toll lanes create 'another option' to avoid traffic.) As you may recall, I posted a story ( When will associations move to “dynamic pricing?” Lesson from Black Friday ) about dynamic pricing and associations last month. SCDdaily dynamic pricing SCD Group association management USA Today Unmanned Toll Booths association executives association leadership

Wednesday Buzz: Leadership Development Through Experiments

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Companies may invest big bucks in leadership training, but many have fallen into the practice of teaching potential managers with a “leadership development ‘equation,'” by which they cultivate their skills and then expect these execs to more efficiently achieve goals. Leadership isn’t just what you do. Netflix is adjusting prices for customers. Learn how outside-the-box thinking makes successful leaders.

Explore Impact Leadership at NTEN’s Leading Change Summit: Free Registration Giveaway

Beth Kanter

If you want to a chance to win, leave a comment on this post sharing something that you’d like to learn about Impact Leadership or some wisdom from your experience about practicing impact leadership! We’ve settled in on an innovation lab process that will help participants reflect on their current “Impact Leadership” practice, brainstorm solutions to key challenges, and come up with innovative and practical ideas to implement.

Cementing Your Leadership Legacy

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And the question of leadership legacy applies to any leader looking to step down, whether it’s a corporate or association CEO, a board president or elected leader, or an executive staff member. An effective leader in an association uses their time at the association as their turn at the wheel and recognizes that the next person or persons that will be steering need to have the ability to pursue the direction that makes sense at their time of leadership,” Tecker said.

The Pay-to-Play Sponsorship Dilemma

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Over the last year or two, I’ve started to see associations accept the idea of having sponsors pay for the opportunity to deliver content – thought leadership. You’ll then want to find a vendor or supplier who would like to partner on conducting the deep-dive research – for a price. Association Business Strategy Leadership Sales SponsorshipsIStock/Credit: AlexMX. I want to address a quick topic today in the area of sponsorships.

Biggest Problem with Conflict: It Prevents Action

Jamie Notter

Leadership insight.right when you need it. Yesterday I was interviewed by Michele Price on her Breakthrough Business Strategy internet radio show about our book, Humanize. Previous post: Interview with Michelle Price on Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio. Leadership. Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact. Generations. Humanize. Books: Jamie Notter. Biggest Problem with Conflict: It Prevents Action. Posted December 20, 2011. in Conflict , Humanize - 3 comments.

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Rising to the Challenge—a need for a new level of nonprofit leadership

Plexus Consulting

Are your sales figures matching or exceeding market growth rates year to year, and do your prices more than cover your costs? Do you have high turnover in your volunteer leadership positions—are your leadership positions eagerly sought out by newcomers--or do you typically keep the same volunteer leaders for 6 or 10 years or longer? By Steven M.

Association Subculture: Leave Room For Eleven

Association Subculture

We are all pushing the envelope and paying a heavy price to do it. I am tired of watching associations congratulate themselves for their innovative practices when, in fact, they are simply layering more strategic objectives and tactics over an existing framework and creating an unsustainable workload for both their volunteer leadership and their staff members. The Waning Days of Leadership in Association Management. leadership. (9). SmartBlog on Leadership.

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Building a Virtual Sponsorship Program, Part 2: Design

Moery Company

Over time, I’ve heard sponsors ask for an opportunity to provide thought leadership as the number one request and it is the number one thing that the association declines. Compare association sponsorship pricing and benefits using public information published by other associations.

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Three Things Your Sponsorship Salesperson Won’t Tell You - Moery Company

Moery Company

Today’s marketing professionals demand thought leadership and ways to share their materials and intelligence. Price Based on Attendee. To sell sponsors for those meetings, price accordingly. Here is a dose of reality.

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What Success Has Taught Me

Moery Company

6 Be confident in pricing your services fairly and hold your ground. And, if the price is the issue then the client doesn’t have the cash or you haven’t made the case. #7 Business Practices Leadership Small BusinessLast week, I blogged on my failures in business. But, over the course of my 25-year career, I’ve observed its “bunk” that we learn more from failure – I’ve actually gleaned more from my business success.

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The new association “normal”

Aaron Wolowiec

ASAE The Center for Association Leadership , which supports the interests of more than 22,000 association executives and industry partners representing 10,000 organizations worldwide, sat down with President John Graham about new membership models and game changers he sees happening for associations during the coming year. John Graham, president of ASAE. This month’s guest blog post is an interview with John Graham, ASAE president.

Digitization Is Not Digital Transformation


When you are talking about leadership, and when you’re talking about business strategy and designing and managing organizations, they’re all connected in a team together with a capstone project.". We lowered the price substantially.

Plexus Consulting Group?: Health vs. Performance

Plexus Consulting

Scott Keller and Colin Price, examine this question in a recent article “Organizational health: The ultimate competitive advantage”, published in the McKinsey Quarterly. The First Timeless Pillar of Leadership. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Plexus Consulting Group® For health, education, workforce, finance and other non profit and public service organizations that want to leverage resources and strategically plan for U.S. or international market expansion.

Your Association Business Model Might Require a Closer Look

Moery Company

What I’ve seen in the last 24 months, in particular, is an unprecedented need for the evaluation of dues levels, membership categories, and sponsorship inventory and pricing. Association Business Strategy Business Development Leadership

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Make good products, offer good services, and do it at a good price, so people like you , not "like" you. blog roundup Mashable Marketing social media whitepaper Copyblogger Facebook LinkedIn Jeffrey Cufaude Fast Company Beth Kanter Associations Now leadership Social Fish conflict"Linear thinking is useless in a non-linear world."

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Attention Shoppers: 4 Ways to Simplify the AMS Shopping Process


There are SO many moving parts - software features, price points, the board’s opinion, etc. association management association leadership membership management Small Staff Chatter association softwareShopping for any kind of technology is stressful, but when it’s a small-staff association professional shopping for an association management system, it’s a particular kind of crazy. No wonder shoppers tend to get frustrated. But good news association pros!