Building a board strategy

Aaron Wolowiec

Good leadership requires vision. Establishes, prioritizes and monitors goals and interim measurement standards — A strategic board values establishing strategic goals and the corresponding standards or criteria relevant to overseeing implementation of strategies to achieve these goals.

Members Hire Bold Strategies

Potomac Core

Members Hire Bold Strategies. As busy executives are under constant pressure to meet and exceed profit targets, they expect the organizations they are part of to deliver bold strategies and results. New Mantra: Members Hire Bold Strategies. Members Hire Bold Strategies.

Building a board strategy

Aaron Wolowiec

Good leadership requires vision. Establishes, prioritizes and monitors goals and interim measurement standards — A strategic board values establishing strategic goals and the corresponding standards or criteria relevant to overseeing implementation of strategies to achieve these goals.

Fundraising and Association Leadership

Eric Lanke

Simply put, in our environment, cold calls and direct mail are not winning strategies. Associations LeadershipIn the past year, me and my association have gone through dramatic transformations.

Has Your Leadership Evolved For The New Normal?

Velvet Chainsaw

Your organization’s sustainable success depends upon you transforming from normal to new normal leadership says Radar’s Tod Martin. They must align with the organization’s mission, strategy, customers’ needs and future possibilities. What’s most challenging about new normal leadership?

Associations and Thought Leadership – A Triple Win: Exclusive Moery Webinar - Moery Company

Moery Company

JP Moery and the Bloom Group’s Bob Buday will host a complimentary 30-minute webinar on the value of thought leadership and how it can help cultivate your brand and help transform your sponsors as thought leaders. Association Business Strategy Business Development Sponsorships Webinar

Changing Strategy and Member Engagement

Eric Lanke

A few weeks ago I wrote about the presentation I gave at my association's Annual Conference, communicating our overall strategy and the progress we're making on it to our membership. Changing your strategy can sometimes be a challenging time.

How’s Your Pricing Strategy?

Associations Now

As I was working on my feature for the latest issue of Associations Now on pricing strategy , it quickly became clear that there are few hard and set rules about how to think about pricing. One is that the lack of a coherent pricing strategy risks alienating members.

Price 94

Strategy, Risk, and Implementation

Spark Consulting

From the new Spark whitepaper, Risk: The Missing Link Connecting Strategy to Implementation , co-authored with Jamie Notter ( ) and Leslie White ( Croydon Consulting ): Having…conversations around risk and opportunity is not necessarily easy, but it’s becoming increasingly important in today’s complex, mutable, fast-paced environment. leadership management whitepaper Jamie Notter Leslie White Final day of whitepaper release week!

The Achilles Heel Of Association Leadership

Velvet Chainsaw

In order to continue to grow and advance, the association needs leadership that engage a different set of skills, talents, and systems to maintain growth over the long haul. The leadership slowly evolve into a static machine that can’t adapt to their changing business climate and context.

Enhance your online education strategy in 90 days

Aaron Wolowiec

This plan often does not drill down, however, into the specifics of education strategy (and the chances it extends to digital learning are equally shaky). At right, you’ll find the results to two different poll questions on the topic of education strategy. Webinar Poll Questions.

Experiential Leadership Development

Beth Kanter's Blog

I’ve just returned from week-long leadership development program in Israel called “ Reality Storytellers ” hosted by the Schusterman Foundation. How do our unique brands of leadership, our values and our perceptions of injustice contribute to our visions for a better future?

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 159: How to Cultivate Thought Leadership at Your Association, and Why it Matters. - Moery Company

Moery Company

Thought leadership is a hot topic in business these days, and developing a thought leadership strategy is an excellent opportunity for associations to push membership value.

Carrying Strategy from the Boardroom to the Receptionist’s Desk

World Class Boards

Perhaps the greatest strategic challenge most association/nonprofit organizational leaders face is translating strategy from the boardroom to the receptionist’s desk (or to the committee chair’s agenda). Cascading measures are for operational alignment , not strategic leadership.

Daily Buzz: Why Your Association Needs a Learning Strategy

Associations Now

A learning strategy can help your team understand how to effectively deliver value. That’s why every association needs a learning strategy, according to a post on the WBT Systems blog. cmgr #onlinecommunities #strategy #askquestions #assnchat [link]

Strategy Means Change

Jamie Notter

Leadership insight.right when you need it. Strategy Means Change. in Change , Strategy - 1 comment. My client said it reminded him of something that he thought Peter Drucker had said once: Strategy means change. So when you do your strategy work, get ready for change.

Rejuvenate Your Leadership

Association Leaders

Find a way to rejuvenate or re-birth your leadership. Re-focus your energy on your mission and key strategies. Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Uncategorized VolunteerismSpring is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation.

Daily Buzz: Agile Development Strategies

Associations Now

But as long as we’re human, there’s no way to “de-bias” ourselves—it’s hardwired into our DNA, according to a post from the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants. The post Daily Buzz: Agile Development Strategies appeared first on Associations Now

Financial Sustainability is Not a Strategy

Jamie Notter

And don’t get me wrong–financial sustainability is a good idea, but folks, it is NOT a strategy. A strategy, at the most basic level, is a choice. A strategy always represents a choice you made over other alternatives. That’s why strategy is so important.

Risk, Strategy, Conflict, and Consensus

Spark Consulting

From the new Spark whitepaper, Risk: The Missing Link Connecting Strategy to Implementation , co-authored with Jamie Notter ( ) and Leslie White ( Croydon Consulting ): Strategy and risk are about choosing to do certain things and, sometimes more importantly, not to do certain things. leadership management whitepaper Jamie Notter Leslie White Whitepaper release week continues!

Leadership is entirely about Character

Association Leaders

While General Schwarzkopf is best known for being the Commander of Operation Desert Storm in the early 1990′s, his leadership skills were developed through his years at West Point as well as years spent rising through the ranks in the U.S. Those of you who remember General Schwarzkopf, may remember he had many sayings about leadership. My favorite is “Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character.

Governance and Strategy: Steps from Administrative Management to Strategic Leadership

SCD Group

million The Problem: The board members defined their jobs as management, not leadership, and they didn’t see the distinction. There was no leadership continuity, and as a result leadership was personality-driven. Guest Post by Greg Schultz of The Sherwood Group, Inc.

Realignment #6: Relationship-Driven Leadership


Instead it is highly dependent on a new type of leadership—not only of the CEO level but of stakeholders throughout the organization. All paths are enabled by people, catalyzed and guided by those in leadership positions. “ The Next Phase of Association Leadership.

An Example of a Strategy Agenda

Eric Lanke

Four weeks ago, I wrote about the essential elements of a Strategy Agenda, the new term I've introduced in my association to describe the essential work product of our Board of Directors. Associations Strategy and Execution

What 15 Year-Olds Can Teach Organizations About Content Strategy

Higher Logic

This guest post is by Jill Andreu, Naylor’s vice president of content strategy and development. Jill is responsible for the overall strategy, direction, leadership and management of Naylor’s editorial department. She doesn’t call it content strategy.

Association Leadership and Ski Patroller Voice

Smooth The Path

Use this self-reflective strategy to clear the decks after each interaction so you can be fresh and ready for the next keeping ski patroller voice firmly in its place. The post Association Leadership and Ski Patroller Voice appeared first on Smooth The Path.

Strategy and Context

Jamie Notter

Leadership insight.right when you need it. Strategy and Context. in Change , Strategy - 2 comments. Sohrab Vossoughi wrote a great post on HBR about Sony and how its successful strategy in the 1980s ended up being unique to that context. In other words, a winning strategy is context specific, thus it needs to evolve and grow (we talk about this in Humanize in the chapter on Generative ). Strategy Means Change. Leadership. Strategy.

Launching a Podcast? Why a “Discovery Strategy Session” is Key - Moery Company

Moery Company

If you are thinking about launching a podcast – the critical first step is to engage in a “Discovery Strategy Session.” How will this fit into your communication strategy? #2 The “Discovery Strategy Session” is the all-important first step.

The Essential Elements of a Strategy Agenda

Eric Lanke

Our Strategy Agenda, which is determined by our Board and focused on what we want to achieve, and our Operational Plan, which is determined by our staff and focused on how we will achieve it. This week I want to write more about the elements that make up our Strategy Agenda.

Should Social Media Matter to Leadership?

Jamie Notter

Maddie and I put together a quick survey about social media and leadership a few weeks ago, and in no time at all we got 505 people to complete the survey (thanks to all of you who helped spread the word!). Announcements Leadership Social Media

3 Steps to More Inspired Leadership

Association Adviser

Attendees were also able to take home some valuable lessons in leadership from influential thinkers who shared their stories and experiences. The post 3 Steps to More Inspired Leadership by Sarah Sain first appeared on Sarah Sain, Naylor Association Solutions.

Book Review: Engine of Impact – Essentials of Strategic Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector

Beth Kanter's Blog

Last week I attended the launch of the book, Engine of Impact: Essentials of Strategic Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector by William F. The authors identify seven leadership best practices of high performance based on their extensive experience in the nonprofit and philanthropy sector.

How Leaders Can Implement a D&I Strategy

Associations Now

But, the report cautions, there is a “common tendency among associations to identify diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts as a top organizational priority without implementing the specific strategies needed to advance efforts in a significant way.” (My

Strategy as We-Care: An Exercise

Beth Kanter's Blog

Note from Beth: My colleagues at See3 had some fun using some of the ideas in The Happy Healthy Nonprofit and apply it to creating an organizational digital strategy. This post shares a useful exercise for your digital team to reflect on what not to do for your digital strategy!

The Enemy of Leadership – Distractions

Association Leaders

Distractions cause leaders to take their “eye off the ball” Distractions cause leaders to lose focus on their mission and strategies. Now it is time for leaders to re-focus on developing the strategies that will help their businesses succeed in the future. CM Services Volunteerism associations leadership strategyOne of the greatest challenges leaders face are distractions.

Balancing Personal and Organizational Brand: Networked Leadership

Beth Kanter's Blog

Earlier this month, I facilitated a workshop for leaders of community foundations in New Jersey for the Knight Digital Media Center on the topic of practical network leadership skills. She also added that personal branding for staff is an intentional part of their networked strategy.

Creating A Customer-Centric Conference Strategy

Velvet Chainsaw

Established, successful conferences have leadership that are usually adept at incrementally improving their event each year. Ultimately, a successful conference leadership team must focus on creating a customer-centric conference strategy.

Strategies That Work When Launching a Member Council – Part 2 - Moery Company

Moery Company

The formation of these groups is a great strategy to drive relevance, visibility and, yes – growth. For example, with set term limits and annual elections, there are processes in place for aspiring leaders to pursue leadership roles.

Association Subculture: Trampoline Strategy

Association Subculture

Trampoline Strategy. Labels: innovation , strategy. Shelly’s favorite words are change, vision, strategy, tactics, learning, teaching and Lord of the Rings. The Waning Days of Leadership in Association Management. leadership. (9). strategy. (5).

Cementing Your Leadership Legacy

Associations Now

And the question of leadership legacy applies to any leader looking to step down, whether it’s a corporate or association CEO, a board president or elected leader, or an executive staff member. The post Cementing Your Leadership Legacy appeared first on Associations Now