Ace 2019 with 6 Expert Marketing Strategy Tips

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How can marketing and sales teams work more efficiently ? If these types of marketing strategy questions are floating around in your mind as we enter the new year, keep reading. As always, marketing is evolving. As AI advances, so will our marketing capabilities.

Four Reasons Your Marketing Team Needs Community

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Could your marketing department benefit from your organization’s community? It doesn’t matter what your community is for or why your organization decided to establish one -- it can be a powerful tool for your marketing department. Inbound marketing. Marketing

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Engagement, Upsell, Advocacy: How Community Tools Can Transform Your Customer Marketing

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Marketing to your customers is hard work – sometimes it can feel like you’re pushing the same boulder up a hill every day, like good ol’ Sisyphus. Customer marketing can come with great rewards, though, especially if you’re using tech tools to make your life easier.

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Carole Baskin is killing it in marketing: How the non-profit in ‘Tiger King’ dominates digital strategy

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In fact, I found myself wondering, “Is Carole Baskin actually a marketing genius?”. Your marketing director didn’t. While many others may question what happened to her husband, there’s no doubt: Carole Baskin is killing it in marketing.

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3 Must-Haves in Your Marketing Technology Stack (#3 Might Surprise You)


For me (and many other marketers), it’s logging in to my marketing software and checking the day’s stats. That’s true of most marketers because, in general, marketing is usually broken down into just three goals: Attract people. The 3 Essential Marketing Systems.

How to Find Your Best Content Topics (Without Paying for Market Research)

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According to a recent study by Leader Networks , most associations – 83 percent – are aligning their products and services to market needs so they meet members’ expectations and stay relevant. File Library Views and Downloads.

New Technological Realities: What’s on the Market?

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This is a trendy topic these days because these technologies are increasingly accessible in the market. This is a whistle stop tour of the latest products and technologies on the market to act as a guide for associations looking to incorporate VR, AR, or MR into their events or offerings.

We’re Hiring! The Big Red “M” Seeks a Marketing and Communications Director

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Job Information: Marketing and Communications Director. Job Category: Marketing/Communications. Position Description: The Marketing and Communications Director leads the marketing and communications effort of The Moery Company.

Overhaul Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with These Basic Approaches


No, it isn’t and surprising there is a lot of this “diversification” taking place in marketing and business need to stop and reevaluate. A responsive attitude forms the foundation on which successful marketing campaigns thrive.

7 Tips for Engaging Your Audience with a Virtual Event Community

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You’d run your event with a live conferencing tool and pair that experience with all the engagement tools the community has to offer, like a discussion section and a resource library. Ask the speakers to share additional resources in the resource library that complement their presentation.

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10 Ways to Learn with Higher Logic

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From marketing automation to customer experience to all things community, happy learning with Higher Logic! You can learn about specific marketing automation and online communities topics via short, live webinars with industry thought leaders and product experts. We offer an easy-to-navigate product documentation library ( that is a perfect complement to other Higher Logic learning offerings!

Membership Q&A: How Long Should Our Grace Period Be?

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When I try to log on to get access to a member community, resource library, training webinar archive, or online publication that I use all the time at 9:15 am on August 1 and get the message that I can’t because my membership has lapsed, there’s a good chance I’ll pull out my credit card and pay my $100 or $200 dues right then, particularly if I know that as soon as I pay, my access will be restored. membership Marketing General

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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According to Marketing General Inc, these are the top four challenges to associations’ member retention: Members’ lack of engagement with the organization (41%).

4 Ways to Use Events + Conferences to Increase Online Community Engagement

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Using that data, you can use tools like marketing automation to send targeted, personalized outreach to members based on the events they have expressed interest in. Provide a Valuable Library of Resources to Educate + Engage Members.

5 Marketing Pain Points & Solutions (From Our In-House Experts)

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Can we talk about how glamorous the life of a marketer is for a moment? …I While the role of a marketer can be incredibly interesting and rewarding, it doesn’t come without challenges. You’re not alone, you hardworking marketer, you! Video Content Marketing.

7 Ways to Refine Your Buyer Personas with Community Data

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Well, it’s not exactly how Leo Tolstoy began his classic novel, Anna Karenina, but if he’d been a marketer, we’d bet at least a dollar that he would have. Get this: Only 42 percent of B2B content marketers actually research their audience by talking to their customers.

How Engagement Tools Improve Association Event Management

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Let's focus on how engagement tools and platforms, like additional community modules or marketing automation, can work together to elevate the success and impact of your online community as it relates to events and registrations. Interested in filling more chairs at your next event?

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SaaS Customer Onboarding: A 3-Step Guide for Streamlined Success

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Customer onboarding usually crosses interdepartmental lines – your new customer could interact with anyone from sales, marketing, implementation, support, and success. Integration Online Community Marketing Automation Customer Success Customer Experience B2B Communities User Group Communitie

How to Get Members to Download and Use Your Online Community’s Mobile App

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Market Your App. Develop a comprehensive marketing plan that helps members get a better community experience by downloading your mobile app. Make sure that you craft all your marketing content to be helpful to members. Market Your App… Again.

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Four tools to revamp your marketing efficiency on Twitter


Twitter is possibly the most powerful marketing platform out there, specifically for brands targeting global audiences. If you’re a social media marketer on Twitter, you definitely appreciate the value of content curation and sharing. A complete toolkit for Twitter marketers.

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33 Free Nonprofit Webinars for January 2011

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Emergency Preparedness for Public Libraries Wednesday , 5 January 2011 10:00 am (Central).( Marketing nonprofit non-profit Non-profit Communications Non-profit technology nptech social media training webinarA number of regular webinar hosts are still finalizing their schedules for January 2011, but nonprofit folks will find a great variety of professional development and training opportunities – free and online – already lined up for January 2011.

Executive Connections: Are You Mission Critical?

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Your library or information center must be viewed as mission critical. I reminded our members that libraries and information centers must demonstrate their contributions to their organization’s bottom line if they expect continued funding. They had asked me some time ago to speak about "Defending Libraries at a Time of Budget Uncertainties." Share your experience with library closings by commenting here. Executive Connections. « Planting Seeds | Main.

Executive Connections: Why SLA Must Consider a Name Change

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  Our founder, John Cotton Dana, wrote that the name Special Libraries Association, “was chosen with some hesitation, and rather in default of a better.”    It included key audiences—not just info pros, but also people in fields like IT, HR, marketing and strategic planning.   The terms “special library” and “special librarian” were the lowest-ranking concepts we tested.  Executive Connections.

Association Dump Trucks Habitually Bury Members

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“Here are 46 articles we have carefully curated for you,” and “did you know we have an online learning library with over 100 courses?” Imagine that you decide to join an association today. You fill out the application and press “JOIN.”

Super Forum After Hours: What DC and Arlington Have to Offer

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The National Mall -- From the Library of Congress all the way to the Lincoln Memorial, this is truly a spectacular part of the country. MarketingHow well do you know our nation’s capital?

Community UX Design Research on a Budget

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Do you ever work at a coffee shop or the library? If people have trouble posting resources to the library, see what steps you can smooth out. Community Management Marketing

Protech Associates Creates “Tier 1 Support on Steroids”

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They also shared best practices for how to market a new community to drive user adoption and participation, including sample welcome letters we could send to new members and how-to documentation that users could download. Community Management Engagement Marketing

Implementing a Successful Cause Marketing Campaign

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Implementing a Successful Cause Marketing Campaign. Drake & Company recently donated 100 hours of staff time to build a cause marketing program for the Chesterfield Arts “Make Your Mark” levee mural project, held June 4. Enter Cause Marketing. To increase awareness and generate funding to support the project, Chesterfield Arts accepted a Drake & Company proposal to add a pinup cause marketing element to the overall “Make Your Mark” project.

Content Marketing: A Practical Approach for your Association

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Content Marketing: A Practical Approach for your Association. A Practical Approach to Content Marketing for your Association. We tackle topics such as association management, volunteer engagement, financial management, fund raising, membership marketing, organizational growth and association trends from a volunteer leaders perspective. Content Marketing: A Practical Approach for your A. Association for Rural and Small Libraries. Pages. CONTRIBUTORS.

For a Good Time, Call on Members in 2017

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From the Printed Book and Periodical Collection, Winterthur Library. Kelly Clark is the manager for online marketing with Naylor Association Solutions. Kelly Clark, Naylor Association Solutions. Have you resolved to network better in 2017?

Membership 101: The Welcome Series

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When last we left the Membership 101 series, you had just gotten a new member and were busy finding out why she joined so you could focus your marketing and communications efforts around those 2-3 things that matter most to her. You don’t do that by ignoring the other party for a year (or, worse, bombarding her with tone-deaf marketing messages about things she’s not interested in), and then asking her for more money. Image found at the UNLV library site.

Friday Top 5

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Jenny Levine from the American Library Association talked about their MakerSpace initiatives as part of ALA’s ongoing work to allow members to hack the associations (which resulted, among other things, in a self-organized conference ). It’s my Top 5 from digitalNOW.

CXPA Elevates the Customer Experience with Community

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And as for the resource library, there are already hundreds of content items available for members to see and download. Community Management Engagement Marketing

Association Content: Recycling Isn’t Just for Saving the Planet

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Risk Management content ends up in a searchable digital library that members can access any time. For RIMS, our content ends up in our digital library along with thousands of other pieces. “Reduce, reuse, recycle” doesn’t just apply to saving the planet.

How to Design a Community Your Users Will Love

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Are there any roadblocks that make it difficult for people to search the library or past discussions? Community Platforms & Updates MarketingHave you recently visited a website plagued by confusion and disorganization?

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Six Factors Supporting Global Expansion


Nikki Walker of MCI will be joined by Kevin Mayeux of Institute of Internal Auditors, Janice LaChance of Special Libraries Association, and Sharon Moss of ASAE Foundation. What tools and resources they use to explore and cultivate emerging global markets.

Stronger by Association: How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

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How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy. Joe Pulizzi did an excellent job of breaking down the meaning of content marketing and how to maximize your organizations content during The Drake Forum. ” His first advice was that developing a content marketing strategy is “key” Content marketing involves using many different channels to speak to your members, and having a strategy to help stay focused is very important. Pages. CONTRIBUTORS.

[New eBook] The Community Module Guide: How to Support Your Organization’s Business Objectives

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At its base, every community should maintain a strong foundation of core modules (the no-nonsense tools and features that are essential to your success, like calendars, discussion boards, directories, automation rules, and a resource library) to support its essential objectives.

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Keep Your Association on Track: 4 Ways to Stay Organized

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Manage registration, marketing efforts, and product add-on revenue all through your main database. One of the most important AMS features— so important that it earned its own section, rather than a bullet point in the section above— is a comprehensive integrations library.

It’s a Great Time to Be a Young Association Professional: Erin Sevitz on Working Hard, Being Agile and Leaving Your Mark

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Erin guides IFMA’s voice and messaging, leads the association’s social media presence and oversees IFMA’s web properties, magazine and online Knowledge Library. In college, I was part of the University of Florida Student Chapter of the American Marketing Association.