How to Launch an LMS with No Content

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While you can’t really launch an LMS with no content, you probably already have some waiting in the wings and can get up and running much sooner than you t hink ! . Instead of leaving these on your regular website, move any educational white papers over to your LMS. .

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What 1 association learned from launching its first LMS

Association Success

In my first few days at LeadingAge , an association of nonprofit aging services providers, I was googling “what is an LMS?” An LMS was the only answer. Our marketing is focused on raising awareness that LeadingAge offers a robust online learning platform.

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Get Ready for Online Learning with LMS Selection Criteria


Online learning programs expand your market for education since many members (and others in your audience) can’t always afford to attend or take time away from work to travel to conferences and other educational events. LMS selection criteria.

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How to Create a Really Good LMS RFP

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You finally got the budget to purchase a learning management system (LMS). Ask around for request for proposal (RFP) samples and send one of them to a dozen LMS vendors? You know the answer already if you read last week’s post : an LMS RFP is not the first step of the selection process, it’s the result of the first step. The first step is gathering and prioritizing your requirements for a new LMS. Borrowing another association’s LMS RFP. What’s in an LMS RFP?

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2018 eLearning AWARD for LMS presented to WBT Systems Ltd. and Miele & Cie. KG by eLearning Journal

WBT Systems

Presentation of 2018 eLearning AWARD for LMS. The 2018 eLearning AWARD in the category for ‘Learning Management System’ (LMS) has been awarded to the project partners WBT Systems and Miele & Cie. The LMS includes individual training catalogs for each country.

Social Media Roundup: Do You Know the Difference Between LMS and LCMS?

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LMS vs. LCMS. What's the Difference Between an #LMS and #LCMS ?Hint: For educating members and creating your own educational content, should you turn to an LMS or an LCMS? By Lugo’s definition, “an LMS manages people’s interactions with learning content.”

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Association Learning: Does your Story Inspire Members?

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“Harley Davidson bikes are twice the price of the same exact Honda bike but will outsell it 13-1 because of community” – Ken Schmidt #HLSF16. Associations Blog eLearning Tips Association LMS e-Learning elearning Higher Logic learning management system LMS LMS Success

2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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We use our knowledge of practical use cases to put the media and marketing hype in perspective. Less abstractly, the CE business of non-profit associations is threatened by for-profit CE providers that undercut the associations’ prices.

Looking For a Virtual Events Partner? Be Sure To Ask These 10 Questions

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How do you price your virtual events? There is a wide variance in how virtual events are priced. If pricing is based on attendance, be sure that pricing is in broad bands of users, so that you do not unnecessarily get saddled with high overage fees.

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Don’t Undervalue Association Training Programs!

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When pricing your association’s training offerings, it is important to assess their value, and then price accordingly. Assuming the former, it’s important that you revise and re-set course pricing on a regular basis particularly at the start of a new venture into online learning.

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How to Scale Online Learning: B2B Market Strategies for Assocations

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Learn from successful corporate market strategies! Develop effective pricing and marketing strategies. Linda Bowers is CTO of WBT Systems, an association LMS provider, where she is responsible for all technical aspects of product planning, development, testing and delivery.

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Remember the 3 E’s When Marketing Educational Programs

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An effective online learning marketing plan has three phases. The three E’s of marketing educational programs will help you succeed with each of these three phases of marketing. Expeditionary Marketing. You don’t often hear about expeditionary marketing but in times of change, this bold approach could take your online educational programs—and non-dues revenue—to new heights. First, escape the tyranny of served markets. Emotional Marketing.

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Online Course Marketing Tactics from Six-Figure Digital Entrepreneurs

WBT Systems

When digital entrepreneurs—those who make their living selling online products and services—see a need in their market, they design a revenue-generating online course to meet that need. They also use online course marketing tactics that help them become millionaires in the process. Amy Porterfield , who teaches online marketing to aspiring digital entrepreneurs, is one of many digital entrepreneurs whose courses have put them in the six-figure club.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.8.19

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MemberSuite explains how associations can respond to this market demand by offering certificate and certification programs. Don’t wait until your LMS implementation is nearing the end to figure out what kind of reports you need. Strategic Pricing for Educational Products.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.19.18

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Marketing General Inc. is inviting associations to participate in their 10th annual Membership Marketing Benchmarking Survey. Learn how to build a content library, get started with an LMS, and motivate your members to join in the program.

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Best Practices for Monetizing eLearning Content


If you’re offering anything for continuing education credit, certificates or certifications are the first things we would recommend putting a price tag on. Since we’re talking about eLearning specifically, you’re probably going to want to sell these items on your LMS.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.6.19

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WBT Systems asks if associations need to think about providing a more sustainable professional development option to their members and market. Steven MacDonald at SuperOffice provides a guide to GDPR for B2B marketers that includes smart advice even if you don’t have an EU audience.

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10 virtual event tools you can use to move your meetings online

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Note that LiveStorm does max out at 1,000 live attendees unless you speak with someone about enterprise pricing. . Contact for pricing. Contact for pricing.

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How to Prove Member ROI with Data Analytics and Business Intelligence


What’s the proper price point for this product in our online store? . These suggestions are based on internal scores that are standardized in LMS data. The LMS data include s course descriptions, tags and profile metadata. . By Brian Smith, Communications Specialist .

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.12.19

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MemberSuite shares membership marketing tactics to use before, during and after your event to recruit non-member attendees. Tom Whatley, Content Marketing Institute ). Jessica Lane, Director of Client Success, Freestone LMS, Community Brands.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.27.16

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As an industry, we’ve been secretive about what goes into AMS pricing. Learn what goes into AMS pricing, how to control the costs of a new AMS, and what questions you should be asking technology vendors to ensure the right fit. I’ve been thinking about morning habits, again.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.18.19

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In this competitive talent market, this sounds like a must-read for association execs. LinkedIn, Coursera, Udemy and other learning platforms are coming for your market, if they haven’t already. A classic marketing mantra (about pricing) is flawed.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.27.17

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Next Generation LMS: Apps, Authoring and Curation. Patricia Andrade, VP of Marketing, Communications, and Community Relations, ABTS Convention Services. LMS Monetization Strategies: Creative Ways to Ensure ROI. Digital Marketing: Research.

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5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Association’s Event

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Focus on your social media marketing strategies. Record the sessions for on-demand viewing on your LMS after the conference.

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Compare Association Management Software Platforms


Pricing available on the GrowthZone website and product demos available upon request. Pricing available upon request. Additional features include: Fundraising/CRM, Accounting Software, Web Hosting, and Learning Management System (LMS). Pricing available upon request.

How to Use Customer Engagement Data to Identify New Sales Opportunities

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Look for the most common data sources on your customers, like: Email : Opens, clicks and conversion rates in your marketing team’s automated email campaigns convey intention or interest. If your customer stays in a single price point, you should too.

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The 5 E’s of Generating Non-Dues Revenue from eLearning

WBT Systems

Here are five ways your LMS can help you to generate non-dues revenue for your association: Ensure your LMS has eCommerce Capability. When reviewing and curating your content , look for trends and popular courses by examining your LMS reports.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.22.20

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Billhighway explains how virtual events can help sponsors and exhibitors achieve their marketing goals —while helping chapters achieve their revenue goals. Reconnecting Marketing + Events: The Good, The Bad, and the Silver Linings. Stacey Fontenot, Vice President of Marketing, Cvent.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.20.17

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Organizer: Peggy Hoffman, CAE, president, Mariner Management & Marketing. Digital Marketing for the Event Planner: Organic Search. Hear some straight talk about membership software pricing. Presenters: Aiden Callery, marketing manager, ASHA.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.13.19

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… I just bought a wreath at the farmers market and I’m listening to the Christmas Cocktail Jazz playlist on Spotify.

Here’s a big idea: Innovation can be small

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Here are three examples of small-sized innovations we’ve implemented in 2019 at the Professional Pricing Society. We uploaded each course individually and within ten minutes, each one had a transcription we could upload as a Word document into our LMS for immediate availability.

Association Tips: 6 Irresistible Member Benefits that Convince People to Join and Renew

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To get the most of their eCourses, many associations use a learning management system (LMS). You can set prices for courses individually, or base them on membership tier. Getting people to join your association is like making a sale.

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AMCs Engaged!

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The mission was to drive its strategic use of data, furthering the content associations provide to members and the market, and to increase visibility of sponsors. Price sits high in the consideration criteria when selecting technology. Are You Built for Speed?

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What to Do If Your Association’s Online Course Failed

WBT Systems

Problem: Market need. Is there really a market for this course? Are they in the position to know what the market needs? Test your idea to make sure there’s a profitable market for the program. Understand that market and their needs before you start working on the course. Did you target the right market segment? And, did you use the most effective marketing tactics for that segment? Understand how your target market prefers to get their information.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.12.17

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– Buying an LMS Today to Meet the Learning Needs of Tomorrow. Typography in Marketing. Host: American Marketing Association. Marketing Automation for Associations. – 5 Tips for Sponsorship Packages and Pricing Optimization.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.8.17

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KnowBe4 says: if your IT and Marketing departments are not freaking out about GDPR compliance , you are not paying attention. Those insights feed into marketing automation systems to make them more effective at delivering messages that provide value to members.”.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.21.17

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LMS provider WBT Systems writes about instructional design innovations that associations could borrow from “ModPo” and a few other award-winning MOOCs. Host: American Marketing Association. Grow Your Event with Digital Marketing That Works. Host: American Marketing Association.

Unlock Your eLearning Differentiator & Iconic Advantage

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Technology continually creates new opportunities for your association’s educational programs, but it also lowers the barrier to entry for competitors to enter and disrupt your market. To stay top of mind (and top of market), you need to leverage your eLearning differentiator—your iconic advantage. Soon Yu says the best way to ensure your organization keeps its competitive edge is by playing to your strengths and leveraging your market momentum.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.22.19

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They advise associations to “ rethink how you approach needs assessments if you wish to develop and deliver relevant, useful education that meets existing market needs and anticipates future needs.”. Integrating Your AMS & LMS: Bridging the Gap.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.15.19

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Some quick hits before we get to the list of next week’s free webinars: Excellent advice on content marketing for associations—advice that works for any organization. Presenter: Julia Campbell, Founder of J Campbell Social Marketing.