The Golden Age of Newsletters

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In fact, good old fashioned email newsletters are having a bit of a renaissance. I used to get most of my reading material from social media (a place I still go) but am now often guided by newsletters -- everything from 730DC to Buzzfeed News to Lena Dunham’s Lenny and more (who knows how many newsletters I’ve signed up for recently). I like the commentary and specificity of each newsletter. What is it about newsletters that’s becoming so trendy?

What Your Magazine Cover Says About Membership

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Associations are built by and for members, which is why one association promised to put its 15,000th member on the cover of its magazine. In July, the cover of both magazines will feature Laura Burke, a compliance coordinator at St.

Nonprofit Newsletter: Free Tools to Create and Merge PDFs

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One small nonprofit I work with has chosen to publish its monthly membership newsletter as a magazine-style document in Portable Document Format (PDF), rather than as an email blast. Tags: Non-profit technology nptech Non-profit Communications collaboration PDF open source application software newsletters

Kurt Nagle: Fostering Global Collaboration

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From the Corner Office Leadership AAPA AAPA Industry Services Magazine advocacy Alert Newsletter American Association of Port Authorities Kurt Nagle member communications non-dues revenue public port authorities Seaports Advisory Seaports Deliver Prosperity Seaports Magazine

Why wait for an Association's Monthly Newsletter?

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When sharing information for your association’s members, why wait for a “Monthly Newsletter?”. I love ASAE’s digital Associations Now , the daily electronic newsletter providing valuable information for association professions. Monthly magazine? Weekly newsletter?

Thanks For Playing: Always the Last to Know: Readz

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Does your association have a magazine or newsletter? skip to main | skip to sidebar. Thanks For Playing. Seeking community in associations since 2008. 25 June 2012. Always the Last to Know: Readz. Is it online? Is it just a boring plain HTML version of the printed stories? Readz wants to help you out, by making a multimedia rich version of your publications that looks gorgeous on tablets. Share on FriendFeed. Labels: cool technology. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post.

Did You Know: The Most Valuable Source of Non-Dues Revenue is Diversified

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Maintaining a diverse roster of benefactors or revenue streams also forces associations to remain creative, relevant and innovative, as Mark Rowh of The Meeting Magazines notes in his article about generating non-dues revenue.

12 Simple Ways to Unleash More Creative Thinking

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Regularly consume media outside your normal reading routine: magazines, TV shows, websites, blogs, music, etc. For a quick field trip, just visit the periodicals section fo your local library or spend time looking at the covers of the magazines in an airport shop.

The Internal Blog: A Management Tool : Off Stage

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Of course, back then nobody talked about interaction to these messages: most newsletters didnt even have a Letters to the Editor section, and anyway, who wanted to wait a week or a month before seeing some response from a reader? Off Stage. 26, 2009 - The Internal Blog: A Management Tool.

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Print is Alive and Kicking

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According to Naylor’s 2018 Association Communications Benchmarking Survey , print magazines have been the second most-valued communication channel (behind conferences and networking events) for two years now. Top 3 Print Communication Channels: Member magazine. Newsletter.

2015 Favorite Community Reads

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The CMX digital magazine. Luckily, they did an excellent recap of the event, compiling them in their digital magazine. This is an awesome weekly newsletter. But one of my favorite parts about their newsletter is many articles they link to aren’t specifically about community.

Tips for Marketing (Online Courses) To Your Association Members  

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On membership forms, applications, and registration forms, be sure to ask about which social media platforms, magazines, trade publications and blogs people like most then make an effort to advertise there.

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What's New: Medium


From : Blog Entry >> Jessica's Blog Entry Looking for a different platform to display and submit your association’s blogs, newsletters and digital magazine archives? Medium , a free online publishing platform, is a type of “evolved social journalism” housing a collection of both amateur and professional publications.

Balancing Traditional and Trending Member Communications

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The print magazine was the second most highly valued communication channel this year. Joining the top 10 were the print newsletter and print conference guide. Finding balance can be a tricky endeavor.

Starring….Your Association Publications

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Associations are rightly proud of their member communications: Magazines, newsletters and websites represent the value of membership in the organization, while also sharing important industry news and professional development education with members. Magazines. Newsletters.

Do Your Members Hear You? Tips for Promoting Your Member Communications

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Your communication pieces, whether a magazine, newsletter, online buyers’ guide or other information source, should be promoted to your members as one of the most highly regarded and valuable member benefits your association has to offer. Why become a member of an association?

The communications struggle continues

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While e-newsletters and print magazines remain top communication vehicles, associations seem to be expanding their communication vehicles. If you’ve been following this blog for the past five years (heck….even even the past year), you know I’m a communications nut. Seriously.

Massachusetts Society of CPA’s Online Community is Members’ #1 Benefit [Case Study]

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MSCPA marketed its community in its print magazine and reminded members of its launch through its website and email. MSCPA’s daily digests and weekly community e-newsletter are popular with both lurkers and active contributors.

Best Benefit Ever: Multimedia Expertise for Baseball Coaches

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The American Baseball Coaches Association will give members free digital subscriptions to a leading baseball magazine. “Our coaches will have access to Inside Pitch and will be afforded opportunities to contribute to the magazine.”

Serious Questions: What will it take for your association’s stakeholders to thrive?

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Serious Questions newsletter. Each issue of the newsletter presents a serious question on which I offer my thoughts for newsletter subscribers. Blog once the current month’s issue of the newsletter is released. Serious Questions newsletter, please subscribe today. Serious Questions newsletter. Each issue of the newsletter presents a serious question on which I offer my thoughts for newsletter subscribers.

Increasing Readership Engagement: eNewsletter Briefings

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With little free time, members no longer feel like they have as much time in their schedules to fully engage in reading a magazine. For instance, your association can introduce a special highlights newsletter that showcases the most-read article briefings of the month or year.

The communications struggle continues

Aaron Wolowiec

While e-newsletters and print magazines remain top communication vehicles, associations seem to be expanding their communication vehicles. If you’ve been following this blog for the past five years (heck….even even the past year), you know I’m a communications nut. Seriously.

The Young Professional – Tracking down the Future Leaders of Your Association

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Think about ways you can introduce readers of your eNewsletter to your magazine or readers of your magazine to your website. Do you have copies of your magazine available at events for young professionals? Part 4 of our 2017 Association Communications Benchmarking Study series.

Association Communication Evolution


I call these eras – Meet, Mail, Magazine and Moderation. The next step in association communication evolution was the magazine. Magazines were really a further development of printing technology but the reason I am calling it a milestone in the evolution of communications was the ability to advertize. Glossy, with pictures; magazines were a revenue producing mass media for larger associations.

5 Steps to Create a Sponsorship Program that Increases Non-Dues Revenue

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E-newsletters and physical magazines. Organizations that sponsor your e-newsletter, for instance, may reach 5,000 people every week. Sponsorship programs are tricky. Most associations have one (or have at least considered one), but are still fine-tuning the details.

Benchmark Report: Association Communications Struggle to Keep Up

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One surprise highlighted by the report: Despite all the added competition, legacy channels are still holding their weight in effective ways, with live events, print magazines, and email newsletters among the most successful member communication offerings.

Friday Buzz: Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

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Are you overloading your newsletters with content? During an audit of the newsletter for its flagship magazine, EDUCAUSE Review Online , the association spotted a problem: The newsletter had a ton of content, but readers weren’t clicking on much of it.

If Content Marketing is the new black, why are associations wearing plaid?

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Content Marketing is the “hot new thing” as for-profit marketers rush to create infographics, whitepapers, newsletters, checklists and anything else that will generate inbound traffic.

Daily Buzz: Involve Members in Content Creation

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Membership associations should put out a content creation call for sources in your regular e-newsletter,” she says. Plan ahead and regularly ask for contributions on specific topics in your print magazine. Your members have a unique view into the industry they represent.

From Owning the Publication to Owning the Idea


What price do we charge for a magazine, a newsletter, or a journal when there are no printing or mailing costs?

Are you complacement?

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I was interested to read about a relatively new (well 4 years old) membership organisation, the Society of Digital Agencies being discussed on the Drum recently, a marketing and social media magazine and site.

Did You Know? Associations Plan to Innovate Membership (Again) in 2018

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The unconventional format and contestants of the pageant bring more attention to the issues surrounding skilled nursing care than any blog post, newsletter or speech could. Last month, we asked readers in what area they plan to make the most innovative changes in 2018.

Is it time for an event sponsorships makeover?

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A good example of a customized of sponsorship might look like this: An event sponsor purchases a sponsorship package that includes a full-page ad in the association’s magazine, adjacent to an article related to its industry segment, that runs prior to the trade show.

Price 229

Membership Marketing on a Shoestring

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Find a complimentary organization or two, and swap member lists, swap magazine ads, swap e-newsletter promotions, swap banner ads, swap conference attendance/booths/speaking spots, etc. I'm presenting on the topic above at the Events By Design Small Staff Association workshop today, and while it's too late to join us, I thought I could share my best membership marketing tips for small staff associations (aka "the handout") with everyone. Barter!

No Web Designer? No Problem: 5 Free Web Design Resources

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Need to build a WordPress site for your org's magazine or news publication? Here's a list of more than 30 free responsive WordPress magazine themes.

The Top 10 Individual Communication Channels for Associations in 2018

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In-person events, printed member magazines, eNewsletters, webinars and leadership development events (typically held in-person) retained their same rankings from last year.

Achieve More by Connecting the Dots for Your Association

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Imagine: Your latest webinar is promoted through social media, summarized in your magazine, stored in your learning center and promoted in your career center. Dave Bornmann, Naylor Association Solutions.

Science News Site Tries Out a Metered Paywall—Minus the Payments

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Science magazine, the popular publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, is taking steps toward a metered paywall for its news site.

Are Your Products Aging Like Wine or Forgotten Yogurt?

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publications (magazine, newsletters, blogs, etc.). Visualizing your associations’ products throughout their lifecycle can provoke critical conversations. Our members are our consumers.

Build a Strong Foundation for Your Communications with an Editorial Content Plan

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That could be open rates on your magazine digital edition, click-throughs for your newsletter or top read stories on your website. You should also include regular calls for member-created content in your magazine, newsletter and on social media.