Face Your Fear of Technology

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Technology (and the thought of it) sometimes elicits a similar response. I’ve worked with hundreds of associations and here are some of the responses I have gotten when asking about their take on “technology” or “new ways” of reaching and engaging their members: Do we have to?

Tuesday Buzz: How Your Magazine Reinforces Membership

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An association magazine gives you the ability to highlight and double down on your business goals—particularly membership issues. Bottom line: a strong member magazine is all about alignment.” Make sure you time the purchase well so you balance price with cutting-edge technology.

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Low-Cost Magazine Publishing On Demand

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Flying quietly under the Hewlett-Packard umbrella, MagCloud is a new online service that helps groups and individuals to publish their own magazines in the US, Canada, and the UK. It's affordable for even the smallest non-profit, and print-on-demand technology means that no paper (or money) is wasted on printing copies that might not be sold.( Tags: publicity PDF print Non-profit technology Non-profit Communications nptech

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How to Tame Technology

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” But, according to the association technology experts we consulted, if you don’t get some more features soon, you ain’t going to have more members. Technology is no longer a siloed department. Common association technology mistakes. Technology success stories.

Technology Standards and Flight Delays

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hour flight from DC-Boston to give you time to think), I started thinking about a few ways technology has made my travel experience so much different over the past few years. It’s only ten years ago that Wi-Fi was a “technology to watch” in PC magazine.

How Technology is Transforming Strategy

Principled Innovation

I find it remarkable that it is February 2013, and I am still reading magazine articles advising associations to create strategic plans every five or six years, and encouraging leaders to review those plans just once a year. As social, mobile and related technologies continue to drive deep and accelerating societal transformation, associations will continue to confront increasingly complex strategic challenges that will require fresh mindsets and more dynamic approaches to address.

Five Conference Technology Mindsets

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Meeting professional face a tall technology order today. More conferences are placing a high priority on using technology that not only improves the attendee experience, extends its reach, and streamlines processes, but fits into their organizations’ overall digital strategy.

Growing Conference Technology Competency To Increase Your Value

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As a conference organizer, how would you rank your competency regarding conference technologies like registration, speaker management databases, exhibits, conference apps, wayfinding signage, email marketing, CRM data bases and social media?

Is New Technology Worth The Investment?

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We asked Marcus Underwood, vice president for online media at Naylor, to weigh in about technology becoming more personal and, at times, more expensive. The reward from using new technology—and the risk of not implementing it—usually outweighs the upfront costs. Associations have to keep up technologically or risk having members go elsewhere for information and question the association value proposition. Once you have that, find the right technology partner and move quickly.

Hack attacks: Headed your way?

Aaron Wolowiec

Magazine story. They analyze cyber vulnerabilities looking at one technology, one organization or one nation at a time, paying little attention to how risk might emerge from the interaction of those organizations or technologies. Home Depot. Apple Inc. celebrity nude photos).

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Using Voice-Activated Technology to Deliver Industry News

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To tap into voice technology and engage its readers on their smart speakers, the American Chemical Society has designed a daily news briefing specifically for Amazon Echo devices. Some want long reads and want to sit down on Saturday and read whole print magazine front to back.

Technology Takeaways From the Hospitality Industry

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A new survey sheds light on how hotels and restaurants are engaging their guests through technology tools. But does your association’s meetings technology make it easy for attendees to engage and interact at your meeting?

Leverage Technology; Don’t Be a Slave to IT

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But that’s the approach many associations seem to be following when it comes to taming the technology beast. To help your figure out where to devote your tech energies for 2014 and beyond, we reached out to some of the association world’s best technology minds for guidance. We need to set boundaries or else we’ll became a slave to technology and never do our best thinking or problem solving. OSAE’s Yates said the live stream technology’s getting easier and easier to use.

Thanks For Playing: Always the Last to Know: Readz

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Does your association have a magazine or newsletter? Labels: cool technology. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Thanks For Playing. Seeking community in associations since 2008. 25 June 2012. Always the Last to Know: Readz. Is it online? Is it just a boring plain HTML version of the printed stories? Readz wants to help you out, by making a multimedia rich version of your publications that looks gorgeous on tablets. Share on FriendFeed. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post.

Technology – Making my life simple one bag at a time

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Now they were on my iPad along with my magazines and books. I love bags. I have way more than should be allowed by law. However, I must confess that most are more functional than stylish. My work bags tend to follow a certain pattern: large with at least one external pocket (yawn). At the beginning of the year, I started carrying a large beige bag. It was simple, classic with a few modern touches. Most importantly, I could carry everything (and I mean everything) in that thing.

From the Corner Office: Leveraging Research, Technology and Information Sharing to Keep Us a All Safer

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PC: We have five publications, including Canadian Police Chief Magazine , CACP Bulletin , CACP Annual Review and an annual directory. AA: We noticed you have partnerships with global technology, telecommunications and financial corporations. PC: Executives of companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Motorola, Bank of Canada want to be connected to police chiefs because they have tools, technologies and systems for making law enforcement more efficient.

Achieve More by Connecting the Dots for Your Association

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Too often, associations think of their technology solutions from too narrow a perspective: How can my AMS more effectively manage my member data, or, how can my career center help me provide increased member value? But can your technology more effectively amplify ALL your content??

114 Free Resources for Associations and Chambers


As a technology resource for associations and chambers of commerce, GrowthZone aggregated this list of relevant and useful programs to help member-based organizations. Push Technology : Free, real-time enterprise-grade data delivery. Productivity Technology

Looking into the Future of Event Tech

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Your guidepost for event-technology decisions should be to put your customer’s experience before your staff efficiency. What this means is that event-technology solutions need to invest more heavily to ensure that they protect attendee personal data and credit card information.

What’s in store for 2014?

Aaron Wolowiec

This week’s guest blog post is by Alexa Stanard , editor of Michigan Meetings + Events magazine. Alexa Stanard, editor of Michigan Meetings + Events magazine. In the magazine business, we generally have to think many months ahead. In other words, use technology thoughtfully.

The new association “normal”

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So for the price of “X,” the CEO and/or directors will be regular members (including receipt of print member magazine) and all the other staff, if they opt-in, will be electronic members. They’ll have access to the same benefits, but will get the magazine electronically.

Salesforce or Microsoft: What’s the Right CRM Platform for Your Association Management Software?

Nimble AMS

In contrast, non-CRM-platform-based AMS systems simply do not have the funds to keep up with future-forward technologies including mobility, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). What to know: Every year, Forbes Magazine documents the top 100 most innovative companies in the world.

Is Your Association Software Really Cloud Based?

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This is reminiscent of how application service providers (ASPs) operated decades ago, and most of them went out of business as technology evolved. For example, every year, Forbes Magazine documents the top 100 most innovative companies in the world.

Engagement: It’s Not About You

Spark Consulting

There was a lot of talk about measuring and scoring member engagement at December’s ASAE Technology Conference. We value getting articles written for free for our magazine, so we give it a high score. innovation membership ASAE engagement Technology ConferencePeople talked about scoring systems. People talked about tech platforms to track and report on the scores.

Stronger by Association: Make 2012 "The Year of Better Content"

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At the start of the year, Forbes magazine predicted that 2012 would be "the year of content," declaring that content and social media marketing should a part of every brands marketing plan. Pages. CONTRIBUTORS. AMR MANAGEMENT SERVICES. Tuesday, February 7, 2012.

New data: Volunteerism at an all-time low

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In addition, Millennials thrive on cross-mentoring with older volunteers, especially when it comes to technology, said Elizabeth Engel , CEO and chief strategist for Spark Consulting, LLC. As parents, I think most of us want to instill in our children the importance of giving back.

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20 reasons for associations to love Salesforce

Nimble AMS

Through Nimble AMS, associations can now move beyond traditional AMS to leverage modern technological innovation and access capabilities and features that once were available only to Fortune 500 companies. A strong user community is a critical to succeed with technology.

What’s Old School Tech is New Again

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Technology is great, and associations are using it in creative ways that drive member engagement to new levels and advocate for their industries. Oftentimes, the technologies that have been around the longest can still be among the most effective.

Time for less sitting, more mobile engagement

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All advertise in the first few pages of the July/August edition of Associations Now magazine as locations for your next association meeting. Technology Association What do Fort Worth, Birmingham, Dubai, Denver and Atlanta have in common?

What is Augmented Reality, and How Can Your Association Use It?

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From slick consumer magazines, to nuts-and-bolts trade journals, augmented reality is getting lots of buzz these days by content shapers anxious to hold readers’ attention in an increasingly digital age. MU: The technology is fairly simple to use and inexpensive to test.

Implicit vs. Explicit: Beyond the Badge Mass Personalization

Velvet Chainsaw

iBeacons, and other passive tracking technologies, are cool but offer very low attendee benefit. Your technology budget is much better spent on gathering rich data that allows you to better personalize to your premium conference customers.

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November 1963 Through the Lens of the Internet Age

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The 50 th Anniversary of JFK’s assassination is on the cover of every magazine from Time to People. But I’m gripped by a few thoughts on the difference today’s technology would have made if it had existed on that day in Dallas. Walk past a newsstand and you can’t escape it.

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2016 Benchmarking Study Reveals Association Communication Hurdles Remain

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Technology continues to evolve to serve the needs of the association community, and while cost may be a barrier, tech products and services provide so much more than database management. Jill Andreu, Naylor Association Solutions.

What I’m Reading

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Two, I have an article coming out in MSAE’s Association FOCUS magazine on this very topic in June.). blog roundup generations innovation leadership membership strategy volunteering Anna Caraveli ASAE Associations Now Big Data Eric Lanke Google Innovation Excellence Maddie Grant online advertising Peggy Hoffman Shelly Alcorn Technology Review Great article on teen behavior on “social” channels. (h/t h/t to Maddie Grant ). Feeling complacent?

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Always On

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For other gadget geeks out there, I strongly recommend the UK Magazine T3, available on the iPad. Arm your employees. Make sure your employees have the best technology to stay in touch with their members. Membership Mobile Starting an Association Technology Uncategorized

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From the Corner Office: Gifford Briggs, LOGA

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Technology and social media is not going away. In order to keep our different members—and prospective members engaged, we did a major revamp of the magazine and have really leveraged technology, mobile and social media. Technology is our theme this month at Association Adviser.

Competing in the Digital Age

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Associations need to embrace these new technologies and use them to compete in today’s world and set themselves up for success for what’s to come tomorrow and beyond. They’re not thinking about, “Man, the magazine’s is great!”

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Free Virtual Conference on Fundraising

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Fundraising Success magazine presents the first-ever Fundraising Success Virtual Conference & Expo 2010.( Tags: Non-profit technology Fundraising nptech Marketing events Non-profit Communications Conferences training webinar Here’s an incredible free learning opportunity for fundraisers – especially if you’re looking to earn CFRE credits – and you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home or office to take part!

Enhance Your Career Resources through an Internship Module

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Include a printed link to your online career center and instructions about how to access the internship module in your member newsletter and magazine. Careers Features Technology association career center intenrship online career center

From the Corner Office: Tino Mantella, TAG

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Tino Mantella, Technology Association of Georgia. This month’s Corner Office spotlight shines on Tino Mantella, president and CEO of the 19,000 member Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). That makes us one of the largest technology organizations in the country.