Our Members are Self-Centered

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Our members are self-centered. Our members have… no time. Only organizations that solve our member’s problems, speak their language, and understand them will get their time and attention. Can you stand in your member’s shoes and do this?

Is it Day 1 or Day 2 for Associations?

Smooth The Path

True customer (member) obsession and high-velocity decision making are the most critical but also the most difficult for associations. Think about your members. Think about your best members. Not board members but regular members who are highly engaged.

Growth Hacking Your Community with Vanessa DiMauro

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Community builders are expected to be the shepherds, content creators, marketers and social media experts, help people advance their thinking, answer any tech questions and think up new features – sometimes all in the same day. NSBE was founded in 1975 and has around 30,000 members.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.22.19

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They advise associations to “ rethink how you approach needs assessments if you wish to develop and deliver relevant, useful education that meets existing market needs and anticipates future needs.”. Your new member onboarding shouldn’t just be show and tell , says Billhighway.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.13.19

Reid All About it

WBT Systems explains how to increase your sales to nonmembers , an underappreciated market segment with huge potential. What a member (or anyone) says they need isn’t always what they really need. Dave Bornmann (moderator), Chief Marketing Officer, Naylor Association Solutions.

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