Group Touts Local Flavor During National Farmers Market Week

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Department of Agriculture’s farmers market database had 8,144 listings—that’s more than double the number 10 years ago. Check out the USDA’s Farmers Market Search or LocalHarvest to find one close to you. With its ‘Markets Are Up!’ “Our ‘Markets Are Up!’

Boozing, Bribing and Brawling on Election Day

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Since market day was Wednesday in most towns, that day didn’t work. But, when Lincoln won the election of 1860, it took six days for the Pony Express to deliver the news from a fort in Nebraska to a fort in Nevada. The ugliness of this election has certainly caused a lot of boozing.

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Small-Scale Mobile Carriers Boost Signal With Collective Clout

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A question of market reach: With just two companies—AT&T and Verizon—representing more than 70 percent of the U.S. mobile market, smaller carriers often find themselves struggling to expand infrastructure due to purely capital-related issues.

SCD Group: Do "Best Practices" prevent association innovation?

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You CAN clone a cow (apparently), and the cow operates pretty much the same in Iowa as it does in Nebraska. I seek key trends from business and consumer marketing that stimulate your thinking about your organization and its members or donors. Pages. About. Contact. Causeaholic.

Month of Events Promises to Be Udder Delight for Dairy Lovers

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MDA represents farmers across 10 states, including Nebraska, where this weekend’s Moo at the Zoo event let visitors get up close and personal with dairy cows of varying breeds. This June marks the 80th anniversary of National Dairy Month, a celebration of everything the U.S.

Future of Work Manifesto

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Maddie is the one who wrote it up, but it was the result of a weekend retreat last fall of twelve people (including me, Maddie and Charlie; Maddie lists them all in her post) in, of all places, Omaha, Nebraska. If markets are conve­rsations, then the people who are doing the talking and the listening and the sharing are the most important asset we have. Markets are conve­rsations and organ­izations can harness conve­rsations in order to create value. Consulting. Speaking.

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