Unpacking an Association’s Project Management Bag


Project managers head into a new project with that same sense of excitement and caution. And, like backpackers, they only achieve success if everything they need is in their metaphorical association project management backpack. A backcountry camping trip is a project.

Project Portfolio Management: Why You Need It - Part I


Investing without considering market conditions and economic forecasts. And yet, not many organizations use a disciplined process to optimally select the projects they are investing in with people, dollars, and time. Project Portfolio Management Defined. Evaluating New Projects.

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Project Portfolio Management Part I: Why You Need It


Investing without considering market conditions and economic forecasts. And yet, not many organizations use a disciplined process to optimally select the projects they are investing in with people, dollars, and time. Project Portfolio Management Defined. Evaluating New Projects.

Feeding A Zombie Project And Getting No Results

Velvet Chainsaw

Is your organization stuck maintaining and nurturing a zombie project? A zombie project is one that continues from year to year regardless of its effectiveness. It sucks the very life and resources from your team and organization says authors Scott Anthony, David Duncan and Pontus M.A.

The Anatomy of an Effective Customer Community Team

Higher Logic

Communities are naturally multi-disciplinary projects. The list goes on, which is why customer communities function best with diverse teams that bring together experts from different departments. Putting together this kind of team isn’t easy. Leadership Team.

Team 178

5 Ways You Know It’s Time to Grow Your Community Management Team

Higher Logic

Growth can be a predicament for any team in any organization. Too late, and you risk overwhelming your employees and dropping the ball on important projects, including delivering value and engaging your audience. Your Ideal Community Management Team.

Team 197

Association Executives: Provocative Proposals Research Project

Association Subculture

Association Executives: Provocative Proposals Research Project. So Im launching a project. I would like to announce the Association Executives: Provocative Proposals for Change project (that link will take you to my website for a complete description). I saw the throw down by Joe Rominiecki on red-teaming a new model and Ive got a response to that on the runway for a future blog post. marketing. (2). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Thursday, January 20, 2011.

Michele Frania Joins the Velvet Chainsaw Team

Velvet Chainsaw

I’m excited to announce that Michele Frania has joined the Velvet Chainsaw team as of April 8, 2013 as Director, Client Projects & Stories! She also served as a Senior Marketing Coordinator with Universal American for several years.

Team 94

5 Ways to Transform Your Team’s Brainstorming

Association Success

If you want your team to start taking more innovative approaches to solving organizational problems, you may need to change the way you work. Yet, it has won several international marketing and communications awards alongside big budget organizations like HSBC, UPS, and eBAY.

Team 85

Small Business Set-Up and Digital Project Management


Well, one thing that will help a great deal, particularly in the early stages, is Digital Project Management. The CAPM qualification covers everything from Project Life-Cycle and Organisation, to Project Risk Management. The first thing you need to do is plan the project.

Design Thinking: A Team Sport Your Association is Ready to Play


It requires thoughtful application of staff time and team energy.How you work together matters. Design Thinking is a team sport. Your internal coordination will improve when cross-departmental teams own the full course of their work. Team purpose, form and function gains clarity.

Team 130

Technology in the Workplace: Merging Boomers and Millennials


Having managers set designated hours each week for employees to set up time for a check-in or setting up recurring meetings for ongoing projects can ensure that everyone feels heard and is receiving the face to face time they need, while still creating limits on free-for-all calendars.

Membership and Chapter Growth is a Team Effort at AGC of America

Association Adviser

Association Adviser: How have membership marketing programs for AGC of America evolved? Jeff Wilson: Chapters have historically been the primary marketer of membership in part because much of the construction industry operates on a local level.

Association Teams With Harvard in New Mentorship Program

Associations Now

The association already offers an executive mentorship program for members, but the partnership with Harvard is the first time the association has teamed up with a university to mentor students, said BPMA President Sarela Bliman-Cohen.

Team 77

From Personalized Marketing to Predicting Client Demand: Brad Klingenberg of StitchFix Explains the Power of Data

Higher Logic

Data science is a new and growing profession and many companies are scrambling to either find a data scientist or to increase their data team. HL: What does your team do for Stitch Fix?

Intro to Agile Marketing [Webinar]


You’ve probably heard the buzz by now around Agile Marketing (yes, everything is agile now!). Agile Marketing takes methods introduced in software development and applies those to marketing teams to address that challenge. The need for agile marketing.

Marketing, Membership and Comms Association Jobs – June 27


We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. . The Marketing and Membership Seasonal Associate is responsible for providing a range of administrative support to both the marketing & communications and membership teams.

Katie Winter Joins the Velvet Chainsaw Team

Velvet Chainsaw

We’re excited to announce that Katie Winter has joined the Velvet Chainsaw team as Client Projects & Stories Specialists! She will also be responsible for creating our client project deliverables including data rich slide decks and recommendation documents.

Stop Waiting. It’s Time for Associations to Use Marketing Automation


Below, Membership Expert Frank Kenny shares his thoughts on marketing automation for associations: When you ask associations if they are using marketing automation to gain back time or get more done, the answer is still usually no, not really. In these emails: introduce your team.

8 Social Media Marketing Hacks to Ensure Success in 2018


Social media marketing is more than just regular publishing of content on social networking sites in the hope of growing an audience and ultimately making money. Now in 2018, here are eight social media marketing hacks that all but guarantee results: Video will be everything.

Causes boost marketing for association members

SCD Group

Project Pinball scores big for children''s hospitals The highlights Daniel Spolar, a 47-year-old general contractor turned Realtor, is a pinball enthusiast. Daniel decides to create a cause he called Project Pinball. Could your association or its members benefit from cause marketing?

Advice for Associations to Succeed in 2020 – Drown out the Noise

Moery Company

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, one moment the algorithm works in your favor and then the next it throws a wrench into your efforts by completely changing overnight. Marketing has evolved but the underlying strategies have mostly stayed the same.

Marketing Resources for Associations and Small Businesses

Association Navigator

Here are some good marketing resources for your association or professional services firm. The organizations and consultants below offer a variety of materials including books, blogs, webinars and consulting that have inspired me to think differently about marketing. Hinge Marketing.

Hot Nonprofit Marketing Jobs This Week – February 16


We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. Manager of Marketing , Industrial Designers Society of America – Do you know what industrial design is? Reports to VP for Marketing and Communications.

Plexus Consulting Group?: Building A Better Executive Team in.

Plexus Consulting

or international market expansion. Building A Better Executive Team in Three Steps. Many non-profit organizations and their CEOs depend on a staff executive team to help lead the non-profit to be a consistently successful organization. The day of a “one person” leadership team, in most organizations, is long gone. Are there ways for the executive team to function better? CEOs are responsible for selecting the staff executive team.

Team 43

Association Social Media: Kelli Windsor, Food Marketing Institute


I’m Kelli Windsor, the manager for member and digital communications at the Food Marketing Institute. This helps our team collect details of what is going on in the world of FMI and helps us better share content through all our digital communications platforms.

Nonprofit Launches Open-Source Take on Email Marketing

Associations Now

FreeCodeCamp, a nonprofit that offers coding help to fellow nonprofits, recently launched an open-source email marketing tool to send bulk messages on the cheap. If you send a lot of marketing emails, you know the pain of the high costs that can come with such messaging.

Kseniya Martin Joins the Moery Company as Communications and Marketing Consultant

Moery Company

The Moery Company (TMC) is pleased to announce the recent joining of Kseniya Martin as our Marketing and Communications consultant. Martin has over 15 years of experience in marketing with a focus on digital and social media marketing, strategy, and content creation.

This Week’s Association Membership & Marketing Jobs


We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. This position requires superior internal client service and the ability to produce high-quality marketing and communications in a deadline-driven environment. Come join our team!

Daily Buzz: Market Your Meeting on the Cheap

Associations Now

A robust event marketing campaign can be expensive—but you don’t have to have a big budget to succeed. You’ve planned out every last detail of your event, and now it’s time to plug in your marketing strategies to create buzz and boost registration numbers.

Treat Your Social Media Measurement Like A 6th Grader’s Science Fair Project!

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: Both my kids have worked on projects for their school’s science fair. My daughter’s project involved testing different potting soils to see one was better for seed germination. Flickr Photo by the Consortium.

We’re Hiring! The Big Red “M” Seeks a Marketing and Communications Director

Moery Company

Job Information: Marketing and Communications Director. Job Category: Marketing/Communications. Position Description: The Marketing and Communications Director leads the marketing and communications effort of The Moery Company.

20 Marketing Automation Mistakes You Could Be Making (And How to Fix Them)

Higher Logic

That being said, it’s time to take a closer look at your marketing automation strategy to see if you’re making any of these common mistakes. But a great strategy needs to be the foundation of your marketing automation campaigns.

Robust Collaboration Tools to Empower the Modern Social Media Marketing Team


Your ability to communicate and keep your team working cohesively can be a mountain-scaling, yet necessary task for mastering entrepreneurship and selling online. Social media is the perfect medium for treating clients well and your team needs to be working in unison to achieve this.

Tools 127

Implementing a Successful Cause Marketing Campaign

AMR Management Services

Implementing a Successful Cause Marketing Campaign. Drake & Company recently donated 100 hours of staff time to build a cause marketing program for the Chesterfield Arts “Make Your Mark” levee mural project, held June 4. Jill Mahoney and I were the project managers. Not just paint it but make it a free, community-based piece of outdoor art, and to use the levee as a great art education project at the same time. Enter Cause Marketing.

Hot Association Membership and Marketing Jobs this week – January 26


We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. This is an ideal position for a resourceful, strategic and creative marketer who thrives in a dynamic team environment.

Brand You: How to Market Yourself Up the Career Ladder

Associations Now

I tell folks on my own team, ‘Whether you think it’s fair or not, the way you present yourself and the way you look plays a role. For example, when explaining a technical project to a colleague in finance, and vice versa, avoid jargon.

10 ways to increase internal buy-in for marketing at your organisation

Optimist Consulting

10 ways to increase internal buy-in for marketing at your organisation. We have all been there; from the indifferent colleague, who just doesn’t “get what marketing is for”, to the Director who is supportive and interested but expects instant and unachievable results on your small budget and team. Whatever your organisation set up, gaining the buy-in from other staff for marketing activity is vital for the success of your work. Marketing

Membership Marketing Blog: ASAE Marketing, Membership.

Membership Marketing

Membership Marketing Blog. Membership marketing – acquiring, engaging, upgrading, and renewing members – is the cornerstone for associations and relationship driven organizations. Whether you are an association professional or a relationship marketer, join the discussion on the Membership Marketing Blog and share your ideas and counsel. ASAE Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference. We are working out who will attend from our team now.

How Associations Can Get Cultural Buy-in For MarTech Upgrades

HighRoad Solution

Buy-in is one of the biggest hurdles for every IT upgrade project. Before you can put any of your great plans into action, you have to present your case to the executive team and convince them to invest the association’s resources in your new platform. Marketing Technology