2019 Marketing Strategy: Food for Thought From Seth Godin

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The start of a new year is a great time to reevaluate your current marketing strategy and decide which tools and changes you can implement to drive maximum success in the months ahead. Marketing to Make Change Happen. Is your current strategy promoting positive change?

The Ultimate Nonprofit Video Marketing Strategy + 5 of the Best Nonprofit Videos We’ve Seen

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Learn how to create the ultimate nonprofit video marketing strategy with our guide, as well as getting inspired with the five best nonprofit videos we've seen. video-marketing-strategy video-marketing nonprofit-video-marketing-strategy nonprofit-video-marketing nonprofit-video

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Combining Your Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies

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In recent years, digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media marketing, and blogging, have replaced traditional marketing tactics as the preferred methods for promoting products and attracting potential customers.

Developing a Micro-Moments Marketing Strategy

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These gaps of time are known as micro-moments, and have become the newest frontier for marketers. So how do we take advantage of these micro-moments in our marketing strategy? This prompted the Target marketing team to shift their shopping experience to a mobile-first approach.

Strategy Innovation

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For a project I’m working on, I dug out my old copy of Blue Ocean Strategy. Take a look at your strategy and see if there are any opportunities for innovation. Strategy

Ace 2019 with 6 Expert Marketing Strategy Tips

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How can marketing and sales teams work more efficiently ? If these types of marketing strategy questions are floating around in your mind as we enter the new year, keep reading. As always, marketing is evolving. As AI advances, so will our marketing capabilities.

Daily Buzz: Maximize Your Content Marketing Strategy

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In order for your organization’s content marketing strategy to be effective, it needs to be working toward a larger goal, whether that’s growing awareness or building up your email list. Another hard truth of content marketing: It’s all about messaging. “It’s

4 membership renewal strategies to start now

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When you think of membership renewal strategies, you might think about the few months leading up to a member’s renewal date. The post 4 membership renewal strategies to start now appeared first on YourMembership. Membership & Marketing Member Engagement Member Retention Member RenewalBut your members’ entire experience with your organization — not just the last 90 days — informs their decision to renew.

Can Inbound Marketing Apply to Customer Marketing?


According to The State of Inbound 2016 report, only 18% of outbound marketers consider their strategy effective. Compare that to 81% of inbound marketers and you have a compelling idea of just how well inbound works. Customer Experience Customer Marketing Sales

Three Ways for Marketing Teams to Improve Content Strategy

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Marketing departments need a content strategy that aligns with the association’s mission, engages members, and allows for repurposing across multiple channels. There was no rhyme or reason, no strategy. How has your marketing team improved its content strategy?

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Top 5 essentials for your membership marketing strategy

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I was delighted to recently present at CHASE about how to develop your membership marketing strategy. I outline my thoughts below on how to develop a strong membership marketing strategy which will help you grow your membership. 1.Why have a marketing strategy?

Why Associations Are Making Their Private Member Community the Centerpiece of Their Membership Marketing Strategy [Research]


Each year, membership marketing firm, Marketing General (MGI), publishes the results of their Membership Marketing Benchmarking survey. Association Management Member Engagement Member Benefits Membership Marketing

Association Management Systems (AMS): 5 Software Strategies

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Let’s take a look at how your association can use your AMS to engage and provide for your members with these five strategies: Create comprehensive member profiles. Resource: The 3 Best Data Points to Grab from Your AMS for Marketing Automation Campaigns.

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Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation [Explained]

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Email is an important component of any modern marketing strategy. But, email marketing on its own can only do so much. Trying to look at your members’ engagement using email marketing is like seeing the world without glasses. Marketing Automation Gets RESULTS.

Strategies to Increase Membership: Marketing vs Programming

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When you’re trying to increase your association membership figures, you have to ask yourself two big questions: how do you attract new members, and how do you hang onto the members you’ve already got? member engagement

4 Reasons Why Your Association Needs a Content Marketing Strategy

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The science is in: on an average, we are exposed to over 5,000 marketing messages per day. The old marketing adage still stands true: “Teach, don’t sell.”. marketing content strategy association websites

3 Association Growth Strategies

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Those organizations who utilize these 3 Association Growth Strategies can help impact member outcomes and as a result better position their members and their organizations for long term success. 3 Association Growth Strategies. 3 Association Growth Strategies.

Content Marketing Strategy Tweaks: Boost Your Game in 2019

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While content marketing feels a bit old hat, there’s still plenty of room to get a lot more out of it. An array of recommended strategy tweaks highlight the importance of not resting on your laurels. If you don’t have an actual content strategy, maybe you should get one.

Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation

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Email is an important component of any modern marketing strategy. But, email is just one piece of the modern marketing puzzle. That's where marketing automation comes in. 89% of marketing automation campaigns are focused on email, so the two are closely aligned.

How to Develop a Long-Term Member Engagement Strategy


Member Engagement Analytics Content Strategy Customer Marketing

11 Elements of a Winning Member Engagement Strategy

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Achieving great engagement requires a commitment to a great member engagement strategy. Why is a Member Engagement Strategy So Important? And the first step to improving member engagement is creating a winning member engagement strategy. Member Engagement Strategy Takeaway.

2017 Member Engagement Strategy

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Market uncertainty and the pace of change will continue to impact membership decisions at professional societies and trade associations. In terms of 2017 Member Engagement Strategy, utilize data and research to build your partnership with professions and industries.

7 Online Member Acquisition Strategies to Grow Your Base

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What are the best ways that your organization can step up its online strategy in order to acquire more members? When it comes to strengthening your online member acquisition strategy, there is no technique so effective as leveraging social media to expand your outreach abilities.

10 SEO Tips to Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy


Our Sales Coach takes a pretty hard line—any business that doesn’t have a sales strategy is pretty much dead in the water. So if you’re in the B2B category of business, here’s an interesting statistic for you: according to the Content Marketing Institute’s recent 2013 Benchmarks, Budget, [.].

5 Tips for Building a Content Marketing Strategy for Nonprofits


Marketing is the necessary evil for success. Content marketing is the peas to your website design carrots. 92 percent of nonprofits utilize content marketing. Unfortunately, out of this majority, only 26 percent believe their strategy is effective.

Five Steps for a B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy


An effective B2B social media marketing strategy is very different than the ones employed by business-to-consumer companies. Here are five steps that every B2B company trying to implement a social media marketing strategy should take. How to Market like a Musician.

Continuing Education Offerings: 5 Engagement Strategies

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In order to help organizations make the most of their continuing education technologies, we’ve collected our favorite strategies. Try any of these five tactics: Automate your marketing tactics for continuing education. Automate your marketing tactics for continuing education.

Innovate Your Survey Strategy

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The post Innovate Your Survey Strategy appeared first on Association Adviser. ASAE 2019 Annual Meeting Recaps Features Marketing & Communications

Marketing Matching Gifts: 4 Strategies to Boost Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising

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The secret to doubling your donation revenues through matching gifts is simply marketing them to your constituents. You can use these four marketing strategies to boost both donor awareness and your matching gifts revenue: Raise awareness by explaining matching gifts to your donors. Organizations of all sizes have expanded their marketing efforts to include matching gifts. Nonprofits and Charities Marketing Automation Online Community

Why small associations should re-think their member retention strategy

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The post Why small associations should re-think their member retention strategy appeared first on YourMembership. Membership & Marketing Member Engagement Member Retention Industry TrendsDoes your small association emphasize member retention as much as it should? The recent Community Brands benchmark study on associations with small staffs suggests it may not. Your association likely has some type of membership renewal program to support retention goals.

[Infographic] The Marketer's Toolbox: Indispensable Marketing Techniques and Technologies

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Modern marketing is complicated. But when you break down the components of a strong marketing program, it suddenly feels familiar and approachable. Still, there is an overwhelming amount of technology and techniques marketing teams need to sift through. Email Marketing.

Strategies to Grow Membership: Data-Driven Insights and Marketing

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Every hour of every day, data is accumulating in the depths of your tech stack. If you can make sense of this data, you'll find everything you need to increase membership, build engagement and offer the kind of programming that your members desperately want. But how do you turn data into insight?

Market Your Donation Page With 6 Stellar Social Media Strategies


If there’s one place your nonprofit’s marketing team wants to be online, it’s social media! That being said, mastering social media marketing can be hard, and finding the optimal ways to share your donation page on these sites can be even harder. Content Strategy Nimble Nonprofit

Curious About SMS Marketing? These Three Strategies Could Get You Going

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SMS marketing has been around a while, and holds lots of appeal due to its higher engagement and relatively low cost. Moosend, a company known for its email-marketing tools, says that there’s a lot of potential for SMS marketing, but many firms don’t take advantage of it.

4 Ways to Re-Embrace SEO in Your Marketing Strategy

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With the negative press and declining fortunes of social media suggesting that another path is needed for content marketers, one route that’s emerging is a not-so-dusty throwback: search engine optimization.

3 Engagement Strategies Drive Growth

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Global economic challenges from modest growth to market uncertainty continue to drive changes on how Trade Associations deliver value. What is clear is that 3 Engagement Strategies Drive Growth. Market Focus. This is another example of how 3 Engagement Strategies Drive Growth.

4 Association Disruption Strategies

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Organizations can help their members convert these challenges into growth opportunities by utilizing 4 Association Disruption Strategies. By adding these 4 Association Disruption Strategies in your planning process, your organization becomes an important part of everyday conversations.

Growth Strategies from Top Fundraisers

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6 Steps to a Better Email Marketing Strategy

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When was the last time you checked on the progress of your email marketing strategy? Don’t leave your email marketing to chance. Use these six steps to establish a solid goal for your email marketing.

Association Growth Strategy: 6 Tech Tools to Drive Member Recruitment + Retention

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The six add-on tech tools we’ll cover today will help you support a sustainable association growth strategy by showcasing membership value so that your current members and prospects have a strong understanding of the value of their dollar within your community.

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