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Not sure how to crack the code to attracting and retaining that millennial workforce you’re looking for? Benefits could also help associations looking to attract millennials and other entry-level employees. Associations in DC, Maryland, and Virginia could consider HUNGRY Catering.

Help Millennials Get Jobs: Offer Online Learning & Career Resources

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Millennials get their share of depressing headlines these days—like this one from NBC News : “Majority of millennials are in debt, hitting pause on major life events.”. A stunning sad fact: only 22 percent of millennials are debt-free. The state of millennial membership. Every association wants to recruit millennial members, but the cost of membership may exceed a millennial’s budget. Recruitment strategy: help millennials get jobs.

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FACT: Using social media will help you attract Millennials.


We were sitting with a few other people, including the only Millennial in the room - a student from the University of Maryland. And the killer quote: "If you had only done this kind of thing, there would be 100 Millennials in this room instead of just one." Of course, I can't do a post on young professionals without mentioning YAP, a project I started with uber-bloggers Lindy Dreyer , Jamie Notter and supercool Millennial Lauren Wolfe.

Membership Q&A: Don’t Leave Us!

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As Dr. Theodore Woodward of the University of Maryland School of Medicine taught his med students in the 1940: “When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses not zebras” For our purposes, that means start with the obvious: Did that member switch careers or retire? We’ll just recruit more early-career Millennials to make up for it.” ” Two problems with that thinking: The oldest Millennials are about to turn 35.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.30.16

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Leveraging the Millennial Generation in your Workplace. Maryland Dept. The Maryland Internship Network. The future of learning has been on my mind lately.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.21.16

Reid All About it

Location: Maryland Psychological Association, Columbia, MD. Learn how to get started with relationship marketing; how to divide and track your audience, from basic segmentation to defined personas; and the importance of relationship marketing to attract, engage, and nurture millennials.

Leadership and the Future of Volunteering

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As Boomers slowly edge toward retirement, they’re being replaced by Gen Xers who are impatient with all your rules , man, and Millennials who expect to do meaningful work quickly. The old structure of volunteer management is broken. Strong leadership is required to fix it.

Seeking Some Meetings Innovation? Ask Attendees.

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Earlier this year Marriott International unveiled two new initiatives with a dual purpose: to attract more millennial and tech-savvy guests to their properties and to increase guest satisfaction. The first is an Innovation Lab at its Bethesda, Maryland, headquarters.