Massachusetts Society of CPA’s Online Community is Members’ #1 Benefit [Case Study]

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Organic Conversation Jumps Despite Technology and Privacy Concerns. CPAs can be more cautious when trying new technology,” said Kara. A few years ago, MSCPA communicated with its members solely through traditional methods like emails and events. Members connected with one another in the same ways, emailing friends and colleagues or meeting up at events.

Massachusetts Tech Group Eyes Way to Put Women Out Front

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A new partnership between the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council and the meeting industry startup Innovation Women hopes to create visibility opportunities for women in the state’s technology field—specifically at events. The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC) is in a position to help improve this state of affairs. ” The move is a coup for Innovation Women, itself a Massachusetts startup.

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Associations at Odds Over Proposed Massachusetts Ban on Noncompete Clauses

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The noncompete agreement—a key tool employers use to keep talented employees from jumping ship to join competitors—is under scrutiny in Massachusetts, where the governor wants to ban them. Massachusetts Gov. In one particularly controversial case, teenage camp counselors in Massachusetts who had worked for a company called LINX were barred from working for a competing camp and even babysitting for families they met while working at its camp.

Years After Success, Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition Re-Forms to Close Loophole

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Encouraging a Movement The right to repair movement is showing strength outside of Massachusetts as well. More than six years ago, a coalition of Massachusetts auto repair shops successfully made the case, both through the state legislature and at the ballot box, to protect the rights of vehicle owners and repair facilities to repair their own vehicles. Our law needs to keep up with these new technologies that are coming on-line in new car and truck models.”.

Massachusetts Tech Group: Women, Minorities Left Behind as Industry Grows

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New research from the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council argues that the state’s tech industry is doing better than many others on the diversity front but that it still has a ways to go. In Massachusetts, the technology economy is surging. That’s according to new research from the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, a trade group focused on the state’s innovation economy.

Massachusetts Convention Center Authority to Produce Its Own Events

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The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority is breaking into the events business in a new way. The notion of convention centers just being loss leaders and accepting annual losses solely for the benefit of economic impact in the destination … it’s a broken model,” James Rooney, executive director of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority told MeetingsNet last week. “It

6 Web Tools to Help Small Organizations Thrive

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Ja-Naé is also CEO of Wild Woman Entrepreneurs, Ja-Naé Ventures, Co-founder of the Massachusetts Artist Leaders Coalition, Founder of The Leaders and author of "How to Start Your Business with $100.".( member communication nonprofit non-profit Non-profit technology nptech social media time management Twitter web-based softwareThis is a guest post by Ja-Naé Duane, artist, creative economist, social media strategist and a faculty member at Northeastern University.

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Crisis Communication Planning Now Includes Social Technologies

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A few days later, Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester sounded my wake-up call : Now that social technologies are becoming mainstream, do your crisis communications plans account for them? In the aftermath of September 11, I led a team that drafted a new crisis communications plan for the Massachusetts Medical Society. Both plans employ the communications technologies that we had seven years ago: Mainstream media, websites, e-mail and phone.

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Free Online Course Materials from MIT

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Did you know that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers free online access to course materials? Tags: Associations Non-profit technology nptech Non-profit Communications training MIT's OpenCourseWare site is a remarkable resource for self-education — or for developing your own training programs for staff and volunteers, especially in the areas of management and communications.( read more ).

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Missed Connections

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But just like the characters in the recent movie Her (great premise, but too long), the technology that brings us together can also be isolating. And the same technology that enables our doing so in ways we never imagined can also make us more isolated. First, never forget to talk with—or better yet, meet with—your members. Nearly twenty years ago, at the Massachusetts Hospital Association, I oversaw the “CEO Visit” program. I’m still pretty young (by my own standards).

Are Your Members Ready for Social Technologies? Maybe More Than You Think!

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My team at the Massachusetts Medical Society has been working on social media technologies for more than two years. While these percentages are relatively small in an absolute sense, they have been robust enough to fuel the worldwide social technology engine today. We will focus on our social technology efforts on young physicians in online communities. Social media technologies can help MMS achieve our objectives and fulfill our mission.

3 membership challenges solved with Nimble AMS

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Using Nimble AMS Prediction Builder – which uses the AI technology, Salesforce Einstein – the organization implemented a solution that automatically identifies members at high risk of lapsing and presents staff with suggested actions to take to prevent non-renewal.

Building your Business Continuity Plan

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In the wake of a natural disaster affecting your technology alliance or association , you stand in the midst of the rubble that was once your business and wonder how in the world you will notify everyone and tell them that the organization and office no longer exist. Here in the Northeast part of Massachusetts, it’s only a matter of time before that dreaded snow arrives! Information Technology. Association Management Technology

Missed Connections

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But just like the characters in the recent movie Her (great premise, but too long), the technology that brings us together can also be isolating. And the same technology that enables our doing so in ways we never imagined can also make us more isolated. Nearly twenty years ago, at the Massachusetts Hospital Association, I oversaw the “CEO Visit” program. Starting an Association association management Technology Membership Leadership Standards

Membership Hack: Coworking Space for Members Only

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Mimicking WeWork and other coworking operations, the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council recently opened a coworking space near its Boston headquarters. Coworking and flexible work spaces are popular office trends with staying power , which is why the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council opened its own coworking space for members. Spaces cater to members only for impromptu meetings or large-scale events. How to hack it?

New University Collaboration Aims to Support Civic-Minded Tech

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The 21-member-strong Public Interest Technology University Network, backed by a trio of large nonprofits and a number of major schools, aims to bring together the worlds of public policy and tech. In a joint op-ed in Inside Higher Ed , leaders of these three nonprofits said that the goal of the group is to help scientists, engineers, and other technologists anticipate the broader impact of their technological creations. The time to harness technologies’ potential to do good is now.

With Video - Seconds Matter to Your Audience - Here’s Proof

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I came across this article on CNN Tech about a new study from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Akamai Technologies which says you’ll lose 40% of your audience if you don’t start playing video before 10 seconds after landing on your page. Well maybe it is only easy to me because I’ve needed to become quite well versed in the various video delivery platforms, technologies, and techniques. Association Websites Technology Video Marketing

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Want creative solutions? Then get creative about finding them

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In his book, Bahcall defines open innovation as the joint development between companies and customers of new ideas, technologies or markets. The government agency is tasked with developing new and emerging technologies for the American military. . As Bahcall writes, a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched a reward strategy to create its own crowd. It can be pretty hard to ask for help. .

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.29.20

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It covers virtual event strategy and technology, including a list of platforms for different purposes. Jordan Marsh was a department store chain in Massachusetts that was famous for its big blueberry muffins—mine aren’t as big but they’re just as good. Lacy Packard, MPM, Director of Information Technology, The American Association of Justice. Ian Seidenberg, CSEP, Director of Event Technologies, Encore Event Technologies.

Energizing Member Engagement

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Geopolitical uncertainty and technological disruption are dramatically changing Traditional Trade Association Strategic Planning processes. Thayer Long, President, NPES , The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies, sought a data driven approach in order to energize member engagement by connecting his organization with Industry Challenges and outcomes. Driving Sustainable Industry Growth Helps Trade Associations Energize Member Engagement .

Reads of the Week: December 7, 2012

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I didn’t go to ASAE’s Technology Conference this week because I was too busy and too cheap, but I almost felt like I was there – minus the hugs, good conversation and drinks. Following the hashtag (#tech12), I got the highlights from the two keynote sessions with Brian Solis and Dion Hinchcliffe , the town hall with Reggie Henry , and several sessions featuring association technology experts and smarty pants.

Nurses’ Group Launches Campaign for Better Patient Care

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Among the concerns featured in coast-to-coast radio ads, videos (including the YouTube clip shown above), and social media are the risks of digitalized care, using such technologies as electronic health record systems and telemedicine. ” Founded in 2009 with the merger of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, United American Nurses, and Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA), NNU represents roughly 185,000 members in every state.

Help Support the Next Generation of Women in Tech


The National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT) is a coalition of over 250 prominent corporations, academic institutions, government agencies, and non-profits working to increase the participation of girls and women in computing and IT. Awardees are selected for their demonstrated outstanding aptitude and interest in information technology/computing; solid leadership ability; good academic history; and plans for post-secondary education. University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.4.17

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Instead, in case you’re dying to know, I’m heading to Massachusetts for a family gathering. – ASAE Technology Section Virtual Roundtable: Business of IT. Host: ASAE Technology Section. Your weekly list of free webinars and events for the association community… For the first time in several years, I’m not attending ASAE Annual.

Deaf Advocates Sue Harvard, MIT For Lack of Online Closed Captioning

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The National Association of the Deaf alleges that Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are violating the Americans With Disabilities Act by failing to make their online course offerings accessible to individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing.

6 Tips to Maximize the Success of Your Association’s Publication

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For example, the Massachusetts Society of CPAs (MSPCA) increased their non-dues revenue by $14,000 when they leveraged community advertising. This is why it’s important to be proactive and effectively utilize the tools technology has granted us with today to maximize the success of your association’s publication for years to come.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.15.19

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MemberSuite describes the different ways technology can be used to save staff time and stave off frustration. Being from Massachusetts, we scoffed at such a ridiculous statement. Making sense of long excel reports and vague graphs is challenging for event planning and marketing teams, but technology has changed the game. Presenter: Matthew Eshleman, Chief Technology Officer at Community IT. Joy Ditto, President and CEO of the Utilities Technology Council.

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#ASAE19 Game Changer: Drive Engagement With Connectional Intelligence

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What she’s found throughout her career, which has included stints on Wall Street and at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is that successful organizations almost always apply a strategic level of thinking about people. And while new technologies are often seen as great tools for building connectional intelligence, she cautions that human connections still matter most. “It’s No AI or robot or technology will ever take that over.”.

Report: Older Vehicles, Not New Ones, Common Theft Targets

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Newer cars do better because of stronger anti-theft technology. In a report on the bureau’s study, The Boston Globe suggests that the use of immobilizers , a technology that prevents a car from starting unless the vehicle’s internal computer recognizes the key, is a major reason for the decrease. In Massachusetts, it’s led to a 90 percent drop in auto thefts. Not a Tailgate Party Even if your vehicle isn’t a target, your truck’s tailgate may be.

How To Swim like a SocialFish.


Massachusetts Medical Society. NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network). I needed to come up with a list of organizations we have worked with for a federal government RFP, and holy cow! We’ve worked with so many great associations, I can’t help but share the list with you. This list is only a sample, and doesn’t include the many, many organizations we’ve done speaking engagements for, either.

Survey: Firms Struggle With BYOD Overspending

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Some states, including California and Massachusetts, require employers to reimburse workers who use their personal cell phones on the job. While other firms have suggested bringing the BYOD process in-house— an approach called choose your own device (CYOD) —Syntonic argues for a middle ground, pointing out the existence of technology to separate personal calls from work-related ones, an approach called “split billing.”

Full-Scale Navigation System Coming to Boston Convention Center

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We are thinking about technology that meeting attendees will be asking for not just in 2015, but five and 10 years from now. The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority has a plan to help attendees find their way through the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center with ease. We have never been reserved about our mission to remain the most technologically advanced convention centers in the world,” MCCA Executive Director James E.

Repair Association Backs Farmers Seeking to Unlock Tractor Software

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As technology advances, what used to be a simple repair is now much more complex, often involving computer troubleshooting as much as a mechanical work. The legislation is modeled after a 2012 Massachusetts law that requires automobile industry vendors to sell repair and diagnostic software.

Computing Association Elects First All-Women Slate of Officers

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It’s very exciting,” said incoming President Vicki Hanson, distinguished professor of computing at Rochester Institute of Technology and professor and chair of Inclusive Technologies at the University of Dundee. “It’s The tech industry’s lack of diversity has been widely reported, with data emerging from corporate giants like Google and Twitter as well as a focused study of the tech economy in Massachusetts.

Association, University Alliance Aims to Boost Women’s Leadership Skills

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And late last year, the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council announced a partnership with online speakers bureau Innovation Women to help create speaking opportunities for MTLC members. Case Western Reserve University and an association dedicated to women in the manufacturing industry announced a new educational program dedicated to fostering women’s leadership skills. Women in manufacturing careers have a new resource to help advance their leadership skills.

Less Tweeting, More Talking Will Bring Back Empathy, Says ASAE Keynoter

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And while the Twitter stream surely didn’t go silent, it did appear to abate a bit as Turkle, a clinical psychologist and director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Initiative on Technology and Self, encouraged a more thoughtful and moderate use of digital communication and a deliberate return to face-to-face conversation.

Despite Winter Wallop, Shows Must Go On

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Even with record-breaking snowfall that shut down Boston-area schools and public transportation, Katie Hauser, director of communications for the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, told that the facility has weathered the storms and that no conferences have been cancelled this winter. “We’re Record-breaking snow and subzero temperatures make things tricky for attendees. Yet it’s not keeping associations or venues from delivering great events.

Conference Circuit: Meeting of the Minds Heads to Detroit

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The organization “focuses on the people and initiatives at the forefront of the latest efforts in urban sustainability and connected technology,” according to its website. September 30-October 1: Women account for just 27 percent of the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics workforce, and even as CEOs, they still face a gender pay gap.

International Bottled Water Association Backs Curbside Recycling Partnership

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Areas of Growth This year the Recycling Partnership plans to develop recycling programs with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection as well as with the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. IBWA is one of many sponsors of the Recycling Partnership, in both the association and corporate sector, including the Consumer Technology Association, the American Chemistry Council, Coca-Cola, Heineken USA, and Procter & Gamble. “It’s

Alumni Associations Use Social Media to Reinvent Donation Drives

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has had much success building up a presence on social media —particularly via the university’s private LinkedIn group, which boasts more than 26,000 members. In both the United States and Europe, college alumni associations are using their social channels to help boost engagement with—and donations from—former students. For some schools, the added effort is paying off, big time.