Sorting Out the Opinions that Matter the Most for Our Associations

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Association Volunteers Do Not Engage Because of Time and Timing

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Why don’t some volunteers engage? To get volunteers engaged, fix the issues that arise because of time and timing. Related: Member participation, volunteerism, and contribution are declining.

Why Some Long-Time Members Choose to Stay Engaged with Their Association

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Many associations see that their most at-risk members, the ones least likely to renew, are new members. But some new members do engage with the association, and they go on to become engaged 3-7 year members.

Engaging Not New or Long, But Medium-Time Members with Your Association

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While conducting member research new members and long-time members share why they engage with their association (and why they don’t). Because they said yes to a volunteer role and now they feel more responsibility to get engaged.

How New Members are Prompted to Engage

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New members are the most at risk members of most associations, but some members do engage. Knowing why they engage, might help us guide more new members in this direction. So what prompts new members to engage?

Our Members are Self-Centered

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Our members are self-centered. Our members have… no time. Only organizations that solve our member’s problems, speak their language, and understand them will get their time and attention. Can you stand in your member’s shoes and do this?

5 Ways Great Associations Become Great

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What makes an association great in the eyes of members? Members say, Transactions work like I expect them to. I am proud to be a member. I aspire to meet the other members of this association. Or the staff, board, and members go above and beyond.

Our Members Have No Idea What is Going On Behind the Scenes at Our Association

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Our members have no idea that: We have 30,000 other things going on in addition to answering the phone. We are about to go on-stage before 3,000 members, and we are a little nervous. Our members have no idea, and if we were in their shoes, we would have no idea either.

A Member Research Strategy to Consider

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Qualitative is not statistically significant, and unless your membership is very small, we cannot capture every member’s voice. Many quantitative surveys can be statistically significant, and they are usually open to every member. Have you got questions for your members?

Is it Day 1 or Day 2 for Associations?

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True customer (member) obsession and high-velocity decision making are the most critical but also the most difficult for associations. Think about your members. Think about your best members. Not board members but regular members who are highly engaged.

Developing My Dream Association

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If I were to build an association, I would pull the most significant insights from all of the research I have conducted. One of the core staff values would be to be intensely member-focused. We would talk with members often, conduct listening tours, and interview them.

Growth Hacking Your Community with Vanessa DiMauro

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It should attract new members, offer smooth onboarding and persistent attention, and ultimately embrace marketing tactics like great content, campaigns and social media outreach. NSBE was founded in 1975 and has around 30,000 members. Focus on event engagement. Showcase members.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.22.19

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Your new member onboarding shouldn’t just be show and tell , says Billhighway. They suggest working with your chapters on an onboarding plan that helps you learn about new members’ needs, introduce them to the chapter and association, and guide them onto the most relevant membership path.

Case Study: In-depth Member Interviews Feed Association’s Strategic Plan

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What else should the association do to support members during these extremely challenging times? Based on this input we outlined two goals for the research project: Understand member’s current challenges. Learn if there were any barriers preventing deeper member engagement.