Energizing Member Engagement

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Driving Sustainable Industry Growth Helps Trade Associations Energize Member Engagement . By following this approach these Association Executives are now energizing member engagement. Energizing Member Engagement is a Must for Trade Associations .

2017 Member Engagement Strategy

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Presidential and Congressional Elections, economic performance inside and outside the United States, mergers and acquisitions, baby boomer retirements , terror threats, and technology disruptions will influence whether or not professionals and corporate executives engage in their associations.

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A Global Satisfaction Index for Measuring Local Member Engagement & Relevance


Is what you consider an exceptional value proposition viewed as relevant and valued by both members and customers in international markets? Does Member Value Translate the Same Globally? How do members perceive value and rate their overall membership experience?

A Century-Old Association Committed to Online Community and Data Analysis

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Their member engagement and technology strategies are cutting edge, which makes sense—they have a global member base, with over 1,600 organizations comprised of 40,000 individuals spanning 100 countries/territories. For instance, is it repeated engagement or is it a one-off?

Disruptive Associations

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in the United States while economic performance in the rest of the world will be shaped by “volatility.” At a time of unprecedented change your Association can become a Market Disruptor and position your members for success in a slow growth world. Disruptive Associations.

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Members Hire Relevant Associations

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Associations have endured downturns before, what’s different this time is the valuable lesson learned after the great recession, that Members hire relevant Associations. Industry centered Advocacy to help members protect their intellectual property and product category reputation.

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Private Equity Hires Associations, Private Equity Fires Associations

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In 2017 there were 3,283 transactions in the United States, totaling $511.66 Two Steps to Engage Private Equity Owners. Then mapping these concerns to the Association’s federal and state advocacy teams.

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Assessing the Landscape of Association Email


The report includes a summary of email marketing metrics from nearly 2 billion emails sent in 2015 by associations located in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Members Hire Associations, Members Fire Associations

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Members hire Associations, Members fire Associations is what the new mantra will be for Association Executives in 2018. The evolving external environment is continually redefining how member executives assess the impact of their memberships.

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Disruptive Advocacy Strategies

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Can Disruptive Advocacy Strategies unlock industry growth and cost saving opportunities for your members in a slow growth economy? For example, through survey research in 2014, the Global Cold Chain Alliance identified key business outcomes that matter most to its members.

Associations are the Key to our Nation’s History and Prosperity

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Citizens of the United States began exercising their first amendment freedoms of speech, assembly and the press. was the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York, which was formed in 1768 by 20 merchants.

Traditional Association Thinking?

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Commercial firms are investing heavily in tech savvy marketing and they are making their way into the C Suites of small, medium, and large firms across the United States. Today’s corporate and individual members view their participation with associations through a very different lens.

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Meditated Momentum: Power (aka Access to Data) to the People

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We have such high expectations of our association databases and keep reading articles about how they can drive member engagement, business intelligence and revenue generation. Doing a member look-up, finding out who attended a conference, or getting a list of members that are coming up for renewal soon can all be very hard to do. So something like a member look-up should be very, very easy to do. Washington, DC, United States. Meditated Momentum.

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Membership Hack: Virtual Chapters

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Chapters don’t always have to be about serving members in the same local community or state. At NIGP, the Institute for Public Procurement, virtual chapters connect members with similar interests from thousands of miles away. AHGPA has 77 members.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.1.19

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Billhighway suggests several resources and strategies a national association can provide to help chapters with member recruitment. An oldie but goodie from Tom Morrison on how his association tracks and scores member engagement. The Recipe for Increasing Learner Engagement.

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National Volunteer Week: Associations Say Thanks During a Strange Time

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Whether those volunteers are board members, advocates working in their free time, or those who help out at events, their services keep associations running. And that remains the case when a viral outbreak puts the world in a topsy-turvy state. Humane Society of the United States.

Stop guessing and start knowing

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What’s being done with that data will allow for members to have more access and for associations to provide members exactly what they’re asking for. And, the biggest winners will be consumers, members, and association professionals.

What's Your ?Flag? Say About You?

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Ideas to help you engage, empower and retain members. June 14th, 2012 | Posted in Member Engagement + Retention. Do your members recognize it? Since logos are representations of organizations, this begs a bigger question of how are you perceived by your members ?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.12.20

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Hear about the nine building blocks of every successful model so you can determine where things must change to better meet member and critical stakeholder needs. How to Go Virtual (While Still Creating an Engaging Experience). Hear about some major considerations for online engagement.

Associations’ Social Media Confidence Grows

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In 2015, organizations are using a greater variety of social media platforms, combining paid, earned, and owned tactics, and utilizing measurement and accountability to identify new opportunities and increase member engagement,” the report noted.

Local Mission, Local Partner - Friday Fix

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Ideas to help you engage, empower and retain members. June 15th, 2012 | Posted in Member Engagement + Retention. If you are a national association “local” to you is the United States.) While you may decide to have your conference in an exotic locale (everyone needs an occasional break from the ice), is it in your best interest to funnel most of your business to other states? Member Engagement + Retention.

2 Top Errors in Web Content

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Ideas to help you engage, empower and retain members. You need to prominently list your location (city and state) and not just on your homepage. Yes, of course your members know where you are but what about those people who are “magically transported” to you from another link or a write-up of your event and referring URL? Member Engagement + Retention. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations.

Reflections on Three Years of Blogging About Membership

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But what really excited me about this job, and maybe the thing I’ll miss the most, are the stories of associations making changes in big and small ways to improve the member experience. Before I leave you, I want to remind readers of a few central tenants of the member experience.

Let Your Member Data Show You the Way

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How one association unbundled some of its benefits and packaged them around “clusters of behavior” in its member engagement data. The winter of 2014 brought a lot of cold weather and snow to much of the United States.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.15.19

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If only I knew enough to join the state restaurant association, my poor colleagues would have been spared from my toxic bitchiness. Billhighway shares advice on ways your association can provide member recruitment training to chapters and affiliates.

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Four Ways to Put Members First When Navigating Change

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Change is inevitable, and it usually affects members. At the Yoga Alliance, member engagement and the creation of a feedback loop has helped the group undertake the process of updating its yoga teaching standards while maintaining members’ trust.

Membership Hack: Micro-Advocacy

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Asking regional members to take action on micro-advocacy efforts could result in big payoffs—both for your issue and in member engagement. That led him to launch a new advocacy network, which asks members to get involved in small but effective ways.

Tuesday Buzz: Keeping Your Online Community Engaged

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You’d like to see your members engaging with one another and your association online, but if you’re only hearing crickets, there are ways to get your members talking again. Onboarding should aim to bring new members into your online community.

9 Steps for Building Member Personas

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The best associations don’t just think up something to say because they know they need to keep members engaged – they use personas to help them find the most relevant, helpful information for each member. What Are Member Personas? Why Are Member Personas Important?

AAAS’ New Climate-Change Advocacy Strategy: Think Local

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Stymied by a White House averse to addressing manmade climate change, the science group has launched a program to help members engage at the state and municipal level. We recognized a growing desire amongst scientists to be more engaged.

Thanks For Playing: Do We REALLY Know What Our Members Need?

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Do We REALLY Know What Our Members Need? Nikki did a great job, but I thought her closing question was particularly good: [Q7] Whats one thing you could do TODAY to better serve your members? I think, if most of us association professionals were honest with ourselves, wed admit that were so insulated from our members that we dont know what they need. Labels: innovation , member engagement , membership. Success with Member Get a Member?

Tuesday Buzz: ASAE Takes Great Ideas to Hong Kong

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The event drew association pros from around the world, including executives from throughout the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. To get members to vote in your board election, make sure that they’re getting reminders, notes Votenet’s Jenn Barton.

Must Member Dues Always Be Monetary?

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Many of them could translate well as member-engagement tactics in associations, ways to get members contributing to the actual work of the organization. ” In other words, listeners and viewers could become members by volunteering rather than donating. members).

Thanks For Playing: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

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What happens to your members when they retire from the industry your association serves? Or do you provide ways for them to move to an emerita/us status and stay engaged in different ways that make sense to people whove stepped back from active day to day involvement in the profession? Retired members and young members are a match made in heaven (or at least on Tatooine) for cross-mentoring. Your emerita/us members have time and expertise. United States Licens

Without Membership Metrics, You’re Working Blindfolded

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A new survey of associations on their membership performance shows that some still lack a clear view of vital membership statistics like retention, engagement, and market share. While some associations lack member-data savvy, others are slicing and dicing their data in fascinating ways.

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What makes an Association Education Program Successful?

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In the United States alone, there are tens of thousands of associations and non-profit organizations working to support, develop, and advocate for their respective members and industries. There is an association for every profession, trade, and interest.

INBOUND Conference: A Sample Agenda for Customer Marketers


We’ve built our company around helping you improve customer and member engagement. Description: Ta-Nehisi Coates is “the single best writer on the subject of race in the United States,” according to the New York Observer. Gary Vaynerchuk. Anna Kendrick. Alec Baldwin.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.6.19

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I started this weekly publication because young members of my state SAE lamented not having a big enough PD budget to acquire all the CAE credits they needed. Many associations struggle to identify additional sources of revenue and content for their members.

Thanks For Playing: You Say You Want a Revolution

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To me, it raises a much larger question: how does a member change the direction of the organizational ship, if s/hes not happy with where its going? So using the Carville/Rove situation, lets look at some examples: Small "n" resolution: Lets say the group of displeased members wants, in the future, for keynote speakers to be selected by a representative group of members, or at least. for that group of members to provide a list of choices or to vet ASAEs list of choices.

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Give Your Meetings a Competitive Edge

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Associations are holding competitions during their meetings and events to not only celebrate their industries but also to engage the next generation of members. The added exposure of your members to industry leaders can also lead to job opportunities for participants.