Getting Members Engaged Is Like Running a Maker Lab

Eric Lanke

I pulled that quote from the introduction of the recently-released white paper, "Leading Engagement from the Outside In: Become an Indispensable Partner in Your Members' Success," by Anna Caraveli and Elizabeth Weaver Engel. Associations Member Engagement

An Old-School Method for New Member Engagement

Associations Now

When one association saw an influx of new, younger members, one of its primary engagement tactics was decidedly traditional: committee volunteering. The Decision to Volunteer found that young members are more likely to see the benefits of volunteering than older generations.

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4 key takeaways from ASAE’s Membership Marketing & Communications Conference.

YourMembership Blog

During ASAE’s MM&C Conference earlier this month, association executives and industry partners took part in 24 learning labs, three keynotes, two preconference workshops and networked to up their game on digital, content and branding strategies.

Association Staff #1 DRIVER to Maximizing Member Engagement

Tom Morrison

In the world of associations, all members join your association for one reason or another. According to current association research, the #1 challenge of associations is "engaging members in the programs that can help them improve their business."

What Burning Man's 10 Principles Can Teach You About Building Community

Higher Logic

Whether you’re a community builder or a community member, online or in person, I truly believe we could all stand to learn a thing (or ten) from how the Burning Man community operates. Each member has something unique to offer. Are you treating your members like real people?

Podcasting Creates Interest and Excitement

Eric Lanke

But now that it's up and running I'm talking about it more broadly in the office and everyone seems engaged and excited by it. But more than my staff, my members are also totally on board. Associations Member EngagementToday we launched a podcast at my association.

3 Types of Online Learning Experiences Association Members Love (And How to Provide Them)

Higher Logic

Because with online learning, associations can provide training to a larger number of members in more flexible formats, something that is helping online education become a popular member benefit. Traditional group learning formats include workshops and roundtable discussions.

The Facilitator's Job

Eric Lanke

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that last week I said I had six more conferences and workshops to attend before the end of the year.) Associations Member EngagementI was asked to facilitate one of the breakouts at the last conference I attended. (If

Can associations bridge the skills-gap for their members?

YourMembership Blog

Jack has won national awards for educational learning programs and technology that better engages the ‘game-based’ generation. You probably already know who your association members are, in terms of their job roles.

4 Benefits of Associations Hosting a Virtual Conference


Virtual conferences can offer: Member education. Networking opportunities for members (and presenters). Coverage of broad subject matter (along with a deeper dive through individual workshops or programs). Download Why Member Engagement No Longer Means Face-to-Face.

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Does Your Association Put Up Signs?

Eric Lanke

I attended a workshop a week or so ago, and during the networking dinner I got into a conversation with some fellow participants about what I always thought was an apocryphal story. Or the kind that sees the opportunities present in the behavior of its members.

How could / should the telephone be used in your Marketing Mix? Presentation

Optimist Consulting

I was delighted to be asked to deliver a workshop on using the telephone in the marketing mix. Many membership bodies only use the phone when chasing for renewals – which is a missed opportunity to cut through the information overload to reach and then engage members.

How could / should the telephone be used in your Marketing Mix? Presentation

Optimist Consulting

I was delighted to be asked to deliver a workshop on using the telephone in the marketing mix. Many membership bodies only use the phone when chasing for renewals – which is a missed opportunity to cut through the information overload to reach and then engage members.

How could / should the telephone be used in your Marketing Mix? Presentation

Optimist Consulting

I was delighted to be asked to deliver a workshop on using the telephone in the marketing mix. Many membership bodies only use the phone when chasing for renewals – which is a missed opportunity to cut through the information overload to reach and then engage members.

Chapters in 2019, Looking ahead to 2020

Mariner Management

Tim Ebner offers a look at the Mariner-Billhighway 2019 Chapter Benchmarking study focusing on the renewed view of chapters as an increasingly important element of the member engagement strategy. We share the findings from a hands-on workshop with CRPs.

Crowdsource Members to Propel Ideas and Projects Forward

Associations Now

At #ASAE19, several speakers explored how associations can use crowdsourcing to generate new ideas and opportunities for member engagement. They and several other speakers at the conference described how to use crowdsourcing to give members more power.

A Do-It-Yourself Approach to Meetings

Associations Now

The Society for Personality and Social Psychology offers grants that fund members’ big ideas for small meetings. Members get to see their programs come to life, and SPSP has a new way to engage members. Did members play a significant role in planning and facilitating them?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.28.19

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… WBT Systems encourages associations to provide educational programs for vendor members —you may call them affiliate, associate, or supplier members, I like to think of them as industry partners.

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Keep Members Coming Back

YourMembership Blog

Ideas to help you engage, empower and retain members. Keep Members Coming Back. February 9th, 2012 | Posted in Member Engagement + Retention , Social Media and Business Trends. Now comes the tough part – keeping your members active, engaged, happy. Here at we have a monthly e-newsletter, and we also maintain a private members-only group on Facebook, in addition to our main Facebook page. Empower your members.

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Investing in Yourself: Professional Development for Community Managers

Higher Logic

A workshop. You juggle member engagement, content development, tracking and measuring metrics - and that's just on Monday. Our guest blogger Rachel Happe co-founded The Community Roundtable to support business leaders developing their community and social business strategies.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.16.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events for the association community… ASAE members, check out the excellent GDPR resources and advice shared on Collaborate last week by the Technology Section Council. Ultimate Member Engagement: The Power of Data-Driven Decision Making.

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What Makes Young Members Tick?

Associations Now

That’s according to a new membership benchmarking study from Personify, a company specializing in constituent management and member engagement. But there are still many challenges ahead for associations looking to recruit, engage, and retain millennial and Gen Z members.

CXPA Elevates the Customer Experience with Community

Higher Logic

The organization aims to increase both impact of visibility of customer experience professionals, facilitate effective member-to-member sharing, and establish respected industry standards. The entire forum is member-driven and member-monitored.

What to Do When Membership Is Booming?

Associations Now

But more recently, Doyle says, companies in other sectors and cities have come on board, diversifying the association’s member community. A lot of these innovations are coming out of startups, so we really had to refocus on members. We’re aiming to engage new members early on.”.

5 More Questions to Ask About Your Association Social Media Strategy

Cvent Association Tips

Member recruitment, member engagement, resource sharing, and advocacy may all be among the stated objectives. As information and education resources for their members, associations are very often content-generating machines.

Worldwide Priorities

The Membership Blog

They have nearly 100,000 members (including students) in 200 Sections around the world. based associations would never imagine having an office (Moscow, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur) and they have members everywhere. When we convened the recent SPE Section Officer Workshop, we wondered what the biggest challenges would be for these volunteers who run the SPE Sections on every continent. SPE (the Society of Petroleum Engineers) is a great organization.

Intangibles Sell, Too

The Membership Blog

These “intangibles” are often overlooked when creating membership marketing or member engagement or member retention messages, but I think we’re missing some golden opportunities. We have a tendency to feel that we need to downplay those programs, products, or services that members can’t touch or feel. In most not-for-profit organizations, the concept of a “greater good” is one of the things that attracts members in the first place.

Balanced Attack

The Membership Blog

If you think that member engagement is as easy as launching another Facebook or LinkedIn page, you might want to think again. But in my 35 years as a fulltime association membership professional I’ve never found anything that can attract and keep members as well as valuable programs, useful products, and over-the-top member service. At our upcoming one-day workshops in D.C.

Data Adventures: Are We Rolling in the Mud with Our Members?

Association Success

What data tools can be used to better engage your members? When you say you’re going to have a dialogue about data for member engagement, you might expect to dive into the mysteries of AMSes, LMSes, dashboards, web analytics, email open rates, conference attendance trends, and the like. They set out on a journey to collect data they could act upon and that has made a difference to how people across the association think and act on member engagement.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.6.19

Reid All About it

I started this weekly publication because young members of my state SAE lamented not having a big enough PD budget to acquire all the CAE credits they needed. Many associations struggle to identify additional sources of revenue and content for their members.

Reinventing Association Governance

Association Success

Questions we could test and workshop when we got home and hung up our spurs. When it comes to innovation in associations, I feel like governance often gets short shrift relative to the impact it could have on strategy and member engagement. Members are constituents of the board. They are self-incorporated by members to serve a public good. While the state won’t (and shouldn’t) keep boards accountable to this duty of foresight, members can.

Awesome Association Jobs This Week – April 26


The successful candidate will serve as a member of SVARA’s executive team in sharing responsibility for leading the ongoing work of developing, testing, and executing on its organizational business strategy. This role has significant interaction with members, prospects and staff.

Cultivating engagement: Let's talk about connections.

Idea Architects

To cultivate member engagement, we want to quickly welcome people to the community and help facilitate individuals connecting as fast as possible with those who share the interests they seek. cultivation community volunteering engagement conferences

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.5.19

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… WBT Systems explains why you should measure the lifetime value of your members and customers —both their monetary and non-monetary contributions—and suggests two angles for approaching this metric.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.2.19

Reid All About it

In-person workshop? Leverage Data to Drive Member Engagement. Learn how to capture regular feedback from your members and how data analytics will provide actionable business intelligence.

Solutions for Your Membership Conundrum

Association Adviser

Delivering the right value to the right members at the right time. Members tell us we’re sending them too much. The same members tell us they never know about events, professional development opportunities or other benefits to which they’re entitled.

US Associations with Global Interests Growing Faster than Peers.


Indeed, we try to continually remind ourselves (and our clients) that while taking a one-time snapshot of member perception is certainly valuable, expanding the research discipline to track key data over time opens up a whole new window on market intelligence and strategic decision making.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.20.18

Reid All About it

Are you, someone on your education staff, or one of your members an “accidental” instructional designer? What’s more important: the size of your email list or the quality of engagement you have with the people on your email list? Measure What Matters Workshop (Reston VA).

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.24.18

Reid All About it

Mark Athitakis at Associations Now reports on disengaged employees—perhaps your members—who believe they lack opportunities to move upward from their “go-nowhere jobs.” and how to get the right statistics to prevent national and chapter level members from leaving.

SCD Group: 7 stories for Busy Association CEOs, EDs, Execs from.

SCD Group

Managers are facilitators of their team members’ success. Visser is a digital strategist and workshop facilitator who works primarily with museums. Become a Hero to Your Association Members: 5 Ways. Pages. About. Contact. Causeaholic. AMR Management Services.