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Pricing. Ideas to help you engage, empower and retain members. Being Thoughtful Takes a Minute… June 12th, 2012 | Posted in Member Engagement + Retention. I’ve written about personalizing the member experience for years now but Chris Brogan reminded me in his weekly newsletter just how far personalization can go. In his newsletter he wrote about how the folks at Social Media Camp in Victoria, British Columbia made his experience memorable.

How Associations Can Improve The Member Experience Through Technology

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Three technology innovations associations should embrace for a better member experience. How can your association deliver the experience your members have come to expect? The study found that 59 percent of consumers say companies need cutting edge digital experiences to keep their business. As a member-based organization, how can your association go about embracing innovation? They provide highly-personalized experiences that we’ve all come to expect.

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Why Engagement Must Be Built Into the Member Experience

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Struggling to get members engaged? When associations struggle to get members engaged, they often search for practical solutions like these, special tricks for getting members’ attention. For associations thinking about member engagement, consider these three perspectives that come from the world of fitness centers and cultural institutions (e.g., Of course, once members do get involved, they’re more likely to stay with you. A New Experience.

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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This is how you can prove your new member community will be a valuable technology investment. While the way you align your proposed member community with your executives’ goals will vary by association, five of the most common priorities you might find in the strategic plan include new member acquisition, member engagement and retention, non-dues revenue growth, advocacy and legislation, and maintaining relevance. New Member Acquisition. Objection 1: Price.

What Burning Man's 10 Principles Can Teach You About Building Community

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Whether you’re a community builder or a community member, online or in person, I truly believe we could all stand to learn a thing (or ten) from how the Burning Man community operates. When the event is over the desert returns to its natural state, no trace to show of the bustling city that once was, and the Burning Man Regional Network works to play a vital role in the year-round extension of the Burning Man experience, supporting it as a global cultural movement.

Associations Do Not Sell Snake Oil

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Cheap stuff at low prices that are not at all like their descriptions or pictures. We may see websites that deliver erroneous content because advertising is the priority, organizations that use low prices to attract customers but provide poorly crafted resources, and predatory conferences. Members don’t want to be scammed. When it come to trust, I favor showing members rather than telling members. Evaluate your membership pricing; what does it signal?

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Helpfulness, Openness, and Generosity Are Spreadable

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When I was six years old, my parents were trying to find a good house to rent, at a reasonable price, in a good school district. Then they have contact with another member who is similarly affected. Happiness, generosity, and helpfulness traveling from one member to the next, to the next. Perhaps one of those newly happy and open members talks about a problem she is having. Are members getting enough stardust? Going beyond members’ expectations.

4 steps to successful virtual events for your association

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They’ve become a must-have for associations trying to replace lost revenue and member engagement from cancelled events. They’re also a convenient, low-cost option for providing members with content and networking opportunities year-round. Describe the “feel” of the online experience.

Marketing Automation: Creepy? Or Just Good Customer Service?

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Have you ever had this experience? An abandoned cart campaign is a perfect example of how marketing automation can be used to create a great user experience. When revealed, it’s actually quite a useful way to give members a more personalized, tailored, helpful experience. This is key to providing an excellent member experience. Marketing automation allows you to send your members content that is highly relevant to them and their situations.

Association Tips: 6 Irresistible Member Benefits that Convince People to Join and Renew

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Here are six member benefit ideas that should do the trick. Members-Only Job Boards. Partner with major employers and experts in your field to create job boards for your members. Keep job postings open to the public to entice prospects, but make the application available to members only. This creates a public-facing benefit that helps potential members find you while also providing a compelling reason to join. Professional experience.

5 Unique Ways to Improve Your New Member Engagement Program

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Shirley looked at the metrics of her 6-month new member email campaign. Overall new member renewal rates had increased a couple of percentage points since the program was implemented, which was directionally good, but not good enough. One insight we learned from the New Member Engagement Study is program planning never really ends. The most successful program managers continually experiment, measure, and evolve their programs. Focus Only on The Value New Members Need.

Build a Sustainable Brand with Purpose-Driven Marketing

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For companies, it is the foundation of every experience. To build a sustainable brand, equipped with valuable brand advocates and stakeholders, make an effort to strengthen it by delivering something beyond price and quality. Considering that many modern-day consumers want to make a real and meaningful difference with their dollar, why not tune into that and involve your customers or members in the opportunity to do so? Purpose – what is it?

Free Membership Might Actually Discourage Membership

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In the association community, there are lots of discount membership strategies — free or reduced membership for students, reduced price membership for new members, and long-in-duration trial memberships. My guess is they may win a few longtime members, but most of the members that come in through these special programs lapse quickly. Because membership is devalued and the step change to full-price is just too high a price to pay.

The Secret Value of Conferences

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For the experience. But sometimes members do not feel like they can network. Or why not take comparable online courses for a fraction of the price? Help members give themselves permission to attend and give them the opportunity to treat themselves to a few days out of the office, a few days of learning, and a few days of experiences. The problems attendees experience at conferences.

13 Secrets to Help You Create an Insanely Engaging Virtual Meeting Today

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This was unfortunate because even pre-COVID-19, most association members could not get to a conference in any given year. What happens to the other 90% of members who don’t receive any of our conference goodness? New platforms and early movers began to experiment with trying to make online meetings truly interactive, participatory, and engaging. We, along with our members, joined the millions of other professionals grabbing our laptops and monitors heading for home.

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How Association Members Really Evaluate Value

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Some experts define value as quality + price. Value is one part solution, another part story, another part experience. As you think about the value your association delivers to members consider these new trends. Some of us are experimenting with: less owning, more renting (turning from CDs to Pandora). fewer products, more experiences. Instead, we are trying to accumulate experiences. Look at how Apple changed the retail experience.

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6 Compelling Reasons to Consolidate Your Association’s Technology Systems


You’re working to improve your members’ lives or make meaningful social and legislative changes. Each association software system you purchase comes with its own price tag and often needs to be hooked to your other systems through integrations, which can cause problems with data and support. It can save you time, money, and headaches so you can focus on what’s really important: making a difference for your members. Benefit #3) Provide a Seamless Member Experience.

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Many Organizations Accidentally Ignore New Members

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The online membership application process didn’t allow me to set my username and password, so right after I joined, I couldn’t log in and check out my new member benefits. Surprised by the high price of registration and my estimated travel cost, I pressed delete. My first-year member experience lines up with many other new member’s experiences according to member research. Three Ways to Make Your New Member Onboarding Program the Best It Can Be.

5 Factors that Can Make or Break Your Association Website Redesign


That doesn’t even get into branding, navigation, or walking your loyal members through the transition. By doing your due diligence in the planning stage, you’ll help ensure that your new website is successful and meets staff, customer, and member needs. If you don’t, your redesign could fall flat, or worse, chase valuable members and prospects away. Instead, redesigns should be based on your members and meeting their expectations. Factor #5) Duration and Price.

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How the Computer in Your Pocket Has Changed Event Attendee Behavior


The entire experience is different. Get to know the nooks and crannies of technology, including how it has changed your members’ behavior at live events. Then put that information into action to give your members the experience they crave. Now, your members are used to having a computer with them at all time. If you don’t provide this type of mobile attendee experience , then you risk frustrating your members or being seen as behind the times.

4 Ways to Use Nostalgia to Grab Your Customers’ or Members’ Attention


Experiences that illicit nostalgic feelings bring up something that people wish was still there or still true. That helps you build a stronger relationship with your customers or members. Companies have been using nostalgia to connect with customers and members for years. Do you have a member onboarding presentation or a new product release that needs a little pizzazz? Blog posts are another way businesses and associations can connect with members through nostalgia.

What We Can Do to Get Members to Rave About the Association

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Think of the things and experiences you buy and it would never occur to comparison shop because you need THAT, not the next best cheapest facsimile of THAT. We don’t love them because they are the lowest price. For associations who want raving fans not just satisfied members think about all the things your very favorite go-to’s do. What else can we do to get members to rave about our association? Related posts: The members we should focus on.

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Our Point of View is Not Our Members’ Point of View

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We may think membership is economically priced. Our members may think membership is priced too high because of its impact on their budget or personal wallet. If members bought all the benefits a la carte, they would pay twice as much. But, our members may not see any value because the association is not solving the problem they have right now. Members see three precious days out of the office, away from their families.

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Associations Are Launching Some Cool New Websites

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” Through a fundamentally changed navigation, they are reorienting the association’s offerings, not around the association’s departments or functions but instead, the navigation is focused on members’ interests. #3 New news, case studies, article, hot topics, how to’s, blogs, Q&A, trends, even recent posts from the online community are peaking through to give members a sense that HFMA is an active community. Related: Members want to be seen.

How to attract new members in a budget-conscious world

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What can you do to recruit new members when money is tight? Attracting new members to your association is always a top priority. Here are six effective ways to get past the price barrier and encourage more members to join your association: Offer budget-friendly payment options.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.10.19

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He writes about a functional requirement that associations often overlook during association management system (AMS) selection: user experience. Some associations are experimenting with a membership model that includes free online education. MemberSuite explains how a new member onboarding campaign can help you increase member retention. Gain a better understanding of your value proposition and communicating that value to your current and prospective members.

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Don?t let legacy association management software be your legacy

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Make sure your association doesn’t pay the price for outdated software. Paying the price for a legacy AMS system. Consider the following ways your association might pay the price for staying on outdated software: Wasted funds – With older software, you might pay as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars for each product upgrade. Every day, you’re spending more dollars the association could be investing in member engagement initiatives, additional staff, etc.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.22.16

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With innovation moving today at light speed, you need to leverage a strong platform if you want to deliver a world-class member experience. Building a Better Digital Strategy for Member-Based Organizations (Thirty on Thursday). Building and executing a well-planned digital strategy for your member association can increase the quantity and quality of engagement among members, grow membership, and provide insights into the behaviors and interests of members.

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing New Association Technology

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If your community already does a great job engaging members , do you really need that functionality in your new AMS? For example, a strong integration lets members interact in your online community then pay dues in your AMS without feeling like they’re switching systems. At the most basic level, the number of people using software can affect pricing. Some SaaS platforms base their fees on number of seats, so more employees using the platform means a higher price.

How Much Does an Event App Cost?


If you’re considering creating a mobile app for your members, you’re not alone. Associations commonly use event apps for their national or international conferences because they let members access event details easily while they move between sessions. Many more event software providers and developers are offering event apps than in the past and each offers different pricing and customization. So what is the price tag of a mobile event app today? Exact prices will vary.

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Member Organizations: Listening Plus Action for Best Results

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Pricing. Ideas to help you engage, empower and retain members. Who Cares If You’re Listening… March 29th, 2012 | Posted in Member Engagement + Retention , Social Media and Business Trends. It doesn’t matter if you “hear” the issue at hand being discussed by your members, if you do nothing about it they realize you either care very little for them or you’re not involved enough to know what’s going on. Pricing.

5 Tips for an Extraordinary Association Golf Scramble


Your association’s next member golf event can run smoothly – if it is planned correctly. Members likely return to their association golf outing each year to see people they may only see once a year, plus it’s always a fun day to get out of the office. Here are 5 things you can do to make your event more profitable, better attended, and a positive member experience: Get the Right People on the Committee. Make the Experience Great.

Back to Basics: Membership Models

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The foundations of an association shape the member experience. Every association has a unique way of working to make their members lives easier, and membership structures are the foundation upon which associations work. With some careful consideration, learning from other organizations, and research into what your members need, making changes to membership models is a healthy part of an association’s progression. Member dues and the value question.

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Putting the Member at the Heart of Your Association’s Activities with a Modern AMS

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It’s an approach that puts members at the center of an association’s activities. Aren’t your activities focused on member engagement, acquisition and retention? It serves as the foundation for a modern AMS that puts the member at the heart of an association’s activities. One example of this customer/member-centric approach is Salesforce’s use of artificial intelligence (AI) to power customer engagement.

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CXPA Elevates the Customer Experience with Community

Higher Logic

The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) was founded in 2011 as a premier, global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and cultivation of the customer experience profession. The organization aims to increase both impact of visibility of customer experience professionals, facilitate effective member-to-member sharing, and establish respected industry standards. It was time to reevaluate the community experience.

Become a Member (Again) - Friday Fix

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Pricing. Ideas to help you engage, empower and retain members. September 14th, 2012 | Posted in Member Engagement + Retention , Membership Management. The experience of being a newbie may be tucked into the back of your mind and the details fuzzy or rewritten in an I remember when… context. Being part of a new group gives you perspective of a new member experience. My experience? Member Engagement + Retention. Pricing.

On Becoming the Netflix of Associations

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Rather than building a structure around product lines and outputs we are building ours around delivering the best experience possible and meeting our members’ needs wherever they are in their professional journey. Ultimately, and getting to the core primary purpose of our new structure, we will align around doing one thing exceptionally well, and that is delivering much-improved member experiences and engagement – especially digitally.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.17.19

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That transformation can begin on the first day of membership—as long as you have a new member onboarding plan in place. MemberSuite shares six ways to onboard and engage new members. Do you know how to best leverage Google Analytics to better understand and engage your members — and generate more revenue? Learn how to use Google Analytics to meaningfully measure success, improve user experience and increase conversions.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.7.18

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Members need certifications and certificate programs to advance in their careers, and associations need the non-dues revenue those programs provide, says MemberSuite. New member engagement programs work , and they don’t have to be big or expensive,” says Lisa Vivinetto in an Association Success article. From Elizabeth Bell at Higher Logic, here’s a good look at the top five reasons members don’t renew and what you can do about it.

Five Things Associations Can Learn From Amazon

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Pricing. Ideas to help you engage, empower and retain members. Associations can use this same strategic thinking and customer focus to win over members. It may just be in doing something quicker, better or making a price-point more enticing. Are there services within your association that you could package together and “sell” as a premium membership of some kind, on top of your current member type designations? Member Engagement + Retention.