How to turn your members events into great member experiences

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Intentionally Designing Member Experiences

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If you have ever had the experience of attending a meeting, conference or session where you saw the other participants respond enthusiastically, only to try that very same thing back on your home turf and get a lukewarm response you’ll know what I mean. Experiences are not a moment in time.

How to develop your association’s strategy for an engaging member experience

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Your members expect highly personalized and engaging experiences with your association. Here are some important things to consider in your strategy. Want to make sure your members stick around? But the truth is that your members are also consumers. experience?you’re?delivering

Association Trend Watch: Member Experiences

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The world is moving toward experiences … are associations focusing enough on member experiences? But what we are building with artificial reality is an internet of experiences.” Virtual reality, I hear, is far better when you experience it with someone else.

Association Management Systems (AMS): 5 Software Strategies

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Your association provides your members with many different opportunities to develop as professionals and grow in their careers. Let’s take a look at how your association can use your AMS to engage and provide for your members with these five strategies: Create comprehensive member profiles.

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Don’t Be Led Astray From Protecting the Member Experience

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Businesses that deliver a cluttered customer experience have likely fallen victim to short-sighted temptations. Associations can avoid the same fate by fending off the forces that put other goals ahead of member needs. And that the association itself belongs to the members , anyway.

How the Computer in Your Pocket Has Changed Event Attendee Behavior


Conference Management Mobile Strategy Event App Member Experience“There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.”. What a spectacularly incorrect statement.

How to Start a Mentoring Program People Want to Participate In

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Your association is the perfect place to connect members with the perfect mentor or mentee. In fact, Marketing General revealed that 48 percent of associations say participation in their mentoring program has increased—a clear indicator that members are seeking this benefit.

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39 Online Community Stats You Should Know in 2019

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The Community Roundtable annually releases the The State of Community Management Report, and it’s chock-full of timely online community stats to help inform your strategies in the year ahead. Benefits of Community for Community Members. 17% have an approved community strategy.

Find a Bureaucracy and Uncover Customer Service Opportunities

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But our members see it. What Every CEO Needs to Know About Member Engagement. Debugging Your MembersExperience. What is the job of the IRS? It is to collect taxes to fund the work of the US government.

The Importance of Language for Your Community

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Once again, knowledge of a community language helps people feel like they are an integral part of the group, fostering a stronger sense of member or customer loyalty. Disney refers to all of their staff as cast members and their engineers as “Imagineers.”

Going Beyond Members’ Expectations

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Members want each association transaction to be as seamless as ordering from Amazon is. Members expect this. If your systems are clunky for members, it is time for a modern, easily updateable system. You need time to create experiences that surprise and delight them.

3 Add-on Tools to Drive Association Revenue + Amplify Member Engagement

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Magical experiences are earned on the other side of diligent courage and execution. Identify what you need to deliver the member experience you want, and learn how to make the data work for you. Resource: 6 Member Benefits that Convince Association Members to Join and Renew.

4 Ways to Use Nostalgia to Grab Your Customers’ or Members’ Attention


Customer Engagement Content Strategy Marketing Strategy Member ExperienceAuthor Tom Wolfe made a statement with the title of his novel, You Can’t Go Home Again.

The Member Journey Has Changed: Are You Changing With It?

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A member’s experience with your association or nonprofit used to look different. Now, they come to your association at various stages of the funnel, or the member/buyer’s journey. And along the way, they expect a different experience from what was the norm 20 years ago.

Do You Need a Member Engagement Strategy?

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Arlene is a very engaged association member. Because of her efforts a handful, or more, new members join each year. Many of the members Arlene refers, rise to volunteer leadership roles. Like the members she refers, Arlene is no stranger to volunteering.

5 Unexpectedly Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Association’s Volunteers

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Change your member’s profile photos to show a special banner, such as MVP, so it’s clear that your volunteers are some of the most valuable members of your association. Add a permanent, rotating leadership role or board member position for your volunteers.

How Engagement Tools Improve Association Event Management

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It is incredibly gratifying for associations to see a spike in event attendance, as participation plays a valuable role in their impact, but poor event management can cause your members to disengage. The better the experience, the more likely you are to talk about it (cue the FOMO ).

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What Burning Man's 10 Principles Can Teach You About Building Community

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Whether you’re a community builder or a community member, online or in person, I truly believe we could all stand to learn a thing (or ten) from how the Burning Man community operates. Each member has something unique to offer. Are you treating your members like real people?

5 Factors that Can Make or Break Your Association Website Redesign


Marketing Strategy SEO Association Management Services Member ExperienceThere was wood everywhere. Paper on the floor, nails on what was left of the counter, and a paint-splattered drop cloth was all that protected the kitchen tile. It was a mess.

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Things We Should Not Have to Tell Members (But We Do)

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Sometimes we have to tell people things we do not think we should have to say to them: The vibrant association is dynamic because members like you tell professionals like you all about the association. Welcome new members, they are scared. Related: Members want to be seen.

Members Want to Be Seen

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The technology will keep getting better, but for now, the experience is lacking. Associations are better positioned than just about any other organization to fulfill our member’s need to be seen. Our members are self-centered [that is okay, we all are!].

Marketing Automation: Creepy? Or Just Good Customer Service?

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Have you ever had this experience? An abandoned cart campaign is a perfect example of how marketing automation can be used to create a great user experience. When revealed, it’s actually quite a useful way to give members a more personalized, tailored, helpful experience.

Build a Sustainable Brand with Purpose-Driven Marketing

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In the 14th annual Global Consumer Pulse Research, titled ‘ From Me to We: The Rise of the Purpose-Led Brand ,’ Accenture Strategy defines purpose in the following way: “pur·pose /? For companies, it is the foundation of every experience. Purpose – what is it?

Not Fitting in is Awkward for Many Members

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Participating in a conference or chapter event or the board meeting or video chat for the first time can be anxiety producing for members. As you onboard your new members think about how to prepare them to fit in. Do your members wear suits every day except Hawaiian shirt Friday?

4 key takeaways from ASAE’s Membership Marketing & Communications Conference.

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During ASAE’s MM&C Conference earlier this month, association executives and industry partners took part in 24 learning labs, three keynotes, two preconference workshops and networked to up their game on digital, content and branding strategies.

4 Steps to Create Your Omnichannel Engagement Strategy

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And it comes down to making members feel like regulars in a quickly-evolving digital world. Norms are changing, and members expect the same thing, a personalized experience, from you too. What's the best way to create that personal encounter for members? Segment members.

Integrate for Success: 3 Sweet Results of AMS Integrations

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For example, when a new member joins your association, your AMS shoots that piece of data over to integrated software. Your online community starts adding the member into the right communities. Your marketing automation software triggers a new member welcome campaign.

Association Growth Strategy: 6 Tech Tools to Drive Member Recruitment + Retention

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For associations focusing on strategically attracting new members (and keeping them engaged for the long haul), it’s important to package your tech stack for ample growth and retention. When you invest in this tech tool, you’re investing in the professional growth of your members.

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Public Social Network or Private Online Community? 11 Tips to Guide Your Decision

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Could the same concept apply to building a community for your customers or members on social media? Social media is an important part of any organizational strategy. You have more engagement with your customers/members. You can protect your members’ data.

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Improve Intergenerational Communication: 3 Tips to Attract & Retain Younger Members

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Tech is still booming with a competitive edge, people are living longer, and younger emerging generations like Millennials and Gen Z’ers will continue to shake up the workplace (and your member base). If it’s the latter, it’s time to reshape your strategy.

Your Guide to Effective [Not Annoying] Marketing Personalization

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After all, Accenture Innovative found that almost all consumers (91 percent) are more likely to shop with brands who personalize their experience. Instead, think of t hese points as guidelines as you’re crafting your member experience , so you can do personalization well.

4 Tips for Generating More Non-Dues Revenue from Advertising

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In our digital age, online advertising is the best way to get your content and sponsors’ content in front of your member or donor base. If you can offer targeted advertising capabilities to advertisers, displaying certain ads based on members’ data , they’ll love it.

You Could Just Set It and Forget It with Marketing Automation…But Don’t!

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If you are under the impression that “set it and forget it” is a successful strategy for using marketing automation software, I release you from this spell. Set it and forget it" can work for rotisserie chickens, but it won't work for your marketing automation strategy.

The Decision Not to Join An Association

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They have been members for years. We imagine that potential members do their homework and carefully consider the pros and cons of joining the list of organizations we consider our competitors. 3 Decision to join myths and the reason members join our associations.

How to Improve First-Year Member Retention

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It’s vital to growth and sustainability as well as the success of new member acquisition campaigns. Because how valuable are new members if they stay for just one year? That’s what many new association members do. That’s a big hit to your growth strategy.

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The Most Frustrating Thing New Members Do

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One of the most frustrating dynamics for association staff is noticing that some members join but then never take another single action. You may be surprised to learn this super frustrating for new members as well. Members join with the intention of engaging.

An Introvert’s Guide to Growing a Private Online Community

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It may be a challenge for introverts to share their personality online, but that’s often what keeps members coming back. It’s fun to get to know other community members, especially the manager. Your workload will be more balanced and you’ll be more effective at connecting with members.

What Do Vanity Metrics Have to Do with Marketing Automation Goals?

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Marketing automation is more than just email, but it’s shortsighted to say email isn’t a big part of your overall strategy. Focus on improving email fundamentals as part of your automated campaign strategy. Engagement Marketing Member Experience Email Marketing Marketing Automation

Navigating Each Association’s Two-Way Trust Street

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Associations oscillate between two different trust states with members. We spend time building trust with our members, and then when we ask for something from members, we exchange that trust. There are so many things that build members’ trust in an association.