What Association CEO’s Need to Do About Membership

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CEOs have a tremendous impact on each member’s perceptions of the association, member culture, and membership metrics. Membership departments tend to focus on members or they focus on the mechanics of membership. The CEO markets a particular job description with a specific set of skills then recruits a Director of Membership who becomes the member expert, and an advocate for members, and a welcoming committee for members.

Common Trap for Association Professionals

Smooth The Path

” This happens all the time in association leadership because we are coming at everything with a different perspective than our members. “I am upset because I can’t drill down and see the benchmarking data from the 15 companies just like mine, the association should have made this study more robust,” members say. We think, “man, we killed ourselves to get as many responses as we did, this member should go out and recruit more respondents like her.”


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We Should Value Members Who Value the Association the Most

Smooth The Path

Here’s an unpopular view: association staff should focus most on those members who value the association the most. But here’s the problem, we don’t have the resources to serve every type of member with every type of problem, often competing problems, really well. Instead we become more generic serving most members in an average sort of way. Welcome everyone but partner with the best members. Is our content meeting our members’ needs?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.11.21

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If members are burnt out on virtual everything, how do you convince them to make time for online education? WBT Systems shares ideas for microlearning programs and samples of marketing messages that will persuade members to schedule time for professional development.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.16.21

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Member behavior. WBT speculates about the invisible forces affecting your members , causing irregular or new behavior, and disturbing the regular attraction between them and your association. More info/register (fee for MPI non-members). Member Data 101.

7 Tips to Improve Your Marketing Reporting and Prove Your Worth

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You might find that you gain a quarter of your membership in May and September but lose members in December. This data is already available to you, so you might as well take advantage of the opportunity to get a deeper look into your community’s health and find actionable insights to drive decision-making. This data shows you what kind of content your members like and can help you decide what content strategy to pursue. How long are your members staying on board?

Report 168

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.13.16

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Hear how the National Association of Tax Professionals used Google Universal Analytics to uncover insights they previously only made assumptions about, and how the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association streamlined their business processes with Google Tag Manager. To be successful, you need a solid marketing strategy to recruit the right sponsors and grow your attendance. – Measuring: Using Digital Metrics to Gain Member Insight.