Learn About Members’ Why

Smooth The Path

This is great advice but it is awfully hard to do when we don’t know our members’ why. For every action (or inaction) members (and non-members) take there is a why. As established organizations, knowing our member’s why helps us develop and communicate our why.

Resources of the Association Community

Smooth The Path

I conduct member research all the time, so I get direct access to the bright spots in our industry. Association Success sends a daily curated newsletter with a key feature from their own blog. Where do you get knowledge and insights about the association industry? I am lucky.

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When Decisions Get Made

Eric Lanke

The most interesting result from the member research on renewal notices is that these letters, emails, and phone calls do not serve to change most member’s minds about renewing. One of the reasons this hit home for me is that I was recently the member in exactly this situation.

Association Boards That Fail

SCD Group

The other day, an association executive called me about coordinating member research needed after a “failed” strategic planning session. They don’t open our newsletters.