Miami Association of Realtors Looks to Attract Chinese Investors

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The real estate group is teaming with a major property-search portal in China to help draw attention to the Miami market. Case in point: The Miami Association of Realtors (MIAMI) is trying to attract real-estate buyers all the way in China. Last week, the association announced that it was teaming with the property-search portal Juwai, in an effort to attract Chinese investors to the Miami market.

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Give Miami Day raises record $5.2 million for nonprofits

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Photo courtesy of The Miami Foundation. Give Miami Day raises record $5.2 million, organizers at The Miami Foundation realized that Give Miami Day 2014 would be their most successful Giving Day yet. Thursday’s Give Miami Day raised $5.2 This was the first year that The Miami Foundation promoted a funding goal for Give Miami Day, set at $5 million. “As Collaboration among nonprofits is key; Miami Arts Brigade was a huge testament to that.

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A Miami building is evacuated near the site of the deadly Surfside condo collapse


Residents of a Miami Beach building on the same street where a condominium collapse killed nearly 100 people were forced to evacuate on Thursday evening after officials determined the structure was unsafe and gave orders to leave.

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The Bee Visits Miami – Top 10 Highlights from the 2012 PAC Grassroots Conference

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Beekeeper Group was thrilled to be part of yet another first-rate Public Affairs Council Grassroots Conference last week in Miami Beach. It’s pretty tough to beat warm weather, a cool breeze, sandy beaches and of course, the top Public Affairs … Continue reading → Uncategorized advocacy Advocates Beekeeper Group grassroots Online Engagement PAC public affairs Public Affairs Council

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A night away? We sure did pay.

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The next three top-dollar locations: Oahu Island in Hawaii ($221 a night), San Francisco ($207) and Miami ($185). And it seems three event hotbeds – Miami, Denver and Atlanta – may crimp your style. Filed under: Associations , Meetings Tagged: Atlanta , Denver , event , hospitality , Hotel News Now , hotels , Miami , Nashville , revenue , ROI , San Francisco , STR Inc. The last time I booked a weeklong family vacation, I was shocked at the prices of hotel rooms.

Can you really motivate association staff?

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Yesterday’s paper carried two related stories: Miami Dolphins fire head coach “for failure to motivate players.” “But jamienotter ASAE association professionals Association CEOs association executives Miami Dolphins SCD Group Washington NationalsJamie Notter posted a great piece this week on culture headlined Why Successful Companies Are Okay with People Leaving. But your employees are humans, not spare parts, and that fundamentally changes asaethe equation.

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Auto Racing Ace Santino Ferrucci and The Moery Company Announce Sponsorship Launch

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The NASCAR Xfinity Series begins for Santino February 27 th with the Contender Boats 250 at Homestead Miami Speedway. The Moery Company’s Motorsports division announced today its partnership with Santino Ferrucci, driver for Sam Hunt Racing in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

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Q&A on Permanent Changes for Associations – Ask JP #031

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There was a team called the Miami Hurricanes that could easily disrupt the wishbone with faster athletes on the defensive side of the ball than the offensive side of the ball. We’re running the wishbone and the world is now running the Miami defense.

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Melo’s Aria on the Bay allegedly plagued with construction defects: lawsuit (FL)

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Aria on the Bay may be the Melo Group’s signature project near Edgewater and the Arts & Entertainment District, where the developer has built most of its residential buildings in Miami. Designed by Arquitectonica, the 53-story luxury tower features units with floor-to-ceiling glass walls that offer expansive views of Biscayne Bay and downtown Miami’s skyline.

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Getting involved: 4 strategies to boost volunteer engagement


Similarly, the Sterling Condominium in Miami Beach manages to consistently generate considerable volunteer engagement despite also having its fair share of seasonal residents. Natasha Paz is a manager for KWPMC at Sterling Condominium Association in Miami Beach.

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Sensible public policy: CAI meets with White House to discuss condo safety


Jason Pizzo (D-Miami-Dade County) met with White House officials to garner support for two pieces of federal condominium safety legislation: H.R. For more than a year, the CAI advocacy team has been moving forward sensible public policy to ensure greater safety in condominiums.

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High alert: Building safety concerns rise following Surfside condo collapse


Amid the heightened sense of alarm immediately following the tragedy, at least two residential structures in Florida were evacuated over building safety concerns, including a 156-unit condominium in North Miami with a history of code violations.

Monday Buzz: How Valentine’s Day Flowers Get to Your Door

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Go behind the scenes of Valentine’s Day flower delivery to find out how they arrive at your home via the Miami airport. If you are, then you’re part of a multibillion-dollar international flower industry that kicks into high gear this time of year, according to the Miami Herald. Each year, importers fly in billions of flowers from countries including Ecuador, Mexico, and the Netherlands, with most entering the United States via the Miami airport.

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Building standards: Improving structural integrity requirements for condominiums


Authorities in Miami-Dade County identified the final known victim of the tragic collapse of Champlain Tower South condominium in Surfside, Fla., earlier this week, ending a month-long search and recovery operation.

Optometric Association Offers Free Lyft Rides to Eye Exams

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Under the partnership, a free round-trip ride, up to a $25 fare, will be offered in 10 cities: Charleston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Memphis, Miami, New York City, St.

Bee-hind the Scenes of Beekeeper’s Latest Video

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In preparation for the upcoming 2012 Public Affairs Council National Grassroots Conference in Miami, Beekeeper Group put together this video depicting our mascot’s search for his Valentine. Though the clip itself is short, the filmmaking process was anything but. From … Continue reading → Digital Tactics advocacy Beekeeper Group PAC Public Affairs Council

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Are Tattoos Becoming Less Taboo at Work?

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The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Miami and University of Western Australia Business School and published in the journal Human Relations , revealed no statistically relevant differences between the salary and employment levels of workers with tattoos compared to those without them. A recent study says people with visible tattoos have less trouble finding a good job than they used to, but another suggests that some employers still take an old-school view.

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What to Do Before and After a Hurricane (FL)

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And I say Florida now, because we are serving not just Southeast Florida, but also Southwest Florida with offices in both Miami and Fort Myers. Hello, and welcome to Community Association Matters, the podcast that serves homeowner and condominium associations in Florida. So we’re very excited about that opportunity.

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Ready for Valentine’s Day? The Bee Is!

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Voting for the Bee Mine competition has closed and the Bee, back from Miami, has been very busy preparing to surprise his new Valentines. Attendees of the Public Affairs Council 2012 National Grassroots Conference voted in large numbers for coworkers … Continue reading →

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What Do You See When You Look In the Mirror?

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Check out this video clip and short blurb from a 2014 NBA Playoff game between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. Good leaders have many common traits and behaviors. We’ve explored many of them through this blog.

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Privacy: It’s Personal, or Is It?

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This year’s Art Basel Miami Beach included an installation that prompted attendees to weigh the cost of privacy. Google’s new privacy policy takes effect on March 1. It allows them to collect and consolidate user data from all its web properties — Search, Gmail, YouTube, Picasa, Maps and about 50 other Google services. You can’t opt out. Google has always collected this data at its individual sites. Now it will combine them to get a fuller profile of each of us.

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Three Ways You Can Design Better Conferences and Trade Shows for Entrepreneurs and Owners


Does that mean every event needs to be in Miami or Hawaii? No—and Miami or Hawaii aren’t everyone’s idea of a vacation destination. Regardless of whether they are virtual or in-person, planning association conferences and events is not a one-size-fits-all exercise.

Hospitality Industry Urges Congressional Action on Zika

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But even with a lack of federal funds and with new cases of the virus emerging, meetings continue to go on as planned in Miami. Meetings Go On in Miami. Yet, despite Centers for Disease Control and Prevention travel advisories and a lack of government funding to fight the virus, conferences and meetings—association-related and otherwise—continue to go on as planned in Miami. million visitors to Greater Miami and the beaches is a top priority,” GMCVB said.

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Membership Hack: Opportunity to Do Good in a Disaster

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Due to Hurricane Irma, the Textile Rental Services Association canceled its annual conference in Miami. Earlier this month, Hurricane Irma forced TRSA to cancel its annual conference in Miami. It gave attendees and sponsors the option to turn their fees into donations for disaster relief. How to hack it? When a natural disaster causes you to cancel a meeting, what do you do? The Textile Rental Service Association decided it was an opportunity to give back.

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Tiffany Haverly Joins IA As Communications Director, IA Builds Team With Two Additional Hires


Hannah is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where she earned her Master of Arts in Political Science as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Diplomacy and Global Politics with a minor in Italian.

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Mosquito Control Group Spreads Zika Education

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Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned pregnant women and their partners not to travel to a community just north of Miami where Zika is actively circulating. In addition to the travel warning, the Aedes aegypti mosquito has infected more than a dozen people in Miami with Zika. Even though Conlon concedes there is some hype around Zika, he said it is a serious problem and that he was dismayed to read accounts of people in Miami remaining complacent about it.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.7.21

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Victoria Moser, Managing Director of Girls in Tech (Miami). The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community…. Research on associations.

AARP Foundation Boosts Employment Initiative

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in the greater Miami area). Through the Back to Work 50+ Women’s Economic Stability Initiative, the two community college grantees—Miami Dade College, North Campus, in Miami, and Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham, Alabama—will focus on helping women 50 and older find jobs and build their financial savvy.

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How Associations Are Helping Shape the Super Bowl Behind the Scenes

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The Super Bowl is the ultimate show of lots of people coming together to put on something really big. And associations are helping to make an impression in quiet but important ways. In ways big and small, associations will be involved in making the Super Bowl happen this Sunday.

Get to know me, really

Association Advocacy Chick

My favorite cities include Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago and New Orleans. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that I do government relations for an association, have my CAE, and a DELP scholar. However, I think it’s time to open up about the other aspects of this association advocacy chick. So here are some fun facts about yours truly. I’m a middle child. I have an older sister and younger brother.

The Association That’s Defending the ‘Stache

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A mustache advocacy group is criticizing Don Mattingly, at one time a mustachioed New York Yankees icon, for enforcing a “no facial hair” rule as manager of his current team, the Miami Marlins. But with his new position as manager of the Miami Marlins, Mattingly has apparently found a new perspective on the hair thing, because the Marlins have a “no facial hair” policy , and Mattingly is the guy in charge of enforcing it.

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How to Get Attendee Personalization Right

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A few weeks ago, I went down to Miami for some rest and relaxation, and most importantly, beach time. While some members may see personalization as creepy, if associations do it right, it could turn prospects into attendees and lead to more engaged participants onsite. Before we left, the hotel sent us a brief survey that asked a few questions about our interests and preferences.

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Catch Me Online and In Person

Jamie Notter

NACS: NACS Leadership Forum, Closing Session , Miami, FL, Feb 9. Happy new year everyone! 2018 is already shaping up to be a busy year, particularly in the speaking department. Here are some of the venues you can hear me speak in the near future, both online and in person: QuestionPro Webinar: Workplace Culture Benchmarking, Challenges and Opportunities. Tomorrow(!), Jan 8.

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Can There Be Such a Thing as Truly Black Art?

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Ligon, who coined the term “post-black,” is one of the better known artists in 30 Americans which “highlights the work of 31 contemporary African American artists in an exhibition organized by and drawn from the Rubell Family Collection in Miami, Florida.”. “We’re always at the mercy of people’s desires to place us in certain identities.”.

Help Your Donors Overcome “Overhead Aversion”

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Research shows that many donors make their giving decisions based on how much an organization spends on overhead, and the pressure to cut costs can starve nonprofits of critical operating resources. But analysts have proposed ways to overcome the “overhead myth.”

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Are You Using Identity as Association Marketing Strategy

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Miami (Ohio). Sitting in the airport last Saturday, I noticed a huge number of people wearing logoed clothing that identified themselves with their team, cause, city, company. Rather than a team or cause, some were unpaid walking billboards for “cool” apparel companies. In 35 minutes, I saw hats, t-shirts, jackets and bags promoting: STL Cardinals. SF Giants. Ohio State. Mizzou. Maryville. Houston. Texas. Cincinnati Bearcats. Ole Miss. P38 Lightning. Volcom. Ernst & Young. Swiss Army.

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Hostels Are Gaining Ground With Business Travelers

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We’re in negotiations in New York now, and we’re looking at Washington, DC, Miami, L.A., We’re in negotiations in New York now, and we’re looking at Washington, DC, Miami, L.A., They may not have nearly as many amenities as the average four-star hotel, but hostels are an option business travelers are increasingly open to using. Why’s that? Because the offerings are improving. Forget everything you remember about hostels from your old backpacking days.

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A Court Verdict Raises the Pressure for Website Accessibility

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As the Miami Herald reported , the plaintiff in the case, a legally blind Miami resident named Juan Gil, was able to visit many other sites, including those of competing grocery stores, using his screen-reading software. If you’re serious about building an inclusive community in your association, you’re probably already paying attention to website accessibility.

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Monday Buzz: Kickstarter Becomes a Benefit Corporation

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Take a step back and read these simple steps from Kaufman Rossin Marketing Principal Janet Kyle Altman, via the Miami Herald. One of the biggest online crowdfunding hubs announces its new status. Plus: How your association can make big improvements using big data. The notion of online donations isn’t new. But crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular way for entrepreneurs, artists, and organizations to generate and gain support from communities and customers.

Tennis Association Gives Local Courts an Artistic Touch

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Open tournament, which started Tuesday and continues through September 9, USTA commissioned artists to adorn public tennis courts with their work in five cities: Chicago, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. Marking the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Open, the U.S. Tennis Association commissioned artists to transform public tennis courts around the country. Grass? Hard court? Old news. The U.S. Tennis Association is trying a new kind of surface: an artistic canvas.