Gen Y Favors Loyalty When Shaping Brand Perception, Study Finds

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30 percent cite price as the primary motivator behind a purchase. In one innovative advertising approach, the Minneapolis-based retail company launched Bullseye University, a four-day, live-streaming event featuring five YouTube personalities shacking in a Target-designed dorm room.

Study Reveals U.S. Cities With Best and Worst Travel Taxes

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Conversely, Chicago tops the list for highest total tax burden ($41.04), followed by New York ($38.65), and Minneapolis ($36.70). Congress Taxes Travel, Too It’s not just the local municipalities that the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) is worried about when it comes to travel taxes.

The Hourglass Blog: Association Innovation as Brand Strategy

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The Bentonville behemoth wants you to become someone who gets the brands they desire at the best possible price every day. The Minneapolis merchant wants you to become someone who appreciates the value and appeal of great design at a great price; youre as much a connoisseur as a consumer.