A Simple Tactic to Appeal to Prospective Young Members


In an article recently featured in Minnesota Meetings and Events magazine, GrowthZone explored benefits that attract young professional members. with a simple three-step process. >> This, in turn, increases recruitment and retention numbers. Tweet. This demographic has high expectations for their association memberships; with the influx of millennials and Gen Z into the workspace, associations must continue to consider their offerings carefully.

Luggage Tags and Breath Mints: How MSAE Refreshed Itself As Associations North

Association Adviser

We conversed with Angela Kisskeys, marketing & communications manager of the newly christened Associations North, about the motivation behind such a dramatic change for the association, the careful process they followed for rebranding themselves, and the fun association staff had revealing the new name to members and other interested professionals. AA: Ho w does it help your association recruit and retain more members? Angela Kisskeys, Associations North.

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Advocacy and Governance 2.0

Association Adviser

Besides having boundless energy and vision, Sabuco and Hedberg are relentless networkers who leverage their global connections to recruit powerhouse board members, advocates and ambassadors to support their missions. The management of that process — getting all those people up to speed so they are effective right from the beginning of their term — is quite an art form.” Create the mission first; then build the organization. .

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Everyday Technology: Innovative Ways To Do More With Less

Beth Kanter

Idealware partnered with the Minnesota-based MAP for Nonprofits on this project into how, and how effectively, human services organizations are using technology to innovate their service delivery. For the most part, we found they had not implemented expensive, high-end projects as a result of strategic planning processes, but low-cost solutions that were the result of someone identifying and addressing a need. Flickr Photo by Nielio.