How Facebook (and Social Media in General) Shifted Fundraising Strategies

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It’s not just an engagement tool for many nonprofits—it’s also a lifeline for receiving access to new donations. Basing their research on 704 nonprofits that took part in a 2015 Giving Day in Omaha, Nebraska, the paper’s authors, Abhishek Bhati of Bowling Green State University and Diarmuid McDonnell of the University of Birmingham in the UK, found that digital platforms profoundly affect an organization’s fundraising.

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Lunchtime Links: Peyton Manning’s Omaha Shoutout

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That brought the city of Omaha, Nebraska, which doesn’t even have an NFL team, a little welcome attention. The Greater Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau was certainly surprised—and pleased—when the largest city in Nebraska was trending on Twitter this weekend. It recently felt the wrath of Google after the search giant uncovered some of its more exploitive link practices; the site’s traffic, driven largely by organic search, took a huge nosedive as a result.

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Mo Rocca on Creativity, Comedy, and Obit Con vs Comic Con


To the association people and you… everyone knows the organization people are super boring. Um, I, you know, I think I tend to prefer more organic humor humor that comes Have a conversation rather than set up punch line. “I highly recommend shooting marbles with Vanna White.”.

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