Associations Boost Aid Efforts Amid Nebraska Flooding

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Organizations throughout the Cornhusker State are hosting fundraisers and offering aid in response to the “bomb cyclone” that slammed Nebraska and neighboring states this week. The “bomb cyclone” that hit a number of midwestern states had a devastating effect on Nebraska in particular. While the storm hit Iowa and other states hard as well, Nebraska suffered more than $1 billion in damage , NPR reported. May we all remain Nebraska Strong!”.

Medical Societies Speak Out on Proposed Aid-in-Dying Bills

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Last week a Nebraska legislative committee began deliberations on one such bill , prompting protests from the Nebraska Medical Association and Nebraska Academy of Family Physicians. The bill, they argue, “would force doctors to make subjective value judgments about the quality of a patient’s life,” according to an Associated Press report. Though the California Medical Association has taken a neutral stance, other groups in the U.S.


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Drug Store Group Launches Immunization Initiative

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Hy-Vee, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Nebraska Health Network, and the University of Iowa Health Alliance. In addition to driving pharmacy-based immunization rates, another part of the initiative is increasing immunization reporting to state health departments. Wanting to boost pharmacy-based immunization rates, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores is launching three demonstration projects that aim to foster healthcare collaboration.

Repair Association Backs Farmers Seeking to Unlock Tractor Software

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To get around the software lock, some farmers have hacked their own tractors using Ukrainian firmware, according to a report by Motherboard. The report quotes a Nebraska farmer and repair mechanic who uses pirated John Deere software: “I’m not a big business or anything, but let’s say you’ve got a guy here who has a tractor and something goes wrong with it—the nearest dealership is 40 miles away, but you’ve got me or a diesel shop a mile away.

Why Telemedicine Is Making Major Progress Nationally

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According to a new American Telemedicine Association report, states are doing better than ever at lowering regulatory barriers to allow the practice. Recently, ATA released a report showing that just one state received a failing grade for its mental health standards and licensing and that eight other states aced their exam. The states that scored an A on the report card were Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

How One Advocacy Group Is Making the Case for Open Primaries in New Mexico

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Nonprofit Quarterly reports that a ballot measure that passed in Colorado last fall allows for open primaries, and New Mexico Open Primaries points to success stories in California and Nebraska. The nonprofit advocacy group New Mexico Open Primaries, led by a former Democratic legislator, is one of a handful of efforts nationwide to encourage open-primary voting for independents. Could open primaries give voters more say over who gets in office?

Airlines, Private Companies Take Stab at Getting Around TSA’s Lines

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A Bloomberg report highlighted the frustration of some passengers, who believe the approach is unfair. Former Nebraska Sen. CLEAR, a company that uses biometrics to offer a shortcut at the airport security line, has earned a major boost in recent months. But the strategy, which comes with a yearly membership fee, has proved controversial for some.

Nairobi Terror Attack Puts Focus on Mall Security

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With early investigative reports suggesting that those responsible had planted large weapons at the mall beforehand and could have colluded with a mall employee, the level of planning appears to have been unprecedented for such an attack. According to a Time magazine report , it starts at the parking lot, designed with choke points to slow cars down. A 2007 shooting in a Nebraska shopping mall played a major role in boosting security.

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Month of Events Promises to Be Udder Delight for Dairy Lovers

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MDA represents farmers across 10 states, including Nebraska, where this weekend’s Moo at the Zoo event let visitors get up close and personal with dairy cows of varying breeds. The center also reports that nearly half of U.S. This June marks the 80th anniversary of National Dairy Month, a celebration of everything the U.S. dairy community brings to the table.

Mo Rocca on Creativity, Comedy, and Obit Con vs Comic Con


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