How Facebook (and Social Media in General) Shifted Fundraising Strategies

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And according to new research, it’s leading to a fundamental rethinking of the role of technology in raising money. Basing their research on 704 nonprofits that took part in a 2015 Giving Day in Omaha, Nebraska, the paper’s authors, Abhishek Bhati of Bowling Green State University and Diarmuid McDonnell of the University of Birmingham in the UK, found that digital platforms profoundly affect an organization’s fundraising.

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How One Association Drummed Up a Moment of Advocacy

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Among the crowd were a couple of prominent supporters, including Adrianne Haslet-Davis , a survivor of 2013’s Boston Marathon bombings who lost part of her left leg, and former Nebraska Sen. Before the protest, AOPA leaders met with Medicare officials to make their case on the technology. percent over the past three years, while amputees’ access to technologically advanced prosthetics fell by more than 30 percent.


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Repair Association Backs Farmers Seeking to Unlock Tractor Software

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As technology advances, what used to be a simple repair is now much more complex, often involving computer troubleshooting as much as a mechanical work. The report quotes a Nebraska farmer and repair mechanic who uses pirated John Deere software: “I’m not a big business or anything, but let’s say you’ve got a guy here who has a tractor and something goes wrong with it—the nearest dealership is 40 miles away, but you’ve got me or a diesel shop a mile away.

Associations Partner On New Journal For STEM Educators

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A group representing science teachers and another representing science and technology institutions are partnering on a new online journal dedicated to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. The new resource, Connected Science Learning , will help bridge STEM learning and education in and outside the classroom, according to its creators, the National Science Teachers Association and the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC).

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Why Telemedicine Is Making Major Progress Nationally

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With HR departments starting to embrace the technology, telemedicine is on track to see massive growth in 2016. The American Telemedicine Association thinks so, particularly when it comes to one form of treatment well suited to the technology: mental health. The states that scored an A on the report card were Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Airlines, Private Companies Take Stab at Getting Around TSA’s Lines

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Alaska Airlines has used CLEAR’s biometrics technology for boarding passes, for example. Former Nebraska Sen. CLEAR, a company that uses biometrics to offer a shortcut at the airport security line, has earned a major boost in recent months. But the strategy, which comes with a yearly membership fee, has proved controversial for some.

Here It Is: Another Article About Millennials

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McCoy, journalism professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, in an interview with Inside Higher Ed. “To If you take a look at the habits of society in general, technology is more available to us than ever before. They’ve only known the internet and the technologies associated with it.”. If you’ve heard one story about those weird, wacky millennials, you’ve heard them all, right?

Mo Rocca on Creativity, Comedy, and Obit Con vs Comic Con


So it’s really been interesting to me to see that technology. We’ve had technology to help people create virtual events and and you Virtual versions of things for years. You can’t see digital technology in the way that you could see mechanical technology.

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