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Having this research will create proactive opportunities to build a collaborative Association Supply Chain Engagement Strategy with Board, Senior Staff, and other Associations from the Supply Chain that includes: Comprehensive Industry Research – Supply Chain Interviews and survey research including segmented business challenges and growth opportunities. In a dynamic global economy, new impediments and opportunities will continually surface.

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Is Minimum-Wage Opposition Beginning to Soften?

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Of the 329 nonprofits that responded to the survey, 77 percent of those that had an opinion said they supported increases to the minimum wage. The New Mexico Restaurant Association, which has generally opposed hikes in the minimum wage, might be willing to support a statewide increase to $8.30 A preemption provision would block individual cities from increasing their minimum wage apart from the rest of the state; such a rule existed in New Mexico until it expired in 2008.

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Spotlight on Diversity Part 1: How One Association’s Women Are Leaning In

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Just ask Ceela McElveny, chief communications and membership officer at the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who started a “Lean In Circle” for executive-level women colleagues a year and a half ago. The women who wrote the article have a survey on their website, and we all went in and took the survey on confidence,” McElveny said. “We Great Ideas Headed to ASAE’s 2015 Great Ideas Conference in Orlando, Florida?

Strategic Communications Power Membership Value at the American Public Power Association

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Another goal is to keep members informed about advocacy priorities, new technologies, and business and operations trends. So our tagline “Powering Strong Communities” evolved and has become a key part of our new brand. Our new website was launched on September 20 and reflects the focus on community while better telling our story and making content more accessible and easy to find. But adopting a new brand requires a culture change in some ways.