Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.15.17

Reid All About it

Jimmy Daly says it’s the perfect time to launch a newsletter , and I agree. AENC CAE Study Group (Raleigh NC). Raleigh, NC. The weekly list of free webinars and events for the association community… We’re all Equif*cked. I swiped that word from TechCrunch —it’s a gem.

Reads of the Week: September 7, 2012

Reid All About it

In an effort to raise awareness, funds, and food as part of Hunger Action Month , starting at 6pm tonight, the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina will stream live online for 24 hours from their warehouse in Raleigh. I lead off this week with a request to your heart. And wallet.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.20.16

Reid All About it

– Sample Swap for Newsletter Templates. See what other organizations are doing with their email templates and hear feedback for improvements on yours, including newsletters, membership renewal reminders, event mailings, and more.

If you are an association executive, are you prepared for retirement?

SCD Group

We are the first generation who is going to live 30 years in retirement," says Frank Maselli, who is based in Raleigh, N.C. "We Is your staff? Are your members? Nearly two years ago I sold my AMC. It was a couple of years earlier than I had planned but.