December Update — A Year in Review (2018)

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newsletter december-update update 2018 decemberTake a look at our December update for a round up of everything that happened in 2018, an introduction to location mapping, and info on some product updates.

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Refreshing Your E-newsletter

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It's spring cleaning season - a good time to review and refresh your e-newsletter. Associations E-mail marketing member communication newsletters nonprofit non-profit Non-profit Communications nptechHere are some tips to get you started.( read more ).

Transforming Your E-Newsletter

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Here's a review of a Network for Good e-book on making the transition from a print newsletter to an email version. And for those wanting tips on refreshing an existing email newsletter, here's an article that might help. newsletter member communications

Association Basics: How to Write a “Year in Review” Newsletter


One of the easiest ways to do that is to write a newsletter to recap your association’s year. This newsletter should cover the big highlights of 2017 as well as include your association’s updates for 2018. We think that this little newsletter can have a big impact. Take a look at the four categories you should include to knock your “Year in Reviewnewsletter out of the park!

December Update: A Year In Review

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newsletter update decemberIt's the end of 2016. In this update, read about all our highs and lows of the year.

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Book Review: Fierce Loyalty

Jamie Notter

I’m halfway through several good business books right now, but I was able to squeeze in a small but very good book this week that is worthy of a review. And no, those compelling needs are not things like discounts, membership cards, and newsletters.

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Kicking off Product Review Week with CrowdVine


Certainly, news and details of its use can be included elsewhere (newsletters, flyers, etc.), I had the privilege of speaking recently with Tony Stubblebine , founder and CEO of CrowdVine. I had run across CrowdVine at a recent conference and wanted to know more. Essentially, CrowdVine is a social media platform that can be set up for a given conference or event.

Association Alumni Networks

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I was recently reading an article in Harvard Business Review on the changing employer-employee relationship. They posit things like discounts, company swag, free insights or intelligence reports, and alumni newsletters for company alumni. A special newsletter?

Thanks For Playing: Be a Super Genuis

Thanks For Playing

Another belated book review - or, to be more precise, a timely review of a book it took me way too long to read. If youre familiar with Sernovitz, either from Damn, I Wish Id Thought of That or his WOM newsletter, the book is not going to be revolutionary. Labels: Andy Sernovitz , book review , Marketing. Why Are We Still Doing Annual Performance Reviews? Book Review: The Back of the Napkin. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Thanks For Playing.

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What I’m Reading

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E-newsletters still work, and work well. blog roundup cool technology innovation leadership management marketing Associations Now Christina Smith Innovation Excellence Jamie Notter McKinley Advisors SEO Shelly Alcorn Technology Review How can you tell if your CEO is ready for innovation? These questions could help. The future of technology , and the caveman law: tech v. primitive desires? Bet on primitive desires every time.

Would You Join Your Association? - Moery Company

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So, today is a fantastic time to give yourself some margin and: Review your website and evaluate your e-newsletter, the content for your annual meeting, and the board of directors meeting agenda (would you show up for that?). IStock_Credit:anyaberkut.

The Humble E-Mail: An Appreciation

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So let’s review what made e-mail so seductive: It is fast. I ponder the e-mail this week because our organization just installed and launched a new e-mail marketing and newsletter platform, integrated with our association management system. Tagged: e-mail marketing, e-mail newsletters.

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Learning Along The Way: Transitioning a Client When an Executive.

Learning Along the Way

I was excited to receive my copy of ASAEs AMC Connection December 2009 e-newsletter. You see, this newsletter contains my first ever published article, "Transitioning a Client When an Executive Leaves". Ive reprinted the article below for those of you who can not access the e-newsletter. They have many great resources, like this newsletter, to offer association professionals. About. Archives. Learning Along The Way. Transitioning a Client When an Executive Leaves.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing New Association Technology

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Ariel Brandt Lautman , Online Community Manager for the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, has a list of questions to review before she purchases new technology. For instance, is having your newsletter tracking in your AMS a requirement?

The Internal Blog: A Management Tool : Off Stage

Off Stage

Of course, back then nobody talked about interaction to these messages: most newsletters didnt even have a Letters to the Editor section, and anyway, who wanted to wait a week or a month before seeing some response from a reader? Off Stage. 26, 2009 - The Internal Blog: A Management Tool.

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Three Tools for Recycling Past Presentations for Content Marketing

The Big Picture

Her Spin Sucks email newsletter is one of my favorite reads each week, so when Gini Dietrich sent out an invite for a free webinar on the future of content marketing, how could I resist?

How to Get Amazon-Level Personalization (With No Extra Effort)


They record the products that customers write reviews for and what pages they visit. Method #2) Tailored Email Newsletters. How Technology Helps: Your online community software, and even some AMS platforms, should have the ability to create targeted email newsletters automatically.

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3 Creative Ways Associations and Nonprofits Can Use Volunteer Management Tools

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Then, find creative ways to recognize contest winners through your member newsletter, via your community homepage, or by publishing a congratulatory blog post. Associations and nonprofits are always trying to make more of an impact with less – less money, less staff, less resources.

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Cut through communication clutter

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More than one-half of respondents have optimized their websites for mobile, while more than one-third have done so for newsletters and blogs for mobile. Start with subject lines for emails and e-newsletters. As a writer and professional communicator, nothing (O.K.,

How to Analyze Your Association’s Survey Data Without Losing Your Mind


Unfortunately, all that raw, unorganized data that you don’t understand can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure where to start reviewing the data or how to analyze it correctly. The percentage of members who love your email newsletter may different by age, for example.

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6 Ways Associations Can Improve Chapter Performance

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Schedule regular conversations with chapter leaders and members to review how tools are helping or hindering their performance. Featuring top chapters on your association homepage, in a blog, or via a newsletter. If your association has chapters, how many does it have?

What to include in your membership marketing plan

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Non-member e-newsletter remain a good recruitment tool, you can repurpose content from your main e-newsletters but include more promotional messages. I was delighted to recently present at CHASE on how to develop your membership marketing strategy and plan.

How to Create a Strategy That Includes Everyone

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More than something you have,” he writes in a recent (paywalled) article for the Stanford Social Innovation Review , “strategy is something you do.”. Highlight implementation progress and challenges in the newsletter.

Daily Buzz: Is Your Culture Really “Innovative”?

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Often the chosen buzzword is at odds with how the company actually operates,” says Harvard Business Review. Make your newsletter pop on mobile with these five tips from digital marketing expert John Haydon. Building an innovative culture? Start by not calling it “innovative.”

How to Make Sure Emails Get Through to Your Members


Review send reports to determine what is and isn’t working. Review which days of the week and what time produce the best open rate. Review unsubscribe lists and make sure recipients are receiving what they signed up for. Tweet.

Feel the love

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Turned to Yelp for customer reviews. Touchpoints are all the ways in which you engage members, from telephone interactions to email newsletters to social media.

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Friday Buzz: Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

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Are you overloading your newsletters with content? During an audit of the newsletter for its flagship magazine, EDUCAUSE Review Online , the association spotted a problem: The newsletter had a ton of content, but readers weren’t clicking on much of it.

Daily Buzz: Big Event Inception

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It’s something that Teri Carden of 100 Reviews makes the case for in a new blog post. Carden’s post is useful—as it looks beyond more traditional options for driving revenue and into areas such as retargeting, app discounts, curated newsletters, and microlearning opportunities.

How to Increase Participation in Your Online Community Using Social Psychology

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Spur Newsletter or Daily Digest Sign-Ups. Make sure to detail the extra information and benefits they will get from subscribing to the newsletter or digests - they won’t want to miss out on industry news, announcements, or events.

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Does Your Association Need a Stop Doing List?

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People may say, ‘Hey, they didn’t do the newsletter, so I don’t care what they are saying about my program.’”. Associations are always trying to do more for their members, but with limited time and money, sometimes the best way to move forward with new projects is to stop doing old ones.

Four Tools for Recycling Past Presentations for Content Marketing

The Big Picture

Her Spin Sucks email newsletter is one of my favorite reads each week, so when Gini Dietrich sent out an invite for a free webinar on the future of content marketing, how could I resist? Remember, too, to review the presentation and earmark individual slides with great visual information for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or a blog post. .

Simple Tips for a Better Email Campaign


Are your members more likely to read a newsletter first thing in the morning? Review and Refine. If you’re stuck, invite members to submit content for a newsletter to promote engagement, and discover what content is of interest to them.

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We Are Making a Difference

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She'd been on our website and had reviewed all of our programs. She had been observing us from afar, reading our newsletters and tapping into our social media feeds. It's not always obvious. In fact, sometimes it feels like you're not making any progress at all.

Daily Buzz: Spend Less Time on Email

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hours and 120 messages received per day, says Matt Plummer in a post on Harvard Business Review. Responding to emails can take up an unnecessary part of the workday. Change your email habits to save time and be more productive.

Community building: 10 effective rules for success.

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Respond to online reviews, whether negative or positive. Owned media such as your blog, a community media app, and email newsletter are effective community building tools. Community building is a passion.

5 Elements Of Your Association’s Brand


We review iteration after iteration of a reimagined logo. This can be anything from your curated content newsletter to a research report to your annual conference. Take some time to review your association’s look and the other 4 brand elements.

Why You Should Be Measuring Community Vibrancy

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Community newsletter opt-outs. Once you notice the change in activity, you can identify the cause by reviewing community discussions. Charisma, drive, perception – all so-called "soft skills" essential in today’s workplace.

Top 20 Tech Sites That SocialFish Follows


TechCrunch is one of the most popular tech websites which covers the latest news and unbiased tech reviews of the latest tech gadgets. These blogs are related to the latest product reviews, news, tech guides and many more.

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Wednesday Buzz: How Millennials Are Changing Business Travel

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— Harvard Biz Review (@HarvardBiz) March 8, 2017. On International Women’s Day, let’s pause to remember an important 2011 study from the Harvard Business Review showing that the more women there are in a group, the higher its collective intelligence.

Even a Small Staff Can Blog

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Repurpose existing magazine, newsletter, educational session, blast email and political alert content. Content can also be collected from other sources, reviewed and curated (filtered) to find the most valuable and interesting posts for your members.

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