Monday Buzz: The State of Nonprofit Newsletters

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Some early newsletter insights emerge from the 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. “If you want to do what the majority of nonprofits are doing (61 percent), you should send your email newsletter at least monthly,” Miller writes.

24+ Free Webinars for Nonprofits: October 2010

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October 2010 is notable for the variety of topics in the free nonprofit webinars on schedule – both recurring events and special one-time opportunities for professional development. If you don’t find exactly the kind of training you’re looking for today, do check back here as the month goes on – any late-arriving webinar announcement will be added in the comments thread, below.

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20+ Free Webinars for Nonprofits: September 2010

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September is a busy month for just about everyone – a new school year for many, harvest time for both fundraisers and farmers - and a whole new crop of free nonprofit webinars is here. As always, you’ll want to check back from time to time through the month, as late-coming webinar notices are often added in the comments section, down below. And if you’re aware of a free nonprofit webinar.(

February Update: What to Expect in Our First Major Release of 2017

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Find out what to expect in our 1st major release of 2017 and sign up for free expert webinars in February and March. free-webinars scheduled-e-mail-blasts march newsletter

November Update: Get the Dream Nonprofit Career You Deserve

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In our November newsletter, you'll find information on our free careers webinar, details of new releases, and our Member App Mini Course to help you get started using the mobile app. spotlight releases Mobile-App november newsletter update

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How to Use Webinars as Lead Generation for Your Online Courses

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She’s a multi-millionaire online marketing expert who says, “Webinars are the backbone of my business model.” Her free webinars act as lead generators for her paid online courses. When you provide free content like webinars to your target audience, you earn their goodwill and a reputation as a valuable source of information. Benefits of adding webinars to your marketing plan. How to use webinars for lead generation. Your hook is the webinar’s topic and title.

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January Update: Features Being Developed in 2017

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Find out which features we are developing in 2017 and sign up for February's free expert webinar. january newsletter features

December Update: An updated admin view for 2020

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In the December newsletter you'll learn about the updated navigation menu, find extra support for using the new email editor and info on the upcoming webinar about marketing

March Update: An Update on our Update

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We've also got a free webinar coming up and some helpful resources from industry experts. march newsletterFind out how our latest release went and want changes we've reverted.

April Update: How to Learn About Fundraising, Marketing & Management for Free

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This month's newsletter covers the best free webinars on the internet, how to get an SSL certificate for free, and 3 new event registration hacks

August Update: Here’s Your Sneak Peek of 3 New Features Coming Soon

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This month's newsletter includes a look at some of the new features coming up soon, the recurring donations mini course, a webinar on reporting with Wild Apricot Payments, and regular favorites like Blog of the Month

The communications struggle continues

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While e-newsletters and print magazines remain top communication vehicles, associations seem to be expanding their communication vehicles. For example, according to the results, Facebook, webinars and online career centers have gained traction.

The communications struggle continues

Aaron Wolowiec

While e-newsletters and print magazines remain top communication vehicles, associations seem to be expanding their communication vehicles. For example, according to the results, Facebook, webinars and online career centers have gained traction.

Stronger by Association: 3 Keys to a Successful Webinar ? Expert.

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3 Keys to a Successful Webinar – Expert Speaker, Good Content and Lots of Promotion. Wondering why your recent webinar only had 10 people “attend?” ” Would you like 10 times that many to attend your next webinar? Here is a webinar blueprint that really worked – for the association, the sponsor and the attendees. The right speaker, a topic that improves the attendees’ bottom line and timely promotion can make your webinar a hit!

Goodbye e-learning

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There’s a goldmine of information in the report, which you can get for free if you subscribe to Tagoras’ free e-newsletter. The most popular form of such learning, according to the report: webinar. As a former journalist, I love data. And trend data are even better.

Mission Driven Volunteer Q&A

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During our February 27 Higher Logic Learning Series webinar on The Mission Driven Volunteer , there were several questions Peggy Hoffman and I didn’t have time to answer. Or run a Town Hall meeting at your next conference and use it to create a series of blog posts or webinars.

Harness the Power of Your Association Publication

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When it comes to the redesign, whether it’s a website, social media, newsletter or interactive online edition, take all your digital communications into consideration. To gain more help mapping out your association’s next publication redesign, attend our CAE-eligible webinar at 2 p.m.

October Update - Two New Ways to Tackle Admin Tasks on Mobile

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This month's newsletter includes mobile app updates, support announcements, an upcoming webinar, and more

Supercharge Member Loyalty & Power Community Engagement

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During our April 16 Higher Logic Learning Series webinar on volunteerism in honor of National Volunteer Week (#NVW2015), Peggy Hoffman and I were unable to get to all the questions in our allotted hour. You can ask people to suggest topics for your newsletter, magazine, blog, webinars, or conference, or vote on topics others have suggested, a la sxsw. volunteering webinars Higher Logic Peggy Hoffman “Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.”.

18 tips for negotiating with speakers

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Following are some examples of activities an organization may request or require of its professional speakers: write a newsletter/magazine article or be interviewed; write a post for the organization’s or meeting’s blog; participate in other elements of the meeting; participate in a pre-meeting online conversation; record a promotional video; or present/facilitate a pre- or post-meeting webinar.

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Q&A: A Balanced Approach to Member Engagement

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During our webinar about the current state of association communications, our attendees brought up numerous questions about recommended strategies, tactics, platforms and communication practices. We’ve compiled answers to questions posed during the Q&A portion of the webinar as well as submitted questions that our team ran out of time to answer. Features Marketing & Communications Webinars association communications benchmarking webinar

Curating conference content to promote member engagement

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ET, it will be my pleasure to present a webinar of the same name for Higher Logic. Following is a high-level overview of the five simple, but effective strategies for curating conference content I’ll share during my July 26 webinar. Speakers, vendors, attendees and staff could be invited to transform important topics presented at the conference into valuable resources such as blog posts, newsletter articles, white papers or videos. On Thursday, July 26, at 2 p.m.

Practice what we preach: Breathing life into curated content

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On July 26, I had the good fortune of presenting a webinar for Higher Logic. So, I thought I’d conduct a bit of my own content curation and share with you highlights from the webinar chat transcript as yet another example of how organizations can curate content (and, subsequently, add value). We have individuals in each room provide input and then develop a blog post or update in a newsletter of what takes place. Webinars.

July Update: 8 Super Easy Tech Tools to Grow Your Membership

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In this month's newsletter, you'll find your invite to a webinar packed with tech tool tips to save you time, plus an introduction to recurring donations, support FAQs and more

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Three Tools for Recycling Past Presentations for Content Marketing

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Her Spin Sucks email newsletter is one of my favorite reads each week, so when Gini Dietrich sent out an invite for a free webinar on the future of content marketing, how could I resist?

The Power of Non-Dues Revenue

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Webinars and virtual events are a great way to showcase your content, programs and live events to prospective members and new members. One of the hottest debates in recent years has been about the impact that webinars, virtual events and even mobile apps are having on association live events.

Why You Should be Segmenting Your Members by Data, Rather than Type

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Example 1: Newsletters. The days are gone where we could shove every piece of content into a growing newsletter and expect your audience to read it. Personalizing your newsletter content and approaching members differently is one of the key things you can do to boost engagement.

Seven Keys to Great Testimonials

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ASAE’s June 2010 Communications Section newsletter (login required) listed 7 key questions to ask to generate compelling testimonials: Why did you choose to participate with <your program>? Your feedback forms, like post-conference and post-webinar evaluation forms.

A Guide to the Association Market in China ?


The following article below appeared in the September 2010 issue of ASAE’s Global Link e-newsletter. Other marketing considerations may be web-based trainings, webinars, and virtual education.

Top 6 Types of Content and Perks to Offer Your Members

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Let’s dive in to learn how: Online courses, lecture series, webinars, and roundtables — the kings of all member engagement techniques! For instance, your association’s podcast channel could share audio versions of: Your most recent webinar.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.14.18

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Some quick hits before we get to this week’s list of free webinars: As a fan of cozy, I love this: 12 ways to add more hygge to your office. 14 best content marketing newsletters for 2019. If you have any free webinars or events coming up, please send me the link.

3 Strategies to Recruit Members Through Association Software

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One of the most popular and effective forms of online education are webinars. We recommend leaving registration open until your webinar becomes so popular that requiring membership wouldn’t diminish your attendance numbers. Timing: When are the best times to schedule your webinar ?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.4.16

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It’s not the ideal time to attend a webinar which explains why no one in the association community, as far as I could tell, scheduled one for this week. Newsletters. Thanks to Independence Day, most of us have a four-day work week after the 4th.

Why You Need to Help Prepare Exhibitors for Your Conferences

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These efforts may include preconference webinars to give them a rundown of a meeting’s must-dos; conference buddy programs that pair first-time attendees with seasoned ones; or online guides that tell attendees what to pack, how to network effectively, and where to go to find the best food options.

7 Online Member Acquisition Strategies to Grow Your Base

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For example, your organizations can offer each other: Advertising space in emails or newsletters. Collaboration on exclusive eLearning content like webinars. . A webinar in return for an email address. An e-book in return for a newsletter subscription.

Tips for Marketing (Online Courses) To Your Association Members  

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Reach out to members by hosting live social media chats on Twitter, create webinars featuring professional speakers, and have a ‘Question and Answer’ opportunity for members to learn more. Associations and nonprofits share a marketing dilemma unlike traditional for-profit businesses.

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10 Tips to Take You from Zero to eLearning Hero

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Think about your naming conventions – is it a webcast or a webinar? Utilize your association’s newsletters and social media to promote your online learning opportunities. Start your own newsletter!

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Association Brain Food: Week of February 1, 2016

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One of the ways I’m contributing to the Association Executives of North Carolina (AENC), as a member of its professional development committee, is by compiling a list of professional development opportunities that’s shared in AENC’s weekly newsletter.

Four Tools for Recycling Past Presentations for Content Marketing

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Her Spin Sucks email newsletter is one of my favorite reads each week, so when Gini Dietrich sent out an invite for a free webinar on the future of content marketing, how could I resist? But Gini taught me much about content marketing just by inviting me to her webinar that I cannot attend. Here is what I found: AnyMeeting - Offer your free webinar using free webinar presentation software.

Defining Your Markets for Campaign Efficiency

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Many of the vendors you work with develop white papers and webinars. She attends the annual meeting at least bi-annually and seeks out relevant webinars. Finally she reads the monthly e-newsletter to make sure is up on all latest news in her profession.