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——————— This interview is with Jessica Howard, Membership Services Associate, Philanthropy Ohio. Obviously there are different strategies for each social site, as well. Great morning with my Philanthropy Ohio colleagues from Ohio.

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3 steps to drive student membership growth.

YourMembership Blog

Strategies to expand your association’s younger membership base. Do you have a strategy in place to grow your association’s pipeline of younger members?

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Pro-Cannabis Groups See Bright Side of Ohio Loss

Associations Now

Mexico's Big Shift While some might consider Ohio’s vote a setback for legal cannabis, a decision across the border in Mexico’s Supreme Court on Wednesday could be a major turning point for legalization, advocates say.

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Nonprofit Workplace Wellness Initiatives: United Way of Central Ohio

Beth Kanter

United Way of Ohio – Healthy Eating Event. Recently, colleague Neil Parekh the of the United Way called my attention to the to the United Way of Central Ohio and its employee wellness initiatives focused on healthy eating.

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From the Corner Office: Scott Wiley, CAE

Association Adviser

Scott Wiley, CAE, head of the Ohio Society of CPAs , and newly elected Chair of the ASAE board, shares his thoughts about advocacy, millennials, member engagement and the importance of financial literacy in an exclusive Association Adviser interview. .

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Are You Using Identity as Association Marketing Strategy

SCD Group

Ohio State. Miami (Ohio). Years ago, the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) published a document called Community as Strategy: 10 Fundamentals. Ohio State North Face association executives Nike association leadership association marketing ASAE

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The world might change; here’s why our content strategy doesn’t

Association Success

Those are the types of questions we were asking at The Ohio Society of CPAs as we thought about our content. As the OSCPA content team discussed our strategy, we realized we could take the time to develop a list of specific to-dos for the next 3-5 years. We did not want to relitigate our strategy again in a year or two. The plan of work also removes the burden of including our to-do list in our departmental strategy, allowing it to instead be a stabilizing force over time.

Facilitation Friday #25: Five Keys to Strategy Discussions

Idea Architects

Facilitation Friday #25: Five Keys to Strategy Discussions. When was the last time you were in a session intended to produce good strategy that actually did so? Too often strategy conversations are anything but strategic. A tactic or a strategy?

Mobile, Agile & Hostile: Operational Strategies for Associations?

SCD Group

When I played hockey at Ohio State, my coach -- with his fine Canadian accent -- once told me, “Drake, you’d be a lot better hockey player if you were mobile, agile and hostile.”.

Using Stories to Advance Your Strategy: Quotes and Questions

Idea Architects

Using Stories to Advance Your Strategy: Quotes and Questions. Labels: questions , story , strategy. 2, Columbus, PIA-Ohio Board Workshop. Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects. Jeffrey Cufaude is an architect of ideas.

5 Colleges Using Social Media to Boost Student-Alumni Relations


Ohio State University. It was no happy coincidence or streak of luck Obama won the votes of Ohio — one of the most notorious swing-states — in 2012. The win was all due to the students at Ohio State University and how tuned in to social media they are.

Bill MacDonald Joins the Velvet Chainsaw Team

Velvet Chainsaw

Having our roots in Ohio, Michigan is public enemy #1. His professional growth in meetings strategy has impressed me and ultimately drove the decision to ask him to join our team. Ramblings Bill MacDonald strategy

Team 111

3 Reasons Why the Big Red “M” is Sponsoring an IndyCar - Moery Company

Moery Company

Ultimately, the strategy is about getting attention, and it’s worked. #2 Big example: We’ll be traveling to Detroit, Michigan; Fort Worth, Texas; Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, and Lexington, Ohio for a scheduled IndyCar race.

Make a Plan Now for a Professional Development Day During the Holidays


Teachers look forward to their Professional Development Day because they’ll learn about new instructional strategies and acquire new skills. Michelle Brien is VP of Marketing & Product Strategy at WBT Systems and a member of.OrgCommunity.

How Our Association Prepared for the Future.

Association Success

At The Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants (OSCPA), we have implemented a business model that keeps the next chapter front and center. The accounting industry is strong in Ohio and nationwide. OSCPA decided to tackle this challenge strategically by leveraging our knowledge of the accounting market in Ohio and relationships with leading CPAs. OSCPA offers free memberships to high school and college students we meet through our extensive outreach programs across Ohio.

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The Perfect Storm

Spark Consulting

Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants. Risk: The Missing Link Connecting Strategy to Implementation (co-authored with Jamie Notter and Leslie White ), available at [link]. I’d like to share some sobering statistics about higher education and employment: In the United States, students graduate from college with an average debt load of nearly $29,000. Total student debt in the U.S. is $1.23 trillion and rising. 47% of college-educated workers under 25 work in jobs.

Do Your e-Learning Efforts Match Up with Your Members’ Needs and Expectations?

YourMembership Blog

It’s been a great week in Dayton, Ohio as I wrap up my time at the 2015 Ohio Association of Association Executives Annual Conference.

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Branding (for associations) at a Glance

SCD Group

We were in Columbus for a football game at Ohio State. oops at THE Ohio State University. In the last 20+years, the OSU brand using “The” with Ohio State has become so powerful that there is a new hat selling out as fast as stores get them.

Ohio 74

How Associations Are Telling Their Stories

Associations Now

The Ohio Craft Brewers Association unveiled a new logo this week. The bold design has an arts and crafts aura befitting our handmade beer and incorporates symbolic grains and hops, key ingredients to Ohio’s craft brewers,” Mary MacDonald, OCBA executive director, said in a statement.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.5.20

Reid All About it

Future of Meetings: Creative New Strategies from Hotels, AV Companies & Design Agencies. Presenters: Graham Harvey, Chief Strategy Officer, Matchbox Virtual Media. Todd Tolbert, MBA, CAE, Chief Digital Strategy Officer, ASIS International (Vice-Chair, ASAE Tech Council).

FAQ 244

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.25.16

Reid All About it

Scott Wiley, CAE, president and CEO, The Ohio Society of CPAs and chair of the ASAE Board. Find out how to develop strategies to help sponsors achieve their goals while not disrupting the goals of the event. Thanksgiving is a good time to start a daily habit of gratitude.

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Anti-Troll Group Wants to Study Journalists’ Tweets

Associations Now

TrollBusters, a group launched by a professor at the University of Ohio, has put out a call asking female journalists to share their Twitter feeds so it can get a better understanding of how online trolls work.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.25.16

Reid All About it

Scott Wiley, CAE, president and CEO, The Ohio Society of CPAs and chair of the ASAE Board. Find out how to develop strategies to help sponsors achieve their goals while not disrupting the goals of the event. Thanksgiving is a good time to start a daily habit of gratitude.

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SCD Group: Is Your Association Prepared for Your Etch-a-Sketch.

SCD Group

A 5-step Association Newsjacking PR Strategy During the Republican primary season, a Mitt Romney aide told CNN when fall comes, “everything changes. While the comment embarrassed Romney and his campaign, it created a wonderful opportunity for the Ohio Art Company. Pages. About.

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Edison’s Advice to Association Executives: Try One More Time

SCD Group

Growing up in Ohio, my grandparents used to regale me with stories about Ohioan Thomas Edison and his unwillingness to give up. (I I think they related to Edison because they were in the same generation and like him, grew up in small Ohio towns.)

Ohio 77

SCD Group: Become a Hero to Your Association Members: 5 Ways.

SCD Group

Content marketing & management represent a growing strategy for association executives. After providing a brief overview of associations and content management, participants will develop key strategies/tactics for their associations. (I’ll Strategy | Content | Discovery.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.26.17

Reid All About it

Learn how to source, manage, and prepare and implement an effective risk management strategy for global meetings. Wiley, FASAE, CAE, president and CEO, Ohio Society of CPAs.

Best Benefit Ever: An App of Your Own

Associations Now

The Richland Area Chamber of Commerce, which serves the community in and around Mansfield, Ohio, is offering members access to LocaLynx , a platform that allows users to develop “micro apps” that encourage consumers to buy from local vendors. Why it works: The strategy is twofold.

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Sense of Belonging Should Power Associations

SCD Group

When I wear my Ohio State hat in my travels, I find these types of connections. to others wearing Ohio State apparel. Thinking about this while I was in a crowded airport, I remembered some old ASAE research on the 10 fundamentals of community as strategy.

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Daily Buzz: Create a Purposeful Meeting

Associations Now

Many meetings incorrectly focus on logistics when they should be centered on strategy. When you realize that gathering is a form of strategy and is a form of culture change, then you also realize that we often start with the wrong questions, which are the logistical questions.

What’s the Value of an Online Review?

Associations Now

What’s your monitoring and engagement strategy for online reviews? Your members might post feedback on sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook. A new study suggests that these online reviews carry value, and one expert suggests associations monitor and engage with them carefully.

Solutions Day Speakers Chart Paths to Success in Uncertain Times


Ohio Credit Union League for an online review site. We don’t just want to offer what’s best practice today, we want to showcase the strategies and tools that you’ll need for tomorrow. Success requires a proactive strategy. The leaders who will be successful in uncertain times are those who can integrate strategies for dealing with risk and change into their culture. Presenters who illuminated the future. Industry partners who are inventing tomorrow.

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Stamp Association’s Plan for Growth: Partnerships and Families

Associations Now

Youth engagement is central to its new recruitment strategy. A report on last weekend’s StampShow conference in Columbus, Ohio, included some troubling numbers about lead sponsor, the American Philatelic Society.

Will ‘Gen Z’ be a Generation of Joiners?

Associations Now

While most associations are plotting out recruitment strategies for millennials, membership professionals need to be thinking about a younger generation entering the workforce this year. Some associations are beginning to adapt their membership strategies to target Gen Z. “A

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Branding for Associations

SCD Group

Well, I wear it a bit to brag since only those who have played a varsity sport at Ohio State can get one. SCD Group is relocating its office. During this transition, Steve is revisiting some former blogs.

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How Associations Can Lead on Education

Associations Now

The white paper suggests that many associations already have a grasp of the employment environment and career paths in their industries—what’s left is to build a strategy and delivery system around it.

The Best of Association Social Media 2014


Len Costa, Head, Communications and Content Strategy, CFA Institute . Jessica Howard, Membership Services Associate, Philanthropy Ohio. So here we are, in a new year. And what a year 2014 was.

Why Aren’t Associations Creating Walking Billboards?

SCD Group

Back in October 2012, I posted Are You Using Identity as Association Marketing Strategy. Sitting in the airport last Saturday, I noticed a huge number of people wearing logoed clothing that identified themselves with their team, cause, city, company.

Does Wall Street Have Too Much Influence Over Nonprofit Boards?

Associations Now

The report, by Ohio University’s Garry W. “Yet as the study makes clear, simply ‘following the money’ may not be the best long-term strategy for today’s most important charities.”

Groups Release Local Government Broadband Resource Guide

Associations Now

The resource, Access and Inclusion in the Digital Age , is freely available and outlines what local governments can do to improve access to high-speed internet, such as first steps, strategies and models for developing a program , finding funding sources, and working with partners. “We’re