Oregon Pot Edibles Group: Start Slowly

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That’s the recommendation of the Oregon Responsible Edibles Council (OREC), which is launching a public education campaign to correspond with the state’s decision to allow the public to purchase edibles from medical marijuana dispensaries for recreational purposes.

Oregon Electric-Car Group Eyes “Living Lab” Storefront

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The industry group Drive Oregon has a plan in the works to build a storefront that will highlight the value of both electric cars and the methods used to charge them. Drive Oregon received nearly $1 million in funding from the U.S. ” That point was underlined by Oregon Sen.

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Oregon Tech Association Pushes for Center for Cyber Excellence

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The association is asking the Oregon legislature for funding to create a new center that would help train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. The Technology Association of Oregon is asking legislators for $5.3

Oregon State Bar Maps the Road to Greater Diversity

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The writing about diversity in the Oregon legal profession—or the lack of it—is literally on the wall in a Portland suburb. “Most days, when you call a lawyer, it’s not your best day,” Oregon State Bar spokeswoman Kateri Walsh told The Oregonian.

A Happy New Year for meetings?

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That’s why Christina Devlin, of MPI’s Oregon Chapter , may purchase a dedicated router to use onsite. The champagne is chilling and we’re pumped to watch the ball drop as we find ourselves humming “Auld Lang Syne.”. 2015 is nearly here. Maybe not quite so exciting for event planners, however.

Cultural Alignment Key to Organizational Success

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Oregon and Ohio State are playing for the college football championship Monday (1/12/15) night. Oregon, too, emphasizes team. Both teams exhibit a specific culture. the way we do things.”

REGISTER TODAY: Preparing Your Association for the 2020 Elections

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Nathan grew up in Oregon, earned his M.A. Is your association ready for the 2020 fall elections? The 2020 elections may not have received the usual amount of attention this spring due to the COVID19 pandemic.

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Best Benefit Ever: Here Comes the Sun

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The Oregon Farm Bureau gives its members a big discount on high-output solar panels designed specifically for farming or ranching. What is it?

Trailblazing to ACLEA’s annual meeting.

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The Community Brands team is gearing up for our trip to ACLEA’s 54th Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. This post originally appeared on the Abila blog Forward Together, another member of the Community Brands family. The theme this year for the Association for Continuing Legal Education’s conference is “Blaze the CLE Trail.” ” Of course, there’s an informative. The post Trailblazing to ACLEA’s annual meeting. appeared first on YourMembership.

Continue collections: HOAs must keep up with assessments even during a crisis


Maureen Radon is a senior community manager with Aperion Management Group, AAMC, in central Oregon. >>Read Contributed by Maureen Radon, CMCA. Facilities and finances probably weren’t top of mind for many community association residents before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Hello, neighbor: What to include in a welcome packet for new residents


Erik Robinson is a senior community manager with Aperion Management Group, AAMC, in central Oregon. By Erik Robinson, CMCA, AMS. Moving into a community association, especially if you’ve never lived in one before, may seem daunting.

3 Organizations Using Creative Social Media in Light of COVID-19

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Tensions run high as the world deals with the effects of COVID-19. Not letting this tough time control or ruin their spirits, these organizations took to social media to entertain, engage and connect with their audiences. .

How Wheat Producers Counteracted a GMO Crisis

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Last year an Oregon farmer noticed that some of the wheat in his field failed to react to the weed killer glyphosate, popularly known as Roundup. Facing a controversy that could have damaged industry efforts to introduce GMOs to the U.S.

In Wake of Deadly Shootings, Nonprofits Aid Local Communities

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Meanwhile, in Dayton, Ohio, where a man opened fire at a restaurant in the city’s Oregon District just after midnight Sunday, killing nine, the Dayton Foundation has created a fund for people wanting to donate to support victims of the shooting.

Alpaca Association Works to Discourage Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

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In Oregon, one breeding operation called Jocelyn’s Alpaca Ranch drew a number of headlines earlier this year after 175 alpacas, many of them emaciated, were rescued.

It’s Time to Get Creative

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Oregon Dental Association. Despite the seemingly serious character of their work, the Oregon Dental Association put out a video that was just the opposite. How some associations are being bold with their marketing campaigns - and why it's working. People love to be surprised.

The Associations Giving Wastewater a Second Life

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In an experiment currently underway in Oregon, the state’s home brewers will create frosty suds out of treated sewage water.

Conference Circuit: Safety First

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Top industry, academic, and government food-safety professionals will make their way to Oregon’s largest city get to information on current and emerging issues, find innovative solutions to new and recurring problems, and network with colleagues from around the world. Rundown Attendees: 2,800.

From Purgatory to Pioneers: Rebooting Associations

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Emigrants Crossing the Plains (or The Oregon Trail), Albert Bierstadt, 1869, courtesy of the Butler Institute of American Art. For many years now, Mitch Joel, president of marketing agency Twist Image, has been manning the lookout post for the rest of us.

3 Associations that Created Viral Videos

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Teach Me How to Brushy,” by the Oregon Dental Association. Several years ago, the Oregon Dental Association wanted to promote brushing and dental hygiene. Associations are using funny videos as a way of communicating and building awareness around their campaigns. Follow their cue.

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Student and Law Enforcement Groups Respond to Recent Campus Shootings

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Incidents in Oregon, Arizona, and Texas have revived a discussion about laws regulating guns on campus and the special policing challenges that the university environment presents.

Associations Sound Off on Trans-Pacific Partnership

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The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association is a big proponent of the deal, seeing it as a way for Oregon producers to widen the scope of their operations. The landmark trade deal announced Monday between the U.S.

Mortgage Broker Group Launches an AMC Subsidiary

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Three state-level groups have signed up thus far—the California Association of Mortgage Professionals, Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals, and Oregon Mortgage Association.

Brew Your Own: Homebrewers Association Launches Beer Clone Guide

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The American Homebrewers Association is making available specific recipes for brewing small batches of popular craft beers. The group notes that many of the original brewers of these beers started out as homebrewers themselves.

Governors Association Helps Members Leverage Possibilities of the Great Outdoors

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Governors from a number of states, including Maine, Oregon, Vermont, Montana, and Nevada, took part in the network’s launch last week.

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Fossil Fuel Lawsuit Pits Energy Groups Against Youth Activists

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District Court for the District of Oregon, demands that the court compel the government to put a plan in place that would lower carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere from 400 to 350 parts per million (ppm), by 2100, according to a report by EcoWatch.

Best Benefit Ever: Environmental Protection for Bicyclists

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The association leads volunteers and members in conducting field research ; offers insights into how to negotiate with stakeholders about the preservation of untamed, natural areas; and has supported initiatives to preserve wilderness in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, and Virginia.

Governors to Congress: Stop ‘Fire Borrowing,’ Fix Wildfire Funding

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And California, Oregon, and Washington have each had to declare states of emergency after a major drought set the stage for near-record wildfires.

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Florist Society’s Solution to Stress: A Little Flower Power

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The tour plans stops along the West Coast, including Portland, Oregon, and Seattle. The Society of American Florists is embracing its product’s ties to ‘60s hippie culture in a new chill-out marketing campaign. The Society of American Florists has a message for America: “Flower power” is back in style.

Jeff De Cagna joins ATA Board of Directors

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ATA, located in Portland, Oregon, exists to cure tinnitus through the development of resources that advance tinnitus research. Jeff De Cagna FRSA FASAE, chief strategist and founder of Principled Innovation LLC, has been elected to the American Tinnitus Association (ATA) Board of Directors. Tinnitus is the medical term for the perception of sound in one or both ears or in the head when no external sound is present. 50 million Americans experience tinnitus to some degree.

Crisis Prep: When A Member Makes National News

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After the arrest of Oregon Cattlemen’s Association members Dwight and Steven Hammond sparked protests that led to national news coverage, OCA was forced to comment on the matter.

Proposal to Change New Jersey’s Self-Serve Gas Law Fuels Debate

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Convenience stores once supported the law, but now they’re ready for change—especially since just one other state, Oregon, has a similar law these days. Oregon is looking to loosen its ban at the moment, a change that younger residents strongly support.).

Gratitude, Happiness, and Improvement

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I am grateful that my work takes me to interesting places from friendly Ottawa, Canada to beautiful Portland, Oregon and even to hurricane-ravaged Marco Island, Florida. Did you ever feel like you should be happier than you were? I felt like that.

How Associations Are Changing Up School Sunscreen Rules

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Similar measures were already on the books in California, New York, Oregon, and Texas, and legislators in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island are currently working on their own bills. You may not think of sunscreen as medication, but the FDA does, and so do many schools.

Guns in Schools: Districts Consider Arming Staff, but Insurers Have Cold Feet

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More details on the issue: The problem: In the wake of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, late last year, a number of districts in such states as Kansas, Oregon, and South Dakota have considered giving educators the choice to carry weapons on campus.

Roundup: Ballot Initiatives Make Breakthroughs on Election Night

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The midterms were particularly fruitful for marijuana legalization efforts, with Oregon, Alaska, and Washington, DC, passing laws legalizing the drug.

Ready for the Solar Eclipse? Not Without Eye Gear, Associations Say

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Next month, the heavens will serve up a total solar eclipse viewable across the United States. As excitement builds over the rare spectacle, associations are warning about the risks of viewing the eclipse without the right protective gear.

The Group Lobbying the States for a Presidential Popular Vote

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Some states, such as Oregon , just signed their measures into law; others, such as Maine, are making progress in that direction.

New Credit Union Network Creates Pathways for Young Professionals

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Working with young professionals’ organizations in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, the Northwest Credit Union Association recently launched its Northwest Young Professionals Network.

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Report: Meetings Bring More Than Money to Host Cities

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For instance, Jacksonville, Florida, is an expert in aerospace, while Portland, Oregon, is mission-control for cleantech, and San Diego is a center for life sciences.