Membership Hack: Instagram Recruitment

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It only makes sense that the American Society of Interior Designers would use Instagram, a social media platform that’s visually inclined, to recruit new members. This is a campaign geared toward recruiting our young, emerging professionals,” she says. “We

3 Surprising Truths about Recruiting


On Association Success this past month, Jamie’s been writing all about recruiting. What We Can’t Admit About Recruiting. I don’t mean recruiters and candidates are lying outright (though obviously that does happen).

How to Recruit and Retain Millennial Employees (Hint: Start by Building Community)

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But for the rest of the businesses out there, convincing Gen Y that your organization is a great place to work isn’t so easy. So if you want to recruit millennials, foster a collaborative environment that lets employees learn and build professional relationships.

Three Membership Recruitment Tips

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If you did join an organization what would it do for you?" Ditch the "Ten Reasons to Join Association" brochure. We''ve contacted tens of thousands of prospects this year. And, most companies join an association for one reason and one only. Have a thoughtful dialogue to ID that reason, and stay focused on delivering the value around the key consideration.2. It''s not in the budget. I''ve found this is actually an increasingly legitimate objection. Discretionary dollars are just scarce.

[Cool Infographic Friday] How Social Recruiting Can Attract Top Talent to Your Organization


———— Have you tried using social media as a recruiting tool for your association or nonprofit? If you learn how to use social media for recruiting, you’ll find it’s one of the best ways to attract top talent. But social recruiting can have a downside as well.

Recruiting members. and keeping them

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Are you at a stalemate when it comes to recruiting and retaining members? Create a contest and challenge members to recruit others to join. For each new recruit, the member’s name goes into a drawing for an iPad. Branch out from the typical places you recruit members.

Your Growing Organization Needs an Online Community

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Online communities aren’t just for enormous, multinational companies -- small organizations need them, too, just as much as the behemoths do. How do communities make sense for small organizations, where every decision -- big or small -- can make a huge difference in your bottom line?

4 Quick Tips for Online Membership Recruitment


We’ve seen posts and videos go viral, and people and organizations directly impacted (if not majorly changed) by that. Well for starters, membership recruitment. By now, we all know how powerful the Internet can be.

Seven Levers to Increase Membership Recruitment

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Membership marketing – acquiring, engaging, upgrading, and renewing members – is the cornerstone for associations and relationship driven organizations. Seven Levers to Increase Membership Recruitment. Unleash the Power of Market Testing in your Membership Recruitment.

A LinkedIn-Centric Strategy for Member Recruitment

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Enter The Graphene Council , an organization founded by Terrance Barkan, CAE, nearly three years ago to serve researchers and entrepreneurs in the emerging nanotechnology field of graphene. So, do these LinkedIn methods work for more established organizations?

Three WOM Member Recruitment Strategies

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The report reveals the most effective recruitment methods as surveyed by associations. We helped an association in which a small business member wrote a very quick, but thoughtful message about his affiliation with the organization. Now, go recruit some new members.

Monday Buzz: How to Recruit Small Businesses

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Recruiting small businesses to join your organization is difficult, but these tips could help. Many organizations already know the value of recruiting small businesses as members, but servicing emerging businesses can come with a unique set of challenges.

Volunteer Recruitment Checklist and Guide

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Here are two new resources from Wild Apricot - Getting Started with Volunteer Recruitment and Volunteer Recruitment Checklist - designed for the staff or volunteers of small non-profits and membership organizations who are new to volunteer recruitment.

Coaches vs. Cancer: Groups’ Fundraising Strategy Eyes New Recruits

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Here’s why ACS recruited some of college basketball’s top coaches to their team. As we were thinking about a way to engage for donations, we started with the consumer insight that people are really interested in how coaches recruit.

Thursday Buzz: Recruit the Right Microinfluencer

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Is your digital strategy working for your organization? The post Thursday Buzz: Recruit the Right Microinfluencer appeared first on Associations Now Influencer campaigns aren’t just for major brands. Even small associations can get big results by leveraging microinfluencers.

What a Recruiter Looks for in CEO Candidates

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But that’s not the only thing a recruiter and hiring committee are looking for. So what are recruiters and hiring committees looking for? The post What a Recruiter Looks for in CEO Candidates appeared first on Associations Now

Your Member Recruiting Campaign Will Fail Without This

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But it’s not just the millennials who are struggling with reasons to join their parents’ (or grandparents’) organizations. Not all organizations are wringing their hands in worry; some are tackling the education piece with a marketing campaign usually seen by Fortune 500 companies. Tags: associations , bar association , member community , member organizations , Moose , recruiting members. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions.

3 Ways to Optimize New Member Recruitment Efforts


A prospective member’s journey usually begins at the introductory stage, when they become aware of your organization. An effective recruitment strategy may help you move through the steps quickly, but you can’t skip over them.

Leveraging Non-Member Email Addresses for Membership Recruitment

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Many membership organizations have accumulated email addresses in their database of prospective members through site registrations, event attendance, or product purchases. Gain Contact Information – Some organizations have only a name and email address in their database.

Recruit People Who Naturally Are Inclined to Live Your Values

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image source This post is part of a series in which I''m analyzing the efforts of my organization to define and embrace core values through the six rules for doing so defined by Francois Nader, CEO of NPS Pharmaceuticals. For my comments on the third rule, go here. + + + Here''s Nader''s fourth rule, along with what he says about it in his HBR blog post : Recruit people who naturally are inclined to live your values. This does not mean recruiting clones!

Using Online Lead Generation to Drive Membership Recruitment

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Whether you recruit new members using direct mail, email, or telemarketing, your efforts are empowered by identifying the very best prospects for membership and then promoting to them. How active is your organization in trading content for contact?

How to Make Culture, Not Perks, Work For Your Organization

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These types of workplace perks are everywhere these days, but they may actually be harming your organization. These perks are meant to reflect a culture that helps employers recruit and retain top-rate talent to their organizations. How to define your organization's culture.

Eric Lanke: Everyone Is Responsible for Member Recruitment

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Everyone Is Responsible for Member Recruitment. But more importantly, he talked about the staff behaviors he wanted to keep within the organization and the incentives he put in place in order to encourage and develop them. Everyone," he said, "is responsible for member recruitment.".

Why Share the Wealth through Membership Recruitment?

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Membership marketing – acquiring, engaging, upgrading, and renewing members – is the cornerstone for associations and relationship driven organizations. Why Share the Wealth through Membership Recruitment? Labels: Member Benefits , Membership Recruitment.

In Recruitment, a Little Recognition Goes a Long Way

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There’s no one way to make a member-get-a-member program a success, but recognition for recruiters is a must. In a perfect world, your members would do your recruitment for you. Your recruitment budget would be zero: All word of mouth, all the time.

How to Budget for Membership Recruitment and Renewals

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An organization determines how much it can spend and then asks the membership staff to use it in the best way possible. But the correct question should not be how much you are allowed to spend, but how much you can generate in revenue for the organization.

Executive Recruitment: Lessons From Megyn Kelly’s Move to NBC

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News outlets aren’t the only organizations that need to pull out the stops to draw top talent like Megyn Kelly. But recruiting top talent isn’t just a challenge in the media or entertainment businesses. Lastly, make the recruitment process quick, Ruble said.

A Major Membership Recruitment Opportunity – the Medium-Sized Business - Moery Company

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Many associations are gravitating to the recruitment of small or large businesses. The biggest opportunity, but fraught with challenges, is the recruitment of the medium-sized business in your industry. IStock_Credit:patpitchaya.

Association Labs – Episode 42: Why Membership Retention Tops Membership Recruitment

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Here’s a NEWSFLASH – 70% of associations have indicated it’s more expensive to recruit new members than to retain their current ones. Furthermore, with nearly 50% of organizations achieving more ROI through long-term relationships, retaining members is essential for success.

Now Hiring: Social Recruitment on the Rise, Study Says

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Our results clearly show that it’s no longer a question of whether an organization is recruiting through social media—it’s about how they are leveraging social tools to achieve the biggest benefits. And social recruiting offers more than just cost savings for employers.

Can Community Double As Intranet for Your Organization

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They can even post opportunities and recruit colleagues to go with them. You figured out the recipe for member engagement. Can you work the same magic on your employees? Intranets have a reputation for being underused and clunky, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

3 signs growth leads you to switch membership management systems.

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Is your organization experiencing growing pains? Membership & Marketing Member Retention Member Recruitment Member RenewalIf so, congratulations are in order. But, you also deserve a little sympathy if you contend with manual spreadsheets or an entry-level membership management system. As your growth brings size and complexity, it becomes clear a more sophisticated membership management system is needed. Otherwise, your efforts to grow your.

New Group Gives Recruiters a Leg Up in Their Own Profession

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Few people understand the importance of networking better than recruiters. Behind every great leader is a recruiter who is hiring great talent, yet our profession is misunderstood and undervalued on so many levels,” Gotkin said in a statement on the organization’s website.

Add #TestimonialTuesday to Your Association’s Member Recruitment Plan

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While #ThrowbackThursday (also known as #TBT) represents a great tool for retaining members (by reminding them of great things your organization has done in the past), #TestimonialTuesday represents an online member recruitment tool.

Under Investing in Membership Recruitment: The Biggest Mistake made by many Membership Organizations

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The writer asked me, “What do you think is biggest mistake that organizations make in the membership marketing?”. Most membership organizations under invest in getting new members. Frequently, I speak with organizations that have very lofty plans on how many new members they want to add. At the same time, members in this organization typically stay for four years. This afternoon, I was interviewed for an upcoming article on association membership.

SCD Group: Association Member Recruitment: New Opportunities vs.

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Association Member Recruitment: New Opportunities vs Same Old Ways. and made me wonder about the changes in “association recruitment.” As you look at what this exec laid out, you find a “classical” member-get-a-member recruitment program. Pages. About.

7 ways for new members to fall in love with your association.

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No matter the size of your organization, member recruitment is a constant challenge many teams face. Membership & Marketing Member Engagement Member RecruitmentIf you work on a small team, however, chances are you wear several hats, making it even more difficult to solely focus your attention on one activity. With so much to do, brainstorming fresh ideas for boosting membership can fall to the bottom of the to-do list.

Team 124

Girl Scouts Changes Approach to Member and Adult Volunteer Recruitment

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Anna Maria Chávez, GSUSA’s CEO, told the AP that changing demographics among America’s parents—fewer stay-at-home moms and more single parents—is playing a role in the declining numbers, but said the organization must figure out a way to work around that.

How Will Association Boards Recruit New Leaders?

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He was asking me for advice because he was now president of an organization with a consolidating industry, declining membership and a changing mission.

Survey: Charitable Groups Losing More Donors Than They Recruit

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The latest Fundraising Effectiveness Project survey revealed that less than half of charitable donors contributed to the same organization two years in a row. The challenges associated with attrition are worse for smaller organizations.