Report: Meetings Bring More Than Money to Host Cities

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A new report from Meetings Mean Business and Skift shows that along with money, meetings bring fresh ideas and inspiration to their host cities, which have long-term impacts on shaping their economies and industries. Not only do they provide networking and learning opportunities for attendees, but they also bring in major revenue for the organization, as well as the destination, and drive innovation in host cities.

Time for a Conference Chatbot?

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On the association front, the American Society of Hematology used the Amazon Echo Alexa chatbot as an information resource at its annual ASH conference in San Diego last December. William Reed, ASH’s senior director of meetings and community engagement, told MeetingsNet that the organization used the device to supplement traditional information booths that were operated by its staff and increase onsite customer service.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.29.20

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This series of 15-minute videos cover hot topics and issues related to 501c organization management. Organizer: ASAE Government Relations and Advocacy Professionals Advisory Council. This opportunity is for association professionals who are responsible for reporting analytics to leadership, Boards of Directors, and other stakeholders, to come together in a free-flowing environment to share their lunchtime and discuss data analytics topics. Organizer: Robert Taflinger.

NFL. Rams. Association Governance.

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All association professionals need to remember this mantra: “It’s their organization not yours!” along with San Diego and Oakland (other franchises seeking to move.) Like Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, I am the paid staff guy who "reports" to a Board of Directors. Roger reports to 32, I report to 19 owners. Goodell reports to all 32, but like me, while all 32 have votes, some carry more weight than others. depending on the organization.

Tapping Into Attendee Expertise For Community Service Projects

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For example, at ASAE’s 2017 Annual Meeting & Exposition in Toronto in August, attendees will have the opportunity to support two local organizations : the Toronto Humane Society and the Royal Canadian Legion. While these two service projects aren’t directly linked to the everyday work of association professionals, other organizations pick projects that allow attendees to bring their professional expertise to the local community.

How California’s Gig Economy Law Could Reshape Your Freelancer Pool

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If you rely on freelancers who are based in California—or if your organization is based in the state—you could run into some headaches in the coming months. Already, the effects are being felt in the editorial space, where some media outlets have specifically excluded California-based freelancers from working with them, according to a recent Hollywood Reporter story.

Lunchtime Links: Peyton Manning’s Omaha Shoutout

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During Sunday’s win over the San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning shouted the city’s name a total of 44 times, causing viewers to take to social media to discuss what the call meant. It recently felt the wrath of Google after the search giant uncovered some of its more exploitive link practices; the site’s traffic, driven largely by organic search, took a huge nosedive as a result.

Omaha 51

Air Transporters Urge Better Tracking in Wake of Missing Flight 370

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In a recent expedition from San Diego to Honolulu conducted by the Sea Education Association, 38 scientists, sailors, and students hand-counted nearly 70,000 pieces of plastic and other debris gathered from 118 net tows along the way. There were organisms on every plastic piece, but more importantly organisms with every plastic piece we caught,” Emelia DeForce, the team’s chief scientist, wrote in the expedition’s online journal. A Watery Dump?

News Revenue Hub Expands as Journalism Membership Programs Grow

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An initiative by Voice of San Diego to bring membership programs to media outlets is picking up enough steam that it’s being spun off into a separate nonprofit. The News Revenue Hub has helped five news organizations raise more than $1 million in member-driven revenue. News organizations are increasingly relying on membership programs to pay the bills. The News Revenue Hub launched last year, a project of the nonprofit news outlet Voice of San Diego.

AI for Nonprofits and Social Good: Link Roundup

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Google AI Claims 99% Accuracy In Metastatic Breast Cancer Detection: The impact of AI is also be felt on the patient diagnostic side.Researchers at the Naval Medical Center San Diego and Google AI, a division within Google dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) research, have developed a promising solution employing cancer-detecting algorithms that autonomously evaluate lymph node biopsies for metastatic breast cancer.

Friday Buzz: CES Bursts At Las Vegas’ Seams

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And as Associations Now ‘s Rob Stott reported on Wednesday, the event for the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is an immense challenge to put on. Las Vegas hotels can host up to 150,000 people—but CEA’s annual show brings 10,000 more, Bloomberg News reports. To be fair, CES is not the only event to face this problem: San Diego Comic-Con International, which draws 130,000 people annually, has similar issues with scale.

On new meeting formats.


As you may remember, Jeff de Cagna and I did a Pecha Kucha session at ASAE's annual meeting in San Diego. What organically happened in the rest of the session, though, was GREAT, I would have stayed another hour listening to what was reported back, I felt like I got a LOT of "takeaways" from this session. I've been following this interesting discussion on Acronym about different meeting formats.