Conference Circuit: International Society for Technology in Education

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The International Society for Technology in Education’s 2019 Conference begins this weekend in Philadelphia. More than 16,000 teachers, technology coordinators, administrators, library media specialists, teacher educators, and policymakers are headed to Philadelphia this weekend to get the skills and knowledge necessary for digital-age learning, try out some of the technology solutions that are changing the ed-tech field, and network with educators from around the world.

New Technology Challenges Polygraph in Lie-Detection Industry

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Over 2,000 law enforcement, security, and military agencies around the globe are using a new lie-detection technology to help with criminal investigations and to screen potential employees. Merchant, who serves in the Erie, Pennsylvania, police department, was introduced to the technology while on an out-of-state investigation. The technology was used in the investigation into the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin.


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Beekeeper Group Welcomes New VP of Technology

Beekeeper Group

Frank Stovicek joins Beekeeper Group this week as our new VP of Technology. Frank is a top notch developer and technology expert, who knows the communications and advocacy space very well. He served as the Director of Technology at Taoti, leading the development team, contractors and vendors in Drupal web site builds while sitting on the Executive Committee and acting as a technical mentor for the rest of the firm.

One Builder Association’s Journey to an Affordable AMS


When Laurie Lourie came on board as Executive Vice President of the York Builders Association in York, Pennsylvania, she brought 22 years of association experience and a keen eye for continuous improvement. Productivity TechnologyTHE CHALLENGE. She knew that a dues-based organization had to have cost-efficient systems in place in order to provide members with valuable programs and services. How to choose the right AMS – get the checklist ».

Mike Liptak Joins Internet Association As Director, Federal Government Affairs


Liptak most recently served as Vice President of Government Relations for the The Travel Technology Association and began his Washington career as a special assistant to Senator Mitch McConnell. “As He is a graduate of Grove City College in Pennsylvania.

COVID-19 Expected to Fuel the Next Wave of Innovation

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This would require global platforms to be erected that use sophisticated technologies such as 5G, robotics, IoT and blockchain to help link multiple buyers with multiple vendors reliably across a ‘mesh’ of supply chains.”.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.12.19

Reid All About it

Mike Guerrieri at DelCor Technology Solutions shares his observations and advice from two years of association technology assessments. To make many of the changes Mike suggests, you need more than technology, you need staff with an innovation mindset. 5G is a huge advance in technology that will affect all our lives in the coming years. Learn how to inventory your technology and assess where it is on the maturity model.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 04.19.19

Reid All About it

Discuss elements your association should take into consideration when exploring or offering virtual components/communities, including volunteer roles and management, technology, membership models, financial banking, and more. Technology is at the center of engaging and understanding members through each stage of the member journey. Presenter: Samantha Lazo, CMP, DES, Manager, Production & Event Technology, The Institute of Internal Auditors.

Is There a Science to Word of Mouth Marketing and Going Viral? A Q&A With Dr. Jonah Berger

Higher Logic

Dr. Berger is a marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and bestselling author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On and Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior. More important than technology is psychology, understanding why people talk and share whether on technology or in person. Again, it's more about the psychology and less about the technology. Do you ever wonder why certain videos go viral?

Best Benefit Ever: On-Demand Tech Support

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Florida Realtors , the primary association for real estate agents in the state, has been offering tech support as a member benefit to a variety of similar organizations, recently adding the Maine Association of Realtors and three local Pennsylvania Realtor associations (the Suburban West Realtors Association, the Montgomery County Association of Realtors, and the Bucks County Association of Realtors).

26 ways association professionals find problem-solving inspiration

Association Success

You have to keep your eyes open across all industries, not just your own, and continue professional development to stay aware of new technologies.”. You’d think they’d have figured it out by now, but … and technology makes things change quickly.”.

Study Guide: Associations Prep Parents for Back to School

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A strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) will put children on the road to success in school and beyond,” a NSTA release said. Fighting Opioid Abuse The Pennsylvania Health News Service Project , composed of 21 Pennsylvania-based medical groups, recently released ways parents can ensure their children are protected from opioid overdoses at home and school.

Medical Aviation Group Airs Drone Worries

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According to the Association of Air Medical Services, a Pennsylvania close call in the air highlights the danger that unmanned aerial vehicles could pose to medical aircraft and workers in emergency situations. airports rises, the latest one— involving a medical helicopter in Pennsylvania —is raising serious concerns in the medical aviation community. Photographers Boost Lobbying Game Medical aviation isn’t the only industry with a stake in the drone game.

Why Strategic Training Matters for Capacity Building

Leading Learning

Technology has a way of making us think that some things are brand-new when really what’s new is the gadget and not the basic methodology. by Matt Hugg of Nonprofit.Courses. How many times have you heard someone say, “I went to school…the School of Hard Knocks”?

Making Augmented Reality a Reality for Membership

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A technology expert explains how augmented reality apps can deepen the membership experience for associations. Next Tuesday marks the start of ASAE’s Technology Conference & Expo at National Harbor, Maryland, and I’m looking forward to hearing from association leaders who will be talking about new and emerging technology trends. There’s already talk that augmented technology will be a standard feature on your next smartphone.

Telepresence Robots Keep Teleworkers Better Connected

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A look at how OSA has benefited from the technology and other considerations to keep in mind. Because of this, organizations are experimenting with new technologies to establish greater connection with their teleworking employees. Currently, OSA has 140 staff members—29 of whom participate in its telework program and 12 of whom work remotely full-time from locations like California, Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Conference Circuit: The Science of Chemistry

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As the Democratic National Convention wraps up its time in Philadelphia , 18,000 laboratory medicine professionals are making their way to the city to hear about new developments and vital industry research, learn about cutting-edge diagnostic technology, and connect with global experts in areas like clinical chemistry and lab management. Venue: Pennsylvania Convention Center. Rundown Attendees: 18,000. Exhibitors: 700 plus. Education sessions: 200 plus.

Construction Industry’s Youth Strategy Includes Appealing to Gamers

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“There is much more use of laser and GPS-guided equipment, building-information modeling, and other things that require computer skills and use of technology that was not common before the recession,” Ken Simonson, an economist for the Associated General Contractors of America, told the magazine.

Report: Las Vegas Tradeshows Remain Country’s Largest

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Not far behind was the Consumer Electronics Show, the annual event that highlights some of the technology world’s hottest trends. The rest of the top-10 list was a mixed bag, with two events at Chicago’s McCormick Place, two at Atlanta’s AmericasMart, and one each at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center and Hershey, Pennsylvania’s Giant Center.

Wednesday Buzz: Making the Most of Mobile

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In an article for Cvent , Michelle Bruno, president of Bruno Group Signature Events, says event planners can exceed expectations by taking advantage of mobile technology beyond providing a strong WiFi connection. Make your message clear: In a guest post on Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog , Kristan Allen, director of marketing and communications at the Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania, shares insight into concise key-message creation.

Amtrak Derailment Puts Transit Groups’ Issues Front and Center

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Last night, for example, CNN reported on the potential of positive-train-control technology to improve safety. The Association of American Railroads supports the use of the technology but says railroads need more time to implement it as Congress required in the Railroad Safety Improvement Act of 2008. The association announced that it was closely monitoring the situation in Pennsylvania and that its members would assist by offering more buses to meet demand if necessary.

Put a Price Tag on Your Benefits

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Illinois Technology Association. Northeast Pennsylvania Manufacturers and Employers Association. Don’t leave the value of your association’s member benefits open to question. Here’s why you should put dollar values on your benefits, plus a few examples of associations that are doing so. If you’ve read even the most basic advice on negotiation tactics, you’re likely to know about “anchoring.”

Price 69

Printing Trade Group ‘Right-Sizes,’ Restructures as Industry Faces Major Change

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The printing industry has been hit hard by advances in technology over the past decade—there’s no denying that. The report also suggested that PIA is considering a move from its headquarters in Sewickley, Pennsylvania—a suburb of Pittsburgh—to offices in the city. Makin stressed that PIA will remain a technology leader for the industry.

Friday Buzz: When Emotions Get the Best of Us

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In comments during a Philadelphia Parking Authority board meeting earlier this week, Pennsylvania Taxi Association General Manager Alex Friedman made that comparison—and drew negative attention from media outlets, including Vox , Business Insider , and VentureBeat. “It combines class-winning and -leading, um, you know, technology and stuff,” he said of the truck. Lessons in messaging from an association exec’s poorly phrased criticism of an industry disrupter.

Why AARP Wants to Keep Landlines Dialing in Rural Areas

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“The nearly ubiquitous use of mobile phones has made landlines unnecessary for many Americans,” AARP’s Pennsylvania chapter wrote of the issue last November. The major association for retired Americans has been working to fight legislation designed to end subsidized landline service in rural areas around the country. But as a recent saga in Maine proved, the association isn’t above compromise.

Get in the Habit of Connecting Members

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Grant, professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, mentioned Rifkin during his opening general session at the 2014 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in Nashville on Sunday. These days, social technology allows some of that connecting to happen without the need for an association. As an association pro, you’re in the best position to help members meet each other. Could you make a daily habit of making introductions?

Civil Rights Groups Welcome FCC Ruling On Prison Phone Fees

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The letter, sent by the Leadership Conference on Human Rights, was signed by the NAACP, the National Organization for Women, Public Knowledge, the Pennsylvania Innocence Project, and the American Civil Liberties Union, among others. Solitary Confinement for a Viral Video Meanwhile, a separate controversy around inmate rights surfaced this week thanks to research by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Sift Skills: The Value of Big Data for Associations

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As technology becomes more affordable, organizations are harnessing “big data” to improve member engagement. Through a combination of financial investment, education, and technology, TMA has made business intelligence—the transformation of raw data into useful business information—part of its day-to-day culture. The technology out there is so much more sophisticated now,” says Peter Houstle, CEO of Mariner Management and Marketing and Engel’s white paper coauthor.

Texas 84

10 Secrets of Online Course Design from Award-Winning MOOCs

WBT Systems

It’s taught by Professor Al Filreis of the University of Pennsylvania who received Coursera’s 2016 Transformation Award for helping 140,000 students transform their lives. She also uses green screen technology—and explains how to do that in another one of her courses, Mindshift: Break through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential. Metaphors can be easily made more real and memorable using green screen technology.”. #10

Mooc 43

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.10.20

Reid All About it

Michael Jones, VP, Mobile Technologies, Results Direct | RD Mobile. We’ll ask association executives who have made selections why they chose the solutions they did, about integrations with existing technology, and how they have addressed accessibility and inclusivity with their choices.

14 Personal Highlights from EventCamp East Coast


The event was just conducted in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania (the Philadelphia area) on November 12th and 13th. We had participants with extensive conference and event experience, but we also had many from associations and non-profits, developers of technology, journalists, etc. The fourth and final breakout session of the day was on the integration of mobile and web technologies at events. Specific topics included registration and lead retrieval technologies.

111 Intriguing Chats for 2011


Other states with strong representation include California (16), New York (6), Pennsylvania (5), Florida (4), and Texas (4). ahier - Brian Ahier; The Dalles, Oregon; Passionate about healthcare, technology and government 2.0. Dig design, innovation, technology. andreamiller20 - Andrea Miller; Atlanta; Elementary Instructional Technology Specialist. dcoriale - David Coriale; President, DelCor Technology Solutions, Inc.

Give Local America Disaster Offers Lessons for Next Time

Beth Kanter

Community foundations across the country have been promoting local giving days to motivate people to support nearby charities, encourage nonprofits to embrace technology, and bolster their reputations. But in the wake of last week’s technology meltdown during Give Local America — a May 3 campaign that affected some 13,000 nonprofits in more than 50 places — community foundations, nonprofits, and donors are suddenly feeling uneasy about the future of giving days.

#SMfastfwd with #ecec10 retrospective, 11.17.10: a recap


EventCamp East Coast was held in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania on November 12th and 13th; I wrote a blog post on that weekend entitled: “14 Personal Highlights from EventCamp East Coast” Here is a recap of the November 17th tweetchat. SMfastfwd - Q5: What new technology are you looking to experiment with or use more in the coming months? camerontoth : A to Q5: New Audience Response Technologies, Social 27′s Virtual World platform, South Korean Solutions + mas.