Ten Criteria for Vetting Event Technology Solution Providers (Updated)

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Over the past decade, there have been significant upgrades and newcomers in the event technology space. There are several hundred event technology providers competing to win your business. It’s never a good idea to be on the bleeding edge with any technology.

How to Tame Technology

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” But, according to the association technology experts we consulted, if you don’t get some more features soon, you ain’t going to have more members. Technology is no longer a siloed department. Common association technology mistakes. Technology success stories.

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New Technological Realities: What’s on the Market?

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Technology to send your association hurtling into the future. This is a trendy topic these days because these technologies are increasingly accessible in the market. They can be given away in gift bags due to size, price, and easy user experience.

3 tips to gain board approval for a new membership management software

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You’ve read white-papers, investigated pricing and discussed with peers, you know that membership management software will help grow your organization. Your presentation to the board will move the project. Membership & Marketing Member Engagement Industry Trends New TechnologyYou’ve done your research. This will be one of the most important decisions your organization makes as it will impact members, staff, and the bottom line.

Goodbye e-learning

Aaron Wolowiec

So when I came across “Association Learning + Technology 2014,” a recent report by Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele , founders of consulting firm Tagoras , imagine my delight! Young or old, technology has redefined the way we learn and work. The point is: Don’t be afraid to taste technology.

Lunchtime Links: Invest in New Technologies That Matter

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How to evaluate new technologies. New technologies are all around us, every day. Worthy tech: There’s no hiding from technology. But not every new technology is worth your time—or your money. How does your organization evaluate new technologies?

7 tips for getting the most out of an RFP for your next AMS

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The primary purpose of an RFP: to gather proposals and discover how well potential products meet your requirements at an acceptable price. The RFP: What it is An RFP is a document that provides background and details about your project and solicits bids from vendors. Project overview.

Association Staffing and the End of Toll Booth Workers: 3 Lessons for Association Executives

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Technology at work. As new, disruptive technologies emerge, what jobs within associations are similar to a toll booth worker? You know, those jobs that we used to need but that have been replaced (or can be replaced) with technology? Using the cost savings to pay for upgraded technology? Interestingly, many major cities are doing it via dynamic pricing (see USA Today story: Toll lanes create 'another option' to avoid traffic.)

Attention Nonprofit #DataNerds: A Few Recent Research Studies on Data, Technology, Funding, and Trends

Beth Kanter

In the last few weeks, there have been a few good research studies and web sites relaunched that cover technology, data, funding, and trends. Here’s a roundup. Collaborative Technologies: Helping Funders Work Together Better. Technology for Good Report.

Stop Waiting. It’s Time for Associations to Use Marketing Automation


Lack of money is no longer a valid reason for not implementing basic marketing automation systems because the price has come down significantly. Don’t be scared of Facebook Messenger technology. Productivity Technology

How to Start or Grow Your Online Career Center

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This person can explain the contribution opportunities to their colleagues and get them excited about the project,” Baker said, “as well as build the internal support necessary to ensure the career center’s sustainability.”.

Compare Association Management Software Platforms


Additional modules are available based on package subscription: Sponsors/Ads, API Access, Sales Funnel, Certifications, Events Expo, Project Management, Fundraising, Form Builder, Chapter Management, Online Store, and more. Pricing available upon request. Pricing available upon request.

2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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As always, we try to use this blog post to speak from our experience as a learning technology partner to organizations that provide continuing education and professional development. We like that idea, and we agree that you need to provide many different pricing models.

Should You Tell Your Website Vendor Your Budget?

Vanguard Tech

As a technology provider for associations for over 15 years, we've seen quite a few RFPs in our day. What is a huge help, however, in the RFP process is to know what your budget is for the website redesign project you're requesting.

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The Isaac Advantage

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Whether seeking to work with an exhibit service contractor, meeting technology or other service provider, they had to find their Isaac or move on. You should absolutely do your due diligence to ensure the company can deliver the goods and at a fair price.

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Why Data Analytics is Important and How to Budget Accurately

Higher Logic

Some platforms require an outside consultant to manage various aspects of a project, from discovery to implementation to ongoing analysis. Depending on how the platform is hosted , the price structure will either be a lower subscription fee or a high upfront licensing fee.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.10.19

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… “5G, when fully implemented, is poised to be a very big deal, a far bigger transformation in mobile technology than any previous generational shift. What Makes Nonprofit Tech Projects Succeed?

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2013: A Millennial’s Perspective

Association Adviser

Your pricing and member benefits need to reflect that. This embrace of technology that makes association life easier should be applauded and further supported in 2014. Pricing Challenges. Kelly Donovan, Naylor.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.22.16

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Stop focusing on features, instead, learn how to: evaluate association management software based on important, often overlooked criteria; avoid hidden costs you may not see on the surface; and attract next generation thinkers and staff with a strong technology platform.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.19.18

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One thing we can predict about the future: implementing new technology will never stop. A key ingredient for successful technology projects is collaboration. Mike Guerrieri at DelCor Technology Solutions explains how technology and collaboration can be a virtuous cycle.

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Content Recycling Tip

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Pricing. Technology. Pricing. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs. Corporate + Social. Education + Alumni. Advantages. Branding. Control. Add-On Products. Support. Company. News + Press.

Essential Nonprofit Software of 2014


As we watch some of our wildest sci-fi fantasies become reality , the potential of technology seems limitless. From fax machines, to email, to smartwatches, technology has transformed the way the world does business. Collaborative Project Management.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.13.19

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Quick hits before we get to next week’s free webinars: Growing up, my brothers and I were huge Monty Python fans so naturally this article caught my eye: what ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ teaches us about project management. Brad Egeland, Association for Project Management ).

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.12.17

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Your weekly list of free webinars and events for the association community… How are associations using learning technologies? If you work for a membership organization, please participate in the Association Learning + Technology survey.

Best-of-breed Integrated Association Websites - The Right Choice Now More Than Ever

Vanguard Tech

A long running discussion in association IT departments has been whether to purchase an all-inclusive suite of website tools from one vendor, committing to a single technology platform, or to instead integrate several best-of-breed applications into a super system.

Essential Nonprofit Software of 2014


As we watch some of our wildest sci-fi fantasies become reality , the potential of technology seems limitless. From fax machines, to email, to smartwatches, technology has transformed the way the world does business. But with the wealth of business tools and technology available, creating a consideration set for your business can seem like a monumental project. Technology spending is also reportedly a small portion of nonprofits’ budgets, averaging less than 4.2

The evolution of member benefit priorities throughout the career journey


Consider your pricing model. Price can be a barrier to joining, especially for those early in their careers. Select a few members that may be most interested in the project at hand, and ask them for feedback. Leverage association-specific technology.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.27.16

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Learn how to evaluate an Association Management Software based on 3 important, often overlooked criteria, avoid hidden costs you may not see on the surface, and attract next generation thinkers and staff with a strong technology platform. I’ve been thinking about morning habits, again.

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Digitization Is Not Digital Transformation


Digital technology has fundamentally altered customer expectations and some of the associations that neglected to take the necessary steps to digitize their business have disappeared. We lowered the price substantially.

How to Scale Online Learning: B2B Market Strategies for Assocations

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Develop effective pricing and marketing strategies. Achieve internal buy-in, drive project momentum and maintain organizational alignment. How can your organization expand online learning reach? Learn from successful corporate market strategies! Wednesday, May 23, 2018 – from 1-2pm ET.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.8.17

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The weekly list of free webinars and events for the association community… “Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life.” I heard these wise words from Susan David on an episode of The Good Life Project podcast. – Association Learning + Technology.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.30.18

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I know how badly you want to put your technology project (and all that heavy drinking) behind you, but before you move onto your next big project, heed Gretchen Steenstra’s advice at the DelCor blog: before moving forward, do a technology project close.

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The Top 5 Reasons Your Members Aren't Renewing (and What to Do About It)

Higher Logic

Embrace engagement technology tools: Using tech tools like online community and marketing automation can help you get members involved. Again, this isn’t going to be the strongest approach, since if members don’t see value, a lower price won’t be extremely convincing.

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8 Things a Nonprofit Leader Really Needs to Know About Social Media Marketing


It’s not uncommon for nonprofit executives to be hesitant about using technology, especially since technology is constantly changing. Technology has changed the very basic notion of communication entirely. It’s no different with technology.

New Advisory Council Finds Investments for Solar Energy

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Two solar energy associations are joining together to create an advisory council meant to draw more investments to solar projects. Solar projects represent a high-quality source of long-term cash flows, making them great investment opportunities.

5 Factors that Can Make or Break Your Association Website Redesign


Use that information to start conversations about the project and proactively reduce the frustration it could cause. Factor #5) Duration and Price. Changes to your website aren’t something you can drop in the middle if they get too expensive or take too much time, so take cost and project duration into account before embarking on a redesign. If you decide to go ahead with the updates, you need to see the project through or risk frustrating your members and staff.

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Daily Buzz: How Millennials Engage With Causes

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A statement that should come as no surprise to anyone: Millennials are engaged in technology and leverage it as a tool for activism. The Millennial Impact Project released the results of its 10-year study on how millennials engage with causes and social issues.

Daily Buzz: GoFundMe Launches Fundraising Platform for Nonprofits

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Are you considering crowdsourcing funds for your association’s next project? Coming in November, the tool will offer two pricing plans: one with donor-covered platform fees and one with no fees and an option for donors to leave “tips” for GoFundMe services.

Finished or Perfect: which do you prefer?

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Pricing. Technology. Even if you hire an outside group to customize it for you, there will be endless meetings, planning sessions and project management required. If you complete the project six months or a year from now, did you lose anything in that time? At some point, anyone assigned to a task – whether it’s writing a novel or selecting technology for your organization - has to put down the proverbial pen and call it finished. Pricing.

How to Create a Really Good LMS RFP

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Doing your own research using a variety of methods: website review, calls, conversations with peers and technology vendors, and peer review sites like ReviewMyLMS. It gives technology providers an opportunity to understand your association and its resources, goals, challenges, and core requirements. Associations find out which vendors and products could be a good fit based on functionality, experience, costs, and project approach.

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