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Landing Your Dream Job Doesn't Mean Leaving Your Current One

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Pricing. Technology. For instance, if you love social media but it’s not in your job description talk to someone on staff and offer to do it for them or do what one gentleman did in the article and offer to give brown bag lunch seminars on a topic of great interest. It requires every role to embrace customer service, marketing, communication and member coordination/recruitment regardless of your job title. Pricing.

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Here’s another explanation of how to use inbound marketing for member recruitment. Alicia Navarro, MSHTM, CMP, Content & Technology Coordinator, ALA Conference Services. The Essential Guide to Event Management Technology. This morning seminar will cover GDPR updates and give you feedback on the impact in Europe. Strategies for Pricing Customer Education. How should you choose the best price?

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Continuing education – seminars, webinars, meetings. Technology. Unleash the Power of Market Testing in your Membership Recruitment. Pricing Your Product, Service, or Membership. Does Wal-Mart Announce a Price Increase? Membership Recruitment. (4). Price. (9). price testing. (5). Membership Marketing Blog.