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Before we go down this road let me quickly identify what I am not: I am not anti-profit, I am not above paying a significant price for value and I am a realist. We bought music, watched movies, or disavowed movies and read books (or did both so we could grouse about how the movie butchered the books) , we went to theatre, paid high prices to obtain bootleg recordings from overseas and (more importantly) wore the uniform. Trade shows were the major source of revenue.

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Lori Ely, Chief Revenue Officer, Results Direct | RD Mobile. Ami Bera, member of Congress representing Sacramento County, California. Particularly for companies and associations who rely heavily on event-related revenue, the COVID-19 pandemic will likely have a significant impact on their bottom line, especially if they do nothing to adapt their sales strategies. Michael Tatonetti, Professional Pricing Society.

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Cancellations –Limit to hotels lost profits versus lost revenues, don’t pay cancellation fees immediately, build in a provision that if the hotel achieves average occupancy rate over the dates in question that you don’t owe them anything, provide for the possibility of moving the event (or an event with a similar foot print) to a new date with the property in lieu of cancellation fee, consider putting renovations and pest infestations as reasons to cancel.

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