Webinar Pricing Strategies: How to Pick the Best for Your Organization

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Over the past couple months we’ve provided you with helpful hints on how to recruit and pay webinar speakers , and how to train your speakers to deliver top-notch content, now let’s talk a bit about how to price your webinar content for maximum success. Premium Pricing.

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Price Your eLearning Right

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Rethinking Event-Based Pricing. One of the most common mistakes I see in pricing eLearning is exclusively applying the old one-time registration model. When we realize eLearning is not bound by the same constraints as in-person events, new opportunities multiply our revenue potential.

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Draw from New Buckets to Fill Your Non-Dues Revenue Needs

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By leveraging your communications channels – and strategically introducing new ones – you not only increase ways for your members to stay engaged, but you also drive much needed non-dues revenue. Relationships and partnerships are built and solidified during challenging times.

5 Ideas for New Digital Revenue Streams

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O pport unity for new and increased digital revenue streams still lies ahead even if your face-to-face meeting is cancelled or is smaller in attendance. . By charging people to access the library of content, you’ll also be increasing your revenue steam. How Do I Price It? .

Revenue Numbers Aren't Strategy

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Pricing. Numbers aren’t Strategy. But knowing what you want to sell from a dollar/revenue standpoint is not the same thing as developing the strategy behind it. To reach your revenue goals you must also have a strategy. . Pricing.

What is Net Negative Churn? 4 Strategies to Grow Your Revenue

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this metric is actually an effective growth strategy to help you counteract churn and increase overall revenue. Defining Net Negative Churn (+ How It Relates to Revenue). This SaaS metric focuses solely on existing customers and does not factor in any new customer revenue.

Got NDR (Non-Dues Revenue)?

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Our research shows only half of associations ask advertisers and sponsors if they’re getting their money’s worth—only about 60 percent incorporate that feedback into pricing strategies. The post Got NDR (Non-Dues Revenue)? Hank Berkowitz, Editor-in-Chief. Budgets are tight.

Don't Compete on Price

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image source Don't compete on price. There are certainly some organizations that can successfully compete on price. They generally have high-volume, low-investment business models, and are perfectly suited for the low-price strategy.

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Associations Improve Bottom-line with Non-Dues Based Revenue

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Pricing. Improving the Bottom Line with Non-Dues Revenue. While I’m not going to weigh in on either side (that is a decision best made by individual associations on a per case basis), what does become even more important is alternate forms of non-dues revenue. Pricing.

How to Turn Around Your Sponsorship Revenue

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If your conference is like most, sponsorship revenue is underperforming. Expo/sponsor revenue ratio — for every $3 in expo revenue, a thriving sponsor program will generate $1 of revenue or more (a 3-to-1 or better ratio).

So You Think You Know Non-Dues Revenue

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More than half (54 percent) of the executives who took part in our annual association communication benchmarking study felt their organization’s inability to generate non-dues-revenue (NDR) was a serious or significant challenge — up substantially from 2015. Features Revenue non-dues revenue

Don’t Ignore Non-Dues Revenue Potential of Digital Badges!

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We already know that not only does eLearning provide a valuable member service , leading to higher member retention rates, it can also generate an important additional source of non-dues revenue. Non-Dues Revenue Potential of Digital Badges for Associations.

Ensure Your Price Is Right on Products and Services

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Here’s what you should do and shouldn’t do when pricing your association’s products, services, and events. The Price Is Right isn’t just a long-running TV show. So, what should an association base their pricing decisions on?

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6 steps to more meaningful strategy meetings

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Nothing excites me more than strategy meetings. . When I joined the Professional Pricing Society, one problem that became apparent in my first year was that cross-departmental collaboration wasn’t facilitated nor planned for. we held our first strategy meeting.

Don’t Nickel-and-Dime Members: Ideas to Increase Non-Dues Revenue


Associations have traditionally used membership “as an excuse to sell more stuff at discounted prices to members,” said Garth Jordan , senior vice president of corporate strategy at the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

Membership Marketing Blog: Pricing Your Product, Service or.

Membership Marketing

Pricing Your Product, Service or Membership. Sometimes pricing is an afterthought when developing a product or service or changing your membership structure. Pricing is one of the four “P’s” of marketing for a reason. Here are five basic approaches to pricing.

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What's Your Longer-Term Strategy for Virtual Events?


some ) to assess their event strategy for 2020. While some organizations are beginning to collect their bearings around their event strategy and planning, many organizations are still struggling with the transition from an in-person event to a. The disruption caused by.

Four Ways to Earn Non-Dues Revenue through Mobile Apps

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Like other publications, there is a great opportunity to earn non-dues revenue through an association- or event-specific mobile app. Offering advertising space, obtaining sponsorships, or charging for downloads and features are three easy ways to earn non-dues revenue from mobile apps. But the potential for earning association non-dues revenue through mobile apps is high, thanks to the many advertising and premium feature opportunities mobile apps contain.

Want to Diversify Your Revenue Streams? Learn From Apple

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The computing giant had a really good quarter recently, thanks in large part to the fact that it has focused on diversifying its revenue streams of late. The result is that, even if iPhone sales slow, it still makes lots of revenue without having to sell any new devices.

Membership Marketing Blog: How to make sure the Price is Right!

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How to make sure the Price is Right! Are you using price as a strategic tool to drive sales? A very high price may support the impression that you product is exclusive. A low price may help launch your product against an established competitor. Pricing is a part of marketing and needs a strategy just like promotion and packaging. And yet, proper pricing can actually determine a product’s success or failure. Cost of Wrong Strategy. (8).

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How to Build the Business Case for Your Association’s Online Community Strategy

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You can increase non-dues revenue with an online store, deliver benefits with user-generated content, and engage members with discussion forums and blog posts. If you’re savvy enough to recognize this situation, don’t argue over superficial things like price.

21st Century Pricing For Associations: Interview with Sheri Jacobs of Avenue M Group

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The pricing of association membership dues, programs, and events has gotten a bit more complex this century. Sheri Jacobs, founder of Avenue M Group and a 15-year association management veteran, discusses strategies and tactics that associations can consider in order to get the most of of their revenue.

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SCD Group: Is there a "magic" price for association memberships?

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Is there a "magic" price for association memberships? Dynamic pricing graphic from The Wall Street Journal. By the way, the same challenge applies to conference registration fees, webinar fees and any other pricing decisions at your association.). Strategy | Content | Discovery.

What’s it Cost to Join Your Association?

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The cost is based on your dues revenue and it often seems these figures are generated in a secretly disclosed location – plugged it into some kind of formula and kicked back out to you. Association Business Strategy Business Development Business Practices Membership Development

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Membership Marketing Blog: Membership Dues Pricing and Value

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Membership Dues Pricing and Value. The last few months, I have received a number of questions related to dues increases and pricing issues for membership. If this is a topic of interest for you, please feel free to join me and my colleague Erik Schonher for an ASAE and the Center Membership Idea Swap titled, The Fundamentals of Pricing and Value. We will explore some of the following topics: • Pricing Theory. • Price and Offer Testing. Price. (9).

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A Winning Solution to the Pay-to-Play Sponsorship Dilemma

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” Here are a few thoughts that might help you reframe this discussion and help to generate more valuable content, increased revenue for the association, enhance the value proposition for your members, and create a better event on their behalf. IStock/Credit: AlexMX.

Data Fuels Active Innovation

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Jobs data, Housing Starts , Institute for Supply Management Index (ISM) , Oil Prices , Consumer Spending , and U.S. Economic data is a key part of their strategy, they understand member business challenges and active innovation to support their members is in their DNA.

The Strategy Behind a Building Plan

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The $70 million price tag is steep—all the more reason for there to be a smart strategy behind it. Also, one of the key people leading the move was battling cancer in the midst of it—we’ll get to that, and there’s a strategy lesson in that as well.

First Steps for a Middle East Strategy

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In 2012 Associations Now’ ‘s Samantha Whitehorne wrote about the opportunities associations have to serve in a standards-setting capacity after the Arab Spring , and associations can succeed in the region with premium pricing for events and services.

Best Practices for Monetizing Your eLearning Content

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How vital is non-dues revenue for your association? In 1953, more than 95% of revenue for professional associations came from membership dues. Over the last few decades, the biggest driver of non-dues revenue has been technological advancements.

The Pay-to-Play Sponsorship Dilemma

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” Here are a few thoughts that might help you reframe this discussion and help to generate more valuable content, increased revenue for the association, enhance the value proposition for your members, and create a better event on their behalf. IStock/Credit: AlexMX.

6 Ways to Repurpose Your Webinar Content

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Here are some tips on ways to repurpose webinars for future engagement and revenue! If you’re selling these, you can also get creative with how you sell them – separately for one price, bundled for a discount, and so on.

Best Practices for Monetizing Your eLearning Content

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How vital is non-dues revenue for your association? In 1953, more than 95% of revenue for professional associations came from membership dues. Over the last few decades, the biggest driver of non-dues revenue has been technological advancements.

Membership Marketing Blog: How to Recognize a Good Strategy?

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How to Recognize a Good Strategy? We are told that the organization is going to launch a bold new strategy. In sports, we see the impact of strategy played out in game situatons right before our eyes. As we start the New Year, take a look at the strategies that you have in place.

How to Launch an LMS with No Content

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Look into pricing for getting sessions recorded at your next one. You can bundle sessions together in packages by topic, sell them individually, or sell the entire conference as one bulk price. . We must be kidding, right? Well, yes and no!

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Non Dues Revenue and Affinity Programs for Members

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Non Dues Revenue and Affinity Programs for Members. So here is a quick list of possible non-dues revenue and affinity products that I have put together to get your thinking going. Labels: new products , Non-Dues Revenue. Pricing Your Product, Service, or Membership. Does Wal-Mart Announce a Price Increase? How to Recognize a Good Strategy? Non Dues Revenue and Affinity Programs for Members. Cost of Wrong Strategy. (8). growth strategies. (4).

Members Hire Constant Transformation

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Some leaders already acknowledge that relevance by itself can’t be a winning strategy in a dynamic business environment. The Index’s return to the Industry is helping to justify price changes with its customers. Late Breaking News. Members Hire Constant Transformation.

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Good Meeting Strategy Reduces Risk Abroad ? GrowGlobally.org


global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. Profiting from Green Meeting Strategy – Beyond the Feel Good » Jan. Good Meeting Strategy Reduces Risk Abroad. GrowGlobally.org.

Getting a High Return on Your LMS Investment: 5 Takeaways

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They shared some great tips everyone should consider when developing their eLearning program and LMS strategy. New Revenue Generation. How directly will the LMS support the creation and delivery of new products or enhance the revenue potential of existing products?

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Tips for Monetizing Your Webinars

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Within the Path platform you have many different options: Differentiating pricing based on someone’s status within the organization (e.g. Learning Strategies Online Learning Webinar Best Practices monetizing webinars virtual events webinar best practices WEBINARS

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