Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.14.18

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Host: Online Education Spoke of the Wisconsin Society for Association Executives. Strategies for Pricing Customer Education. How should you choose the best price?

Insurance Commissioners Launch Tool for Assessing New Auto Insurance Types

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On a consumer alert page , NAIC acknowledges there are privacy concerns regarding the new technology, but also points to its benefits, such as more accurate pricing of premiums and a better understanding of how drivers use their vehicle.

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Turkey Federation Gives Thanks for Thanksgiving

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Our members are looking for us to tell a story of how the industry is producing a safe, nutritious product at price points that make it affordable to Americans at all income levels,” said Brandenberger.

So What’s Taking High-Speed Rail So Long?

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Instead, it spread funding out nationwide, only to see states such as Wisconsin and Ohio—led by then-new Republican governors—decide to give the money back, leading the federal funds to be reallocated.