Hope is Not A Strategy

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As my favorite personal development gurus, Dave and Rachel Hollis, like to say, “Hope isn’t a strategy.” Fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact promptly: The post Hope is Not A Strategy appeared first on The Moery Company.

PODCAST | Association Hustle Podcast – Episode 215: Productivity Hacks for the New Year

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JP Moery shares his top three productivity hacks for the new year featuring advice from Andy Frisella, Kseniya Martin, and Tim Ferriss. The second productivity hack is selecting a theme for 2020, or a theme for the new year. That’s how I’m trying to develop my productivity.

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Customers Buy Experiences, Not Products

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Traditional business models focus on products and services. Companies build up their products, advertise them, then make sales. That strategy no longer works. Sales are becoming less and less dependent on products and services. Those types of positive experiences appeal more to emotion than a static product or service. Selling your product often includes ratting off its features. People Covet Experiences More Than Products.

Strategies to Justify Association Software


It will walk you through the implementation of strategies to meet your objective. Justifying an AMS: Strategies to Get Your Board on Board. The post Strategies to Justify Association Software appeared first on GrowthZone. Productivity Technology

Multichannel Strategies for Social Change, Productive Board Meetings and more

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Here''s a sampling of the latest posts we''ve bookmarked on Apricot Jam lately - with insight on multichannel strategies for social change; tips on more productive board meetings; outside in thinking for associations and more. membership Apricot Jam leadership visuals

Virtual Events: Strategy Before Execution

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Strategy—and Transparency—First. It is the strategy around going virtual that is far more critical, just as creating your objective—the why behind an event—is most important for live programs. As you develop a virtual-event strategy, be mindful of creating fresh content or perspectives and avoid the same old formats. No one wants to waste his or her time on a virtual event that is primarily a commercial for products and services.

3 Association Growth Strategies

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Those organizations who utilize these 3 Association Growth Strategies can help impact member outcomes and as a result better position their members and their organizations for long term success. 3 Association Growth Strategies. Their proprietary software , “Pallet Design System” is both a product specification and engineering design tool as well as a professional marketing tool, and educational tool to serve the wood pallet industry. 3 Association Growth Strategies.

Five Strategies to Ensure Your Digital Product Has a Killer Launch

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Whether it involves expanding your scale or workshopping your messaging, a well-considered approach to launching a new tech product can really pay off. Launching a new digital product or service for your members soon? Launching a new product (or completely overhauling an existing one) will have a big impact on your organization. So think of the product launch as the start of a journey, one that could dramatically boost the exposure and awareness of your brand.”.

Strategies for Association Success


Our Association Success Kit provides proven strategies for associations bundled together in a single document. It’s a single download – and includes three free resources with strategies to help your association thrive: “Hate Selling? Don’t miss out on the latest association success strategies. The post Strategies for Association Success appeared first on GrowthZone. Productivity Growth

What Does a Digital Product Manager Do?


What Does a Digital Product Manager Do? As the field of digital development has matured over the past twenty years, new roles have emerged to help guide the successful implementation and maintenance of websites and digital products. One of the newer roles is the Digital Product Manager.

Association Management Systems (AMS): 5 Software Strategies

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Let’s take a look at how your association can use your AMS to engage and provide for your members with these five strategies: Create comprehensive member profiles. This way, you can sell products, memberships, subscriptions, and other merchandise while keeping records of these transactions. Your association provides your members with many different opportunities to develop as professionals and grow in their careers.

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2019 Marketing Strategy: Food for Thought From Seth Godin

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The start of a new year is a great time to reevaluate your current marketing strategy and decide which tools and changes you can implement to drive maximum success in the months ahead. I certainly don’t miss it when a marketer stops sending me irrelevant emails, and I definitely don’t talk about brands that go missing if I’ve never engaged with them or found true value in their product. Is your current strategy promoting positive change?

What Makes You More Productive At Work?

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Take time to work out your own best strategies for producing high-quality work. People can get lost by asking if their day or week is full, mistaking a busy calendar with productivity. Exploring how you and your workplace view salary can be your first step in exploring your relationship with productivity. It requires continuous effort to have a better relationship with productivity, and if you ever get it figured out, you have to maintain it in a healthy way.

Disruptive Advocacy Strategies

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Can Disruptive Advocacy Strategies unlock industry growth and cost saving opportunities for your members in a slow growth economy? As increasing regulatory oversight dominates the federal and global landscape, building an agency focused strategy on behalf of your members can pay dividends for the industry and for your association. Foundation for Disruptive Advocacy Strategies. Disruptive Advocacy Strategies.

4 Association Disruption Strategies

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Organizations can help their members convert these challenges into growth opportunities by utilizing 4 Association Disruption Strategies. By adding these 4 Association Disruption Strategies in your planning process, your organization becomes an important part of everyday conversations. 4 Association Disruption Strategies. 4 Association Disruption Strategies. The post 4 Association Disruption Strategies appeared first on Potomac Core Consulting.

3 Engagement Strategies Drive Growth

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These Associations are playing activist roles, they are engaging industry value chains and promoting the value that the industry and its products bring to customers and the marketplace. What is clear is that 3 Engagement Strategies Drive Growth. These conversations lead to strategies developed by The Aluminum Association to address and drive industry challenges and outcomes thorough their organization. This is another example of how 3 Engagement Strategies Drive Growth.

Experimentation as Strategy


By Mary Byers, CAE, CSP According to Forbes contributor Mike Maddock, “In order to make a product or service everything it can be, it needs to be repeatedly soft launched with both internal stakeholders and external customers. This means literally sending the idea—be it a product or a service—into a limited part of the marketplace […]. Blog association e-learning elearning momentum productivity strategy

Spring Clean Your Routine: Four Ways to Boost Your Productivity

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Don’t just focus on your closet or your file cabinet: Spend some time this season working on ways to minimize distractions while maximizing productivity. With that in mind, here are some alternative spring cleaning suggestions—each with improving productivity in mind. Seppala recommended a variety of strategies to help ease the mental clutter, including more deep breaths, a little bit more fun … and a couple of plants.

The Most Productive Time for Meetings: Before Lunch

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Rule of thumb: For maximum productivity, schedule meetings and calls before lunch. The post The Most Productive Time for Meetings: Before Lunch appeared first on Associations Now

Developing a Micro-Moments Marketing Strategy

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So how do we take advantage of these micro-moments in our marketing strategy? If you own an online store, your visitors want to easily research or purchase products. Research the most-searched topics for your company, products or industry – these will be great topics to start with. 82% of smartphone users research products on their phones while they’re in the store, and 10% of them end up buying a different product elsewhere.

Combining Your Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies

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In recent years, digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media marketing, and blogging, have replaced traditional marketing tactics as the preferred methods for promoting products and attracting potential customers. Inbound marketing encompasses these "new" strategies, with a focus on bringing interested potential buyers to your website and product.

Improving Workplace Well-Being Can Boost Productivity, Reduce Turnover

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We propose some fairly straight-forward strategies so they get more balance for introverts and extraverts.”. The post Improving Workplace Well-Being Can Boost Productivity, Reduce Turnover appeared first on Associations Now A new study from Myers-Briggs finds that workers with greater well-being outperform others and stay in their jobs longer. Five key factors help improve well-being for most, but employers also should take personality differences into account.

The circle of [meetings] life: 4 steps to facilitate the most productive meeting ever

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The Time Nazi, Get Here When You Can Guy and The Negator), we launched into my four steps for facilitating the most productive meeting ever (which you may find helpful in managing your own meetings). Step 3: Identify strategies for writing clear and timely minutes. What strategies have you found most successful in managing The Circle of [Meetings] Life? What tips or tricks have you found most valuable in facilitating the most productive meeting ever?

Webinar Pricing Strategies: How to Pick the Best for Your Organization

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When diving into any pricing strategy you need to be asking yourself, what are we trying to accomplish through the price structure? Let’s look at a couple pricing strategy options to ensure you are selecting the best one for your needs: .

Price 84

10 Tools for More Productive Online Marketing


All while making sure to monitor the most effective, in order to constantly tailor their strategies to improve results quarter by quarter. Productivity becomes key if you want to juggle these correctly. DrumUp is one of the most useful social media productivity tools around. Automated Spreadsheets is still pretty new, as the link to Product Hunt will attest. Online marketing is a many headed monster.

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3 Association Radical Transformation Strategies

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In several instances, several Association CEO’s are utilizing radical transformation strategies to increase their relevance to the members and the industries they serve. Do Association’s need Radical Transformation Strategies to remain relevant enough to keep their members engaged over the longer term? Association Radical Transformation Strategies. Your bias for action is no longer about your products or services, it’s about industry business outcomes.

Innovative Planning at The Global Pet Expo Creates Greater Productivity for Attendees

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Andrew Darmohraj, EVP and COO of the American Pet Products Association, shares his strategy for delighting attendees in Orlando. To create innovative and interactive meetings, planners around the nation are raising the bar on productivity and capitalizing on attendee experience.

Create an Attendee Experience Strategy

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When new tech products are designed and rolled out, there’s lots of focus on user experience (UX). Here’s how to build an AX strategy. While the thought of building an AX strategy may seem overwhelming at first, it’s necessary. Here are three ways to get started on creating an AX strategy: Walk in your attendee’s shoes. To build a comprehensive AX strategy, you need to know what the current experience is like for your attendees.

Interview with an Expert: Emilio Arocho, Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at FDLI

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Emilio Arocho is a Washington, DC professional with over a decade of experience empowering nonprofit organizations by allocating their modest resources towards mission-focused digital transformation strategies. As Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at the Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI), he facilitates data-driven decision making across teams and tailors cloud architecture and business processes to anticipate and exceed stakeholder demands.

Revenue Numbers Aren't Strategy

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Add-On Products. Numbers aren’t Strategy. But knowing what you want to sell from a dollar/revenue standpoint is not the same thing as developing the strategy behind it. To reach your revenue goals you must also have a strategy. . A budget begins the conversation as knowing the parameters of what you can spend does alter strategy. Strategy inspires; strategy keeps your staff focused on the end goal as something more than just numbers.

Ensure Your Price Is Right on Products and Services

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Here’s what you should do and shouldn’t do when pricing your association’s products, services, and events. It’s also something associations should aim for when they establish fees for their products, services, and events.

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Why Event Planners Need a Content Strategy


In a previous article, we discussed the different methods of creating an effective content strategy. However, I wanted to spend some more time elaborating on the “Why”, and the outcomes that can come about from having an effective content strategy. . Here is why event planners need a content strategy. SEO is the primary reason why many large companies invest in a content strategy in the first place.

Engagement as a Sales Strategy?

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When your Association’s founders first convened, did they envision hiring staff that would sell products and services? Engagement as a Sales Strategy? link] Engagement isn’t a sales strategy, it’s an alignment strategy. The post Engagement as a Sales Strategy? No, they identified like minded companies who shared the same challenges understanding that they could achieve greater impact together that individually. link]. Strategic Alignment.

Who Should Own Your Email Newsletter Production Process?

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The email newsletter is a centerpiece of digital strategy for many organizations. With that in mind, perhaps its creation—whether in terms of strategy or execution—shouldn’t be siloed off within one part of the association. When there are so many players involved, who has to sign off on a message—and how does the strategy change if it’s a daily newsletter, rather than a weekly or monthly one? Day-to-Day Vs. Strategy. Let’s Talk Execution (and Strategy).

Ten Strategies for Pricing eLearning Content

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Recently, Blue Sky eLearn Client Success Manager, Kara Adams, presented a webinar covering ten strategies for pricing eLearning content. You can watch the webinar on-demand here , and check out a summary of her ten strategies below. . The perceived value of your products is important. Get a lot more creative with your graphics and product descriptions to help draw the learner in. Ten strategies for pricing your eLearning content.

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What is Net Negative Churn? 4 Strategies to Grow Your Revenue

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When services or products evolve, your new offerings aren’t always going to be the right fit for all your customers. this metric is actually an effective growth strategy to help you counteract churn and increase overall revenue. For example , even if you lose 50 customers that made up 5% of your revenue per year, you achieved net negative churn if your current customers purchased additional products and services valued at 10% of your annual revenue.

Burn your social media strategy


Burn It Down, Start From Scratch And Build a Social Media Strategy That Works. The key to success is to stop most of what today passes for social media strategy and rebuild social plans from the ground up: First, create and measure a new definition of WOM. Discard the fake WOM strategies created with brand-to-consumer content broadcasted in social channels and focus on the real WOM forged peer-to-peer with customer stories, recommendations and advocacy.

Daily Buzz: Tips for More Productive Meetings

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Here are some strategies to make them more efficient. Though some of these might be uncontrollable, Smart Meetings suggests strategies for more productive meetings. The post Daily Buzz: Tips for More Productive Meetings appeared first on Associations Now A study shows that 56 percent of meeting time is unproductive. Also: Associations should emphasize purpose in workplace culture.

Daily Buzz: Agile Development Strategies

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Banning tech won’t make meetings more productive — engaging topics that work with tech will. The post Daily Buzz: Agile Development Strategies appeared first on Associations Now Industries are always changing, which means people need to be flexible to succeed.

Four Strategies to Avoid Distraction

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You’re far from alone, of course, but it may be costing you a whole lot of time you could be using to be productive. Maura Thomas, a productivity trainer and expert, says that sometimes the first step to removing a distraction is to accept that it’s there—so you can isolate it.