New Research on Social Media Use

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Social media can be a great tool to reach out to potential members and engage current ones. Here''s a summary of the Social Media Update 2014 report by the Pew Research Internet Project that looks into social media habits and demographics of users. research social media

Social Media Roundup: Trello, a Tool Worth Trying

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Managing a project can get confusing or even painful with the wrong tools. Perhaps this meetings pro might be able to get you on the right track with this tip in today’s Social Media Roundup: Set Up Your Board. He says the board-based to-do tool “works flawlessly” on a number of platforms, and it can handle complexity without getting too complex. BREAKING: [link] acquires social LMS Digital Ignite #assnchat [link].


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Advice for Associations to Succeed in 2020 – Drown out the Noise

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Your plan should include goals, objectives, and project plans with tactical methods. What tools do you need to succeed? The next step is to decide what tools you have, what tools need to be tuned, what tools you will need to acquire, and what work will need to be outsourced.

Social Media Measurement: Hi Impact Task #6


lySocial media measurement is your insurance policy coverage for opportunities and unanticipated events. While social media strategy lays out a road map for your success, no one can plan for everything. Since social media measurement allows you to measure your performance against your goals, you are able to make adjustments. That’s why social media analytics are so important. Social media measurement nuts and bolts.

48 No-Brainer Tools Every Marketer Needs

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Whether you’re on a small team, a team of one, or a large team with divided responsibilities and resources, marketers all have a few things in common: We need to accomplish things quickly, handle multiple projects at once, stay inspired, keep ourselves updated about current events, and collaborate with others across our team or departments. Tools, technology, and coffee keep us running. Google also offers a free certification to help you get up to speed with the tool.

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Social Media Roundup: A New Tool For Event Planning

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That, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup: Splash Zone. “Splash aims to do for event planning what Facebook did for people: give them easy-to-use tools, such as a website, for promoting and planning events and parties,” Business Insider reports. 12 Stupid Simple Ways To Find Content To Share On Your Social Channels Carol Lynn Rivera, project manager at Rahvalor, has been there.

Social Media Roundup: Instagram’s Visual Potency

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The Fourth of July offers an explosive reminder of the impact of images—and the tool best suited for the job. But shooting a photo is only half the battle these days, as today’s Social Media Roundup attests: A Celebration of the Visual Form. If a photograph is worth a thousand words, then a social photograph is worth at least a thousand more, as Steve Drake over at SCDdaily reminds us.

Social Media Benchmarking: Gauging Success for Project and Organizations in Global Health and Development

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Note from Beth: You need a identify a measurable goal for your integrated social media strategy that can be linked to your organization’s overall results and pick a data point or KPI that you will collect along the way to measure success. Let’s say you want to improve engagement with stakeholders and your KPI is an increase in the number of comments on your social platforms. How do you pick that number? Flickr Photo by Kevlar.

Membership Marketing Blog: Fundraising with Social Media

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Fundraising with Social Media. In the March edition of Associations Now , Andrew Lang highlights a social media success story titled Tweeting for Dollars. He writes, “Most of us know or have heard of associations that use tools like Facebook or Twitter to promote conferences or other products and services, thereby increasing their sales. But reports of associations creating net income directly from these tools have largely proven illusory.

Why Senior Leadership Buy-In Counts in Social Media

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If your social media initiative doesn’t have support from senior management, it may be doomed to fail. If social tools are being developed to enhance member engagement, lack of presence by the top association players sends a pretty powerful contrary signal to the membership. We’ve often said that a social site that has no activity is like a party without music. This will go a long way towards ensuring a successful social media presence.

How to make the most of your enterprise social media network

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Business people are no different, which explains the rise in popularity of enterprise social media networks. Ten years ago, only a handful of (mostly big and wealthy) companies offered their employees membership to a private social network.

Akilah Institute for Women: Social Media Workshop

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After the ACE leadership training, I had the opportunity to spend a day in Kigali. I volunteered to do a Social Media and Professional Networking workshop for second year students at the Akilah Institute for Women. There were a handful who were using LinkedIn and Twitter as professional networking tools. Akilah workshop. View more presentations from Beth Kanter.

3 Add-on Tools to Drive Association Revenue + Amplify Member Engagement

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As you strategize for the future, consider a few add-on tools to help you amplify the impact of your online community and strengthen your ability to meet the personalized needs of your members while driving association revenue, among other business objectives like recruitment and advocacy. Ask yourself - are you willing to implement the software as a service (SaaS) tools necessary to extract the most value from your member data and support your association’s future?

Lunchtime Links: Social Media Isn’t Just for Young People

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A new report says older people increasingly use social media to connect online. It’s no secret that younger generations rely on social media to communicate with friends and connect with the causes they care about. The social set: Social media is a powerful tool for associations to engage younger members. Overall, the report says that 72 percent of adults now use social media, up from just 8 percent back in 2005.

Tools you can use to organize your content strategy

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That’s not even to mention all the social media: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and whatever else is next on the horizon for how we all connect with each other. . Know of any tools that should be on this list but aren’t? Social media.

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Notes About Mobile, Digital Trends, and Social Media Leadership from Knight Digital Media Center Workshop

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Last week I was in Chicago to facilitate a session as part of Knight Digital Media Center’s Digital Strategy for Community Foundations and Nonprofits workshop. The workshop topics included trends in digital media consumption, social media, engagement on mobile devices and a variety of community foundation projects funded by the Knight Community Information Challenge. 3: Social Networking. He said that photo sharing is really social grooming.

Ten Tools We Think Community Managers Should Keep in Their Tool Belts

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So it’s hard to find the time to sift through tools and plugins that might help you stay productive and manage your time. We’ve compiled a list of tools that can help you! The catch is finding the right tool for the right task. It’s more of a project management tool that helps you organize tasks, notes and people. It’s the ultimate note taking, archiving and collaboration tool -- almost like a giant idea-scrapbook. Find the right tools for you.

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Why Senior Leadership Buy-In Counts in Social Media

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If your social media initiative doesn’t have support from senior management, it may be doomed to fail. If social tools are being developed to enhance member engagement, lack of presence by the top association players sends a pretty powerful contrary signal to the membership. We’ve often said that a social site that has no activity is like a party without music. This will go a long way towards ensuring a successful social media presence.

Is Your Organization Risking Members' Privacy by Connecting on Facebook?

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The Problem with Using Public Social Media Platforms. On the front-end sales line here at Higher Logic, we often hear organizations are happy with using social media platforms as their main line of communication with and between their members. It's true, social media is great—it allows for member discussions, networking, and a casual environment for members to ask and answer each other's questions.

Crowdsource Members to Propel Ideas and Projects Forward

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One powerful tool is crowdsourcing, according to speakers in a number of #ASAE19 sessions. In a workshop on Monday, Torres and her co-presenter, Michael Feinson, president and founder of Engaged Strategies, offered up a new framework that hands idea generation and project control to members, giving them greater opportunity to engage. Recruit members as social influencers. Social media could be the easiest channel in which to engage members by crowdsourcing.

How To Make Sense of Your Social Media Metrics

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I’ve been facilitating a peer learning group with Packard Foundation grantees during the past year with a goal of improving measurement practice for social media and based on my book, “ Measuring the Networked Nonprofit.” ” Each organization is working on an action learning project that is a small, doable measurement project that applies the frameworks and steps in the book.

Is Facebook Fading? What Could Be Next on the Social Media Horizon?

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Although the social media behemoth is probably not receding into the internet abyss any time soon, its popularity is subsiding, especially among younger users. Over the last year, the social media site has lost 10 million U.S. And although it’s still the dominant social network in the United States, people are not afraid to take a sabbatical from the site. What new social media sites are you trying? What Could Be Next on the Social Media Horizon?

Social Media Content Creation — Hi Impact Task #3


Your content strategy needs to include a good set of social media tools to create engaging content. 2) 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing, ahead of blogs (68%) and videos (60%). ( Source ). With that compelling information, I’d like to share about 8 visual tools you should consider using on a regular basis. Google Chrome’s plugin, ColorZilla is a great tool for “Advanced Colorful Goodies.”

How Nonprofit CEOs Use Social Media (Enthusiastically) for Personal and Organizational Leadership

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As the leader and voice for your nonprofit organization, should you as the CEO or executive director use social media as part of your organizational or personal leadership tool set? Certainly, your marketing communications staff has talked about the benefits of effective social media integration that personalizes your organization’s brand with the voice of its leader – you. How will social improve things you already KNOW and value?

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Social Media Is About Engagement With A Purpose and How To Measure It

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A few days ago, my colleague Suzanne Walsh, shared a tweet with me that pointed to a blog post titled, “ Social Media Is Not About Engagement? ” from Bundlepost (a social media productivity tool ). ” It doesn’t mean that engagement on social media is useless and not worth the time. ” You have to measure conversions from social media – from engagement to whatever action or goal you want people to take.

Social Media Roundup: Tweet to Your Heart’s Content (With Context)

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When taking on the role of a news outlet, be prepared to bring along an important tool—context. Plus, quit poking around the internet and get back to work, in today’s Social Media Roundup. ” As Vanderkam notes, “Formulating a witty comment on a favorite blog is more exciting than double-checking the numbers on a spreadsheet pertaining to a project you’re pretty sure will be canceled anyway.”

Social Media Roundup: A Bird’s-Eye View Of Expo Halls

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Fortunately, a new tool in today’s Social Media Roundup could help you figure things out: Compare Venues, Easily. This week, the news service launched a venue directory that makes it easy to do side-by-side comparisons of more than 400 exhibit halls nationwide—offering info in significant depth, including social media links and nearby restaurants. “A Click over this way to learn more about the project. (ht

A Year’s Worth of Blog Topics Ideas

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There’s no question that blogging is one of the most powerful communications tools a nonprofit can have in its online arsenal, if you’ve got the resources to put behind it. Tags: Non-profit technology nptech Best practices Blogging Non-profit Communications project management social media content But yes, maintaining a blog can take a lot of time and mental energy – especially if you frequently find yourself running out of blog post ideas.

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Social Media and Viral Marketing for Global Fundraising Advocacy.


Social Media and Viral Marketing for Global Fundraising Advocacy. Reaching over 60 countries through regional and local media and public promotional and training programs to promote kidney health through screenings and prevention programs, WKD and its global strategic partner network is helping to promote public health while building its own brand awareness. . Using the free tools to distribute and track consumption.

What Social Media Means to Associations – Beyond Mere Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts

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I’ve recently had the wonderful opportunity to deliver presentations to a variety of individuals and organisations regarding how social media is already transforming the future of associations. Through these experiences, I’ve listened carefully to fears, perceptions and admirable admissions of a lack of functional understanding relating to what social media means to associations. Clusters form within associations to initiate new projects and components.

7 Things I learned About Social Media Powered Online Fundraising and A Big Heartfelt Thank You for #OceanLoveEarl

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If you have been following me on Twitter, Facebook, this blog or other social media channels, you know that my father passed away several weeks ago. This post summarizes the results and a few insights about social media fundraising and network strategies as a way to share back what I learned and to help bring some closure. I used simple measurement tools to collect data and further analyzed it in Excel spreadsheets. Social Proofing Helps Generate Donations.

From Purgatory to Pioneers: Rebooting Associations

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Mitch dedicates each podcast to a conversation with someone interesting from marketing, media or another connected world. The battle for direct relationships with your members involves everyone else who offers value to them, including your vendor members, media, consumer brands, thought-leaders and others on their screens. Traditional media can’t even compete. Circular data – the social data we willingly put online that paints a picture of our behavior, interests and needs.

Goodbye e-learning

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As 8-to-5 days at the office have slowly turned into 24-hour social media networking from the car and virtual meetings during the kids’ soccer practices, social media has filled in the gaps. As for social media, 33 percent of respondents reported using YouTube for learning programs, followed closely by Twitter (32 percent). By the way, this is a great project for interns, who love to create videos and are social-media savvy.).

What I’m Reading

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If “real innovation is always the outcome of ongoing discourse among a small group of innovators who truly understand the importance of what they’re working on,” what does that mean for open innovation projects ? Great tools to hack your life from Associations Now (plus even more in the comments). Tips for using social media as part of your crisis communications plan from the SocialFish blog.

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There’s an app for that

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Mobile is a great opportunity to serve your members better with tools and services to meet each member’s need,” she said. Our whitepaper, ‘Strategic Mobile Trends for Associations in 2014 and Beyond,’ highlights some available tools and trends worth considering so that your association can get the most out of mobile and use it most effectively to engage your constituents.”. And users can easily integrate apps into their social media platforms.

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Side Projects: How to Turn Member Benefits Into Marketing Magic

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The roots of the Unsplash concept can be found on Flickr, where Creative Commons-licensed images have helped some photographers, like the politics-focused shooter Gage Skidmore , to become well known simply by giving away their photos for free to media outlets and marketers alike. The brilliance of the free-product model is that it turned this same thought process into a marketing tool for another startup.

The Influencer Marketing Tool That Made All The Difference

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The problem is, it’s actually very difficult to get people, no matter how committed and excited they are about a project, to follow through on this. Snöball creates personalized landing pages designed for event influencers to share their participation at events, and really capitalizes on social proofing. You've Been Hit By a Snöball! Building attendance for our virtual summit, SURGE 2017, presented us with an interesting challenge.

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You’ve Got to Read This: February 3, 2011

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Social media can be a catalyst for positive organizational change. Hue , author of Social Media at Work: How Networking Tools Propel Organizational Performance , at Thomas Clifford’s blog, we learn how using social media can foster staff engagement and motivation. If you’re an art lover who doesn’t have a big travel budget, you’ll love the Google Art Project. Tagged: Art , Content Marketing , Facebook , Web and Social Media , Writing.

How To Squeeze Social Media Into Your Day When It Isn’t A Full-Time Job

Beth Kanter

It’s no surprise attention spans have been decreasing over the past decade with the increase in external stimulation – social media, mobile phones, and the flood of online information. There is also so much information online that it is now measured in exabytes , which is equal to a quintillion bytes. The creation and sharing of content on social media and social networks is accelerating the problem. I don’t think that tools alone can do it alone.

When Your Best-in-Breed Tool Suddenly Wants to Do it All

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When it comes to enterprise software, there are two camps—a variety of best-in-breed tools or an all-in-one suite. There’s been something of a long-standing debate in the tech sphere when it comes to tools: Best-in-breed or all-in-one? But the recent split of a business partnership involving two common tools—one that associations might heavily use, one less so—has me thinking: What happens when a best-in-breed tool suddenly tries to do more than you originally signed up for?

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