AMS Project Management Basics for Association Smarties


You’re the one chosen as the project’s manager, yet you’ve never implemented a new AMS. Your AMS vendor assigned a project manager to your implementation. Project management is a profession with its own set of credentials (you can see a few PMPs in our team bios ). Project Team.

The Art of Discipline and Selling New Projects – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 253

Moery Company

This week JP shares insights gained from listening to his favorite podcasts and six steps to launching a new sales project. President of The Moery Company, JP’s mission is to arm today’s associations with insight and strategy to thrive and a progressively complex and competitive business landscape. Tim Ferriss’s two podcasts, The Tim Ferriss Show and Tool of Titans – in which he breaks down every chapter of his book by the same title. Action as a strategy.


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Tools you can use to organize your content strategy

Association Success

That’s why, through our own research and suggestions from association professionals, we’ve developed this list of content strategy tools to help you tackle your projects in a more seamless and effective way. . Know of any tools that should be on this list but aren’t?

Tools 90

Unpacking an Association’s Project Management Bag


Project managers head into a new project with that same sense of excitement and caution. And, like backpackers, they only achieve success if everything they need is in their metaphorical association project management backpack. Let’s see what association project managers carry in their backpacks. A backcountry camping trip is a project. But sometimes, a colleague without any project management experience is put in charge of the project. Tools.

3 Add-on Tools to Drive Association Revenue + Amplify Member Engagement

Higher Logic

As you strategize for the future, consider a few add-on tools to help you amplify the impact of your online community and strengthen your ability to meet the personalized needs of your members while driving association revenue, among other business objectives like recruitment and advocacy. Ask yourself - are you willing to implement the software as a service (SaaS) tools necessary to extract the most value from your member data and support your association’s future?

48 No-Brainer Tools Every Marketer Needs

Higher Logic

Whether you’re on a small team, a team of one, or a large team with divided responsibilities and resources, marketers all have a few things in common: We need to accomplish things quickly, handle multiple projects at once, stay inspired, keep ourselves updated about current events, and collaborate with others across our team or departments. Tools, technology, and coffee keep us running. What’s the latest in terms of email strategy ?

Tools 195

11 Elements of a Winning Member Engagement Strategy

Higher Logic

Achieving great engagement requires a commitment to a great member engagement strategy. Why is a Member Engagement Strategy So Important? And the first step to improving member engagement is creating a winning member engagement strategy. How Do You Create an Effective Member Engagement Strategy? Instead, we’ve compiled the best components of the successful strategies we’ve seen at numerous companies and membership organizations. Communication Plan & Tools.

Interview with an Expert: Emilio Arocho, Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at FDLI

Blue Sky eLearn

Emilio Arocho is a Washington, DC professional with over a decade of experience empowering nonprofit organizations by allocating their modest resources towards mission-focused digital transformation strategies. As Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at the Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI), he facilitates data-driven decision making across teams and tailors cloud architecture and business processes to anticipate and exceed stakeholder demands.

5 Ways Technology Can Push Your Fundraising Strategy Forward

Higher Logic

Between donation tools, donor or member management software, online community platforms, and other technological tools, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the capabilities and forget to make the most of these amazing solutions. That’s why we’ve put together a refresher course on some of the greatest advantages of using technology as part of your nonprofit fundraising strategy. Online community and marketing tools open up communications with your supporters.

AMS vs. CRM: Integrating Strategy and Software


A s Wes Trochlil of Effective Database Management points out , “CRM is not a functionality or a technology; it is a strategy and philosophy. Implement business intelligence and analytics tools . Provide revenue projections for executives . By: The Protech Team .

10 Strategies for Managing an Extremely Heavy Workload


This past year, your workload has probably grown even more because of the layoff of colleagues, new program responsibilities, and new projects, like virtual conferences. We also leverage collaboration tools to organize our projects as a department, which allows us to add deadlines and owners.

Third-Party Partners: An Essential Tool for Better Association Business

Association Adviser

Third-party partnerships are an especially valuable tool in the multifaceted world of association management. Beyond generating non-dues revenue, advertising can engage association members and supplement a publication’s content strategy. Amanda Glass is a project support specialist with Naylor Association Solutions. Such arrangements enable associations to focus their attention and efforts on doing what they do best: serving their members and advocating for their industries.

Tools 69

Daily Buzz: Why Your Association Needs a Learning Strategy

Associations Now

A learning strategy can help your team understand how to effectively deliver value. Every association deals with the “new”—new projects, initiatives, policies, and people are constantly filtering in and out of every workday. That’s why every association needs a learning strategy, according to a post on the WBT Systems blog. For example, let’s say your strategy prioritizes training in a particular skill in response to market demands. Associations are always changing.

The Ultimate Tool for Managing Your Organization’s Social Strategy: LightBox Collaborative Editorial Calendar 2015 Edition

Beth Kanter

We covered strategy, especially identifying audiences through personas and key objectives. Most importantly, participants began to think through their content and engagement strategies. There is no better tool for doing this than the LightBox Collaborative 5th Annual Editorial Calendar. In it you will find scores of interesting hooks to use to drive your social media planning or to interest traditional media in your projects. But it is no replacement for strategy!

Tools 54

Side Projects: How to Turn Member Benefits Into Marketing Magic

Associations Now

As one startup shows, creating small-but-useful apps and giving them away is an effective exposure strategy with an even bigger punch than content marketing. The brilliance of the free-product model is that it turned this same thought process into a marketing tool for another startup. And the effort was a good fit for the company, whose core business is connecting freelancers with design and development projects.

The Influencer Marketing Tool That Made All The Difference

Association Success

When it comes to creating an outreach strategy for a virtual summit, the potential to build and expand the event community through promotions by our speakers and sponsors is incredible. The problem is, it’s actually very difficult to get people, no matter how committed and excited they are about a project, to follow through on this. Their strategy let us leverage the power of our influencers’ network and grow visibility for our event beyond our base audience.

Tools 60

Advice for Associations to Succeed in 2020 – Drown out the Noise

Moery Company

Marketing has evolved but the underlying strategies have mostly stayed the same. Your plan should include goals, objectives, and project plans with tactical methods. What tools do you need to succeed? Have you defined these goals and strategies with actual numbers ?

Tips and Tools for Integrating Social Media Into Your Nonprofit Event Marketing Plan

Beth Kanter

Integrating social media into your nonprofit’s event can help you engage with your organization’s audiences AND help get better results. Whether your event is hybrid offline/online event or virtual, one way to think through a strategy for events is a simple: Before, During, and After. I queried nonprofit colleagues, asking for their best advice. ” Other amplifier tools include JustCoz and Gaggleamp. Strategy Tips Tools and Tactics

Tools 61

How to Build the Business Case for Your Association’s Online Community Strategy

Higher Logic

You’ve researched techniques, combed the internet for tools, and finally come up with a solution. A strong business case will justify your online community strategy by showing what the project can accomplish, how it will happen, and the resources the community needs to be successful. Look at other associations’ successful communities as a source of data that could inform your strategy. You’ve spent countless hours interviewing members and pouring over data.

Technology in the Workplace: Merging Boomers and Millennials


As even the most traditional workplaces are modernizing their technology systems and creating technology-based strategies, the lines between younger and older generations are clear. How then do organizations harness the intuitive understanding of younger generations and the strong-work ethic and resourceful old generations to make a technology-based strategy the most effective? These programs aren’t static and can be always adjusted when project progress or team efficiency slows.

Enhance your online education strategy in 90 days

Aaron Wolowiec

This plan often does not drill down, however, into the specifics of education strategy (and the chances it extends to digital learning are equally shaky). This is despite the prominence of professional development in both the organization’s mission statement and annual budget projections. At right, you’ll find the results to two different poll questions on the topic of education strategy. The second question asked participants about “a separate online education strategy.”

Serious Strategy & Tools for Pursuing Sustainability ? GrowGlobally.


global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. « Geographic Diversification – Good Strategy for Business. Serious Strategy & Tools for Pursuing Sustainability. While it is not the only indicator that should be used, many companies already declare their greenhouse gas emissions, with over 3000 of the largest corporations registering them with the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Tools 60

An Integrated Digital Strategy Is a Lifeboat in Turbulent Water


In a crisis, like the current pandemic, an integrated digital strategy can make the difference between business as usual and a meltdown. To grow, the association needed an innovative approach to business strategy and a stronger infrastructure anchored in technology.

Employee Onboarding Strategy: Why You Should Think Digitally

Associations Now

From an employee perspective, onboarding involves a series of firsts: first day on the job, first time meeting a manager and coworkers, first work projects and tasks, and first opportunities to share their talents with the organization,” the research firm states. Tools and Strategies.

4 Ways to Re-Embrace SEO in Your Marketing Strategy

Associations Now

Years of breathless articles about how social media was going to change the world played a role in pushing SEO to the sidelines, but it also had real shortcomings: Breaking news is a tough battle to win on search engines, and content strategies take months to prove their weight. SEO is not a skunkworks project; it’s a long-term relationship, and you have to commit to make it work and see the benefits.

Project AWARE Dives Deep Into Ocean Data, Turning Scuba Divers into Citizen Scientists

Beth Kanter

My Ocean , is a niche social network of more than 9000 divers and this guest post by Darren Barefoot describes some powerful outcomes for ocean conservation by bringing together several strategies: niche social network, crowdsourced data mapping, and deep engagement. Project AWARE Goes Deep on Engagement, Turning Scuba Divers into Citizen Scientists – guest post by Darren Barefoot. Project AWARE has always hosted beach and ocean cleanup events around the world.

Techniques and Tools: How To Visualize Your Network

Beth Kanter

We had a wide ranging conversations about how to apply network mapping and visualization and debated about its use as a measurement technique vs strategy tool. For example, the Irvine New Leadership Network project that has used network mapping for two purposes: 1) evaluation 2) direct network engagement. He started with a simple tool call Netviz that analyzed how his friends were connect.

Tools 60

Social Media Benchmarking: Gauging Success for Project and Organizations in Global Health and Development

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: You need a identify a measurable goal for your integrated social media strategy that can be linked to your organization’s overall results and pick a data point or KPI that you will collect along the way to measure success. Using it as a diagnostic to help networks of similar nonprofits learn best practices from each other. Here’s a guest post about the a group of organizations and projects working Global Health and Development are using it.

A Strategy for Avoiding the Content Dump

Associations Now

Two keynote speakers at ASAE’s 2013 Technology Conference & Expo share how to implement an effective strategy to create, organize, and deliver valuable content. Part of content strategy is asking questions like ‘How are we going to define whether our content is any good or not?’ To help make the most of your resources and deliver the content your users want, Halverson and McGrane discussed four components of an effective content strategy: Substance.

How to Recruit and Retain Millennial Employees (Hint: Start by Building Community)

Higher Logic

It makes sense that a generation raised on team projects would prefer collaboration to competition. Collaborative businesses focus on solutions instead of which department oversees which project. Just remember to use these tools sparingly so you don’t undermine your collaborative culture. A private employee community allows you to create closed groups where your team can have discussions and provide input into strategies and new ideas.

Jumpstart 2012: A Planning Tool for AEs to Use : Off Stage

Off Stage

12, 2011 - Jumpstart 2012: A Planning Tool for AEs to Use. One of the new projects I’m working on is a 1-day presentation for Realtor association leadership and staff: “J umpstart 2012 ” My goal for this program is to aim association leadership in the right direction to have a productive year—a year which concentrates on the priorities of each individual organization and strategizes on the highest and best use of that association’s resources. Off Stage.

Tools 43

Niche Publishing: Your Content Strategy Can’t Stay Still

Associations Now

In the past year or so, I’ve seen a lot of noble experiments that aimed for a broad audience fall by the wayside—among them the mobile-first news app Circa ; “Project Thunderdome,” a news-syndication platform by Digital First Media; and AOL’s excellent tech-media offerings Joystiq and TUAW , which disappeared earlier this year as AOL merged with Verizon. But just because niche content still has value online doesn’t mean older niche strategies still apply.

Lean Startup Strategy: Take Your Innovation in Smaller Bites

Associations Now

I’d say mixed—the tool was mostly OK when it was just a matter of writing text in a box, but it had a lot of problems with Twitter embeds, and the company’s customer support seemed incapable of putting together a quick fix. Next time, I might test out another tool. Could the lean startup strategy for building out ideas be one way to shift the conversation in your association? This strategy, Engel says, highlights a point of common ground for associations.

Marketers, Promote Yourselves! Get the Buy-In You Need for a Successful Content Strategy


A thoughtful content strategy ensures that the message you deliver will be one that makes people listen. A comprehensive content strategy positions your association as the voice that breaks through the noise. Content strategies don’t work in silos, but people often do. A collaborative approach to content strategy can give your association a voice that compels attention. Access to the financial and human resources identified in your content strategy plan.

The Top 5 Challenges Education Directors Face ? Webinar Recap

Blue Sky eLearn

Recently, Dan Streeter, Blue Sky’s very own Vice President of Learning Strategy and Development, sat down and talked about the five challenges education directors face. Learning Outcome: Develop a well-crafted content development and engagement strategy.

Pulling it All Together: The 360 Degree Marketing Communications Strategy

Guilt by Association

Most of us are continually refining our objectives, strategies and technologies. Nothing goes away; every tool has value. Each of our tools can, and must, work together. I think marketers’ biggest mistakes occur when we apply the wrong tools to the wrong parts of the funnel. This project will make silos teeter, and encroach on long-existent turf. ASAE media relations public relations social media web strategy websites

Nonprofits and Content Strategy: The Wisdom of the Network

Beth Kanter

Colleague Miriam Brousseau tagged me and several other “close professional ties” asking us for resources on nonprofits and content strategy. I asked Miriam if she would summarize what she learned about nonprofits and content strategy in a guest post and here it is. Content Strategy: The Wisdom of the Network, guest post by Miriam Brousseau. Googling is great, but when I needed to know about content strategy, I tapped my network on Facebook.

Arts Organizations Digital Strategies Master Class and Train the Trainers

Beth Kanter

This is a continuation of my work with TBA over the past 3-4 years. The first year I experimented with a peer design that included face-to-face workshops, action learning projects, and monthly calls back in 2010 called ArtsLab. The second year in 2011, we did two sets of peer groups using workshops, action learning projects, and micro grants to encourage experimentation. I’m teaching a master class today in San Francisco for arts organizations for Theatre Bay Area.

Class 42

Tips for Preserving Your eLearning Programs

Blue Sky eLearn

Information about your team’s project management methods and tools being used – i.e. where to find project task lists or communication threads in Asana, Basecamp, Slack, etc. A list of software and tools used for marketing (included their websites and login information if your education department is expected to use them!). A volunteer member once enthusiastically told me “I love a good binder!”

Tips 179

Geographic Diversification ? Good Strategy for Business.


global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. « Early Adopters Rethink Regional Office Strategy. Serious Strategy & Tools for Pursuing Sustainability » Mar. Geographic Diversification – Good Strategy for Business. General Electric Chairman Jeffrey Immelt said in January that increasing global spending on infrastructure projects was offsetting weakness in U.S.