5 Membership Recruitment Tips

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The communications teams have been working overtime to produce more webinars, podcasts, social media posts, and industry updates. As your members begin to reopen, now is the time to evaluate your retention and recruitment plans.

How Associations Can Leverage Social Media - Moery Company

Moery Company

Here at the Moery Company, we are always looking for an edge in how we can recruit new members and sell more sponsorships for our association partners. The formula we often use is similar to what we use to recruit new association partners.

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Using Social Media to Recruit, Engage and Grow Your Membership

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Check out the seven key insights for using social media to recruit, engage and grow your membership – shared during one of our Small Membership Advisory sessions

8 Tips for Recruiting High-Quality Webinar Speakers

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Many associations , that I speak with , are concern ed about their ability to recruit high-quality webinar speakers, or even forget high quality, recruiting anyone to teach a webinar! Social Networks. I call this a two-for-one deal, at least in regard to recruiting! .

Report: Social Media Gaining Ground as Talent Recruitment Tool

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A new report from the B2B firm Clutch found that nearly 15 percent of recent hires in a survey got their jobs via a social platform. This may point to inequities in other forms of recruitment, Clutch suggests.

Associations’ Social Media Confidence Grows

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A new report on social media use among associations shows they have grown increasingly more comfortable in using social media over the last couple of years. Overall, organizations are becoming not only smarter in their use of social media but braver.

Tips for association member recruitment


Here are four ideas to help you reach your recruitment goals , even in challenging times : Provide valuable , relevant content. . Promote the incentive on your home page, in your blog sidebar, in email campaigns, and on social media. .

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Membership


Now you may have a growth strategy in place (as part of your association’s strategic plan), but does that growth strategy incorporate social media? If not, you may want to consider adding that in, as social media is typically a fairly cheap and easy way to reach new eyes. Not sure how to grow your organization’s membership using social media? Real time + relevancy = social media GOLD! This post originally appeared on MC Talks.

Making Sense of Social Media Analytics


At the beginning of October, I had the pleasure of finally going to (or at least *near*) Boston for the first time in my (long) life to present about social media analytics at NESAE’s Technology Conference. Associations face several challenges when it comes to social media measurement.

Making Sense of Social Media Analytics


At the beginning of October, I had the pleasure of finally going to (or at least *near*) Boston for the first time in my (long) life to present about social media analytics at NESAE’s Technology Conference. Making Sense of Social Media Analytics from Maggie McGary.

5 quick member recruitment wins

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So here are five quick membership recruitment wins: 1. I have found in the past that a focused effort on trying to recruit key potential members can be a good way to grow membership. Host a recruitment event. Membership Membership Recruitment

Turn Your Social Media Goals Upside Down

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It shows all too clearly that social media is still considered a broadcast medium by many associations. Too many associations still treat social media as a one-way broadcast medium and are missing great engagement and intelligence-gathering opportunities from members. Social media strategy is much greater than merely nudging or bribing your members to share, tweet or follow your content and calling that engagement. percent agree); member recruitment (10.8

3 Strategies to Recruit Members Through Association Software

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When it comes to recruitment for your association, you have to walk a thin line. Ready to recruit a fresh pool of members for your program? One time-tested way to boost recruitment is through members-only benefits.

New Statistics on Internet, Social Media Use

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A number of findings in a newly released study by Pew Internat on Social Media and Young Adults will be of interest to nonprofits who seek to connect with or recruit members and donors online.( Social networking research social media read more ).

3 Ways Social Media Changed This World for the Better


It’s somewhat in trend these days to keep talking about how social media actually made us lonely. On a large scale social media sites have made the world better bringing positive change to many areas of our life. Recruiting and Career Building.

Association CEOs on social media


Just wanted to say thank you to Deirdre Reid, a great friend and colleague and occasional writer for SocialFish, who, inspired by our posts about CEOs on Twitter , has started her own series over on the Avectra blog showcasing CEO’s using social media.

How to Leverage Social Media for Successful Marketing and Membership Recruitment


Here are the slides for a webinar I’m conducting today for Springer ; where I’ll be talking to 100 scientific and heathcare societies about their social media marketing efforts. Social CRM is the way that you will get to ROI.

Social Media Strategy for Associations 101: An Eight-Step Program

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The more association folks I talk to about social media, the more evident the knowledge-gap between those that ‘do’ social media and those that ‘don’t.’ What do you want to do with social media? Social media requires staff time.

Study: Shoe Leather Moves the Advocacy Needle More Than Social Media

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While it’s easier to send a tweet or a social media message than to have a face-to-face meeting, legislators tend to react more strongly to advocacy efforts focused on in-person meetings, a new report finds. Social media seems to be where all the political discussion is these days.

Market Your Donation Page With 6 Stellar Social Media Strategies


If there’s one place your nonprofit’s marketing team wants to be online, it’s social media! Not only is social media a huge part of our day-to-day lives, but it’s also a great platform for causes to get the word out about their mission and their latest fundraising campaigns.

Daily Buzz: Avoid These Two Common Social Media Mistakes

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Your brand’s social media network won’t grow if you aren’t engaging with other users. Social media is about—well, being social, right? Social media is a two-way street.

Social Media Measurement Resources for Associations

Mizz Information

A few months ago I did a presentation about social media analytics for associations. The important thing to remember, IMO, when it comes to social media analytics for associations is that social media for associations is different than social media for brands.

Hot Association Social Media Jobs This Week – January 13


We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. The Social Media Associate champions the creation and execution of communal online programs to increase SGIA’s engagement, visibility and activity.

Sweet Association Social Media & Marketing Jobs – June 21


We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. . Coordinator of New Media & Marketing , Intercollegiate Tennis Association – Coordinator of New Media & Marketing responsibilities to include: 1.

Daily Buzz: Recruiting Volunteers

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So when opportunities to make a difference suddenly arise, nonprofits need to have a recruitment plan ready, says a blog post by the Forbes Nonprofit Council. There are multiple ways to effectively recruit volunteers. For one, your organization should always be building recruitment relationships, even before there is an urgent need for assistance. Social media is a good place to connect those who are passionate about your organization with the volunteer opportunity.

5 Colleges Using Social Media to Boost Student-Alumni Relations


————— Many college students are willingly without a landline, but few are without their social media in the palm of their hand. Colleges recognize social media has become one of the most powerful ways to both convey and aggregate information.

Social Media Management From the Trenches


Here are three great examples of social media management in the trenches from the last couple of months. Dow knew that if it wanted to compete for recruits with some of the more glamorous scientific companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, it needed to reframe its brand.

How Moose Became King of the Forest: 5 Tips for Recruiting

YourMembership Blog

Corporate + Social. But like many other membership-based organizations, the Moose often finds itself riding through the peaks and valleys of member recruitment. Without a doubt, THE most important step in any membership recruitment campaign is determining your existing reputation.

Member Recruitment Tactics: Is Paid Digital Marketing the New Direct Mail?


What marketing channels does your association use to recruit new members? social media for associations Association Views marketingOf those channels, which ones are the most successful?

My 8-point checklist for making an impact on social media on a budget

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I recently spoke at MemCom with CharityComms on making an impact on social media on a budget. The great thing about social is that it is generally free and the potential reach is huge, which makes it a good channel to use when you’re looking to communicate effectively on a budget.

Top Association Social Media Jobs This Week – February 9


We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. We are a nonprofit organization that believes that technology is a powerful enabler for social change.

Behind China's Great Firewall ? A Social Media Platform Primer.


Behind China’s Great Firewall – A Social Media Platform Primer. FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are the most recognized social media tools used in the world today. Social Media in China – an opportunity for associations. GrowGlobally.org.

Making Sense of Social Media Analytics

Mizz Information

At the beginning of October, I had the pleasure of finally going to (or at least *near*) Boston for the first time in my (long) life to present about social media analytics at NESAE''s Technology Conference. Whereas a few years ago in the association community, social media was a topic that dominated almost every event agenda, the topic has all but fallen off the radar in favor of this year''s hot topics, content marketing, big data and the like.

Speakers Required To Promote Your Conference In Social Media Must Follow FTC Endorsement Guidelines

Velvet Chainsaw

Jenise Fryatt , co-owner/marketing director for Icon Presentations AV for events, recently wrote about speaking on social media for a large industry conference. Regardless, she signed a contract that she would speak and also promote the conference and her presentation in social media.

Recruiting members. and keeping them

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Are you at a stalemate when it comes to recruiting and retaining members? Create a contest and challenge members to recruit others to join. For each new recruit, the member’s name goes into a drawing for an iPad. Branch out from the typical places you recruit members.

Wednesday Buzz: Engage Social Media Followers With These Prompts

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Social Media Today shares a bunch of content ideas to activate your social media feeds. The creative well can run dry for even the best social media managers. Also consider sharing media coverage that your group has received.

5 More Questions to Ask About Your Association Social Media Strategy

Cvent Association Tips

Associations have their own unique challenges when it comes to social media marketing. Member recruitment, member engagement, resource sharing, and advocacy may all be among the stated objectives. Are you prepared for a social media crisis?

Test-Drive Your Next Member Recruitment Campaign

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Digital marketing tools make it easier to test out a member recruitment campaign in real time. When it comes to new-member recruitment, a little bit of testing and tinkering can go a long way to a successful outcome. Social media advertising.

It’s a Personnel Issue! – NLRB and Social Media


While attending a meeting of association finance and administration professionals (not ASAE) last month, I eavesdropped on a discussion about using social media for employee recruitment (I was there to talk about insurance). Risk and Social Media

Three awesome social media campaigns by CVBs and hotels


Whether you work for a Convention and Visitors Bureau or for a hotel and eager to expand customer base and boost business, these three collaborative social media campaigns below provide brilliant examples of what can be achieved when CVBs and hoteliers work together.