Meet the Team – Susan Coven, Business Development Manager

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I have a long history of association work: I was with the NAM for almost 20 years dealing with membership recruitment and renewals and they loved the opportunity to talk about advocacy and leveraging ways for members to have their voice heard within the community and on the Hill.

Team 265

Reignite Your Membership Recruitment Before It’s Too Late – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 223

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The time to reignite your membership recruitment efforts is now. Listen in to this week’s episode for three things you should to to reignite your membership recruitment efforts. How do we reignite membership recruitment in our association?”.

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Three Must-Haves for Successful Membership Recruitment

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In our experiences, the authentic stories of success from members are the most convincing recruitment tools, yet the technique is used infrequently. Look at your current membership recruitment efforts. Who is on this team and what do they care about?

Recruit the Whole Person

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Last week, I was teaching the volunteer management course for ASAE’s Association Management Week with the smart and talented Andrea Rutledge (Executive Director of the National Architectural Accrediting Board), and she and I got chatting about membership recruitment. What are you doing to “recruit the whole person”?

Prepare for the Virtual Event Sponsorship and Membership Recruitment Surge – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 236

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Are you ready for the incredible opportunities that are about to come to you with the surge in virtual events, sponsorships, and membership recruitment? Your sales team will be excited about the prospect of not selling the same old thing. Now is an incredible opportunity to innovate.

3 Strategies to Recruit Members Through Association Software

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When it comes to recruitment for your association, you have to walk a thin line. Ready to recruit a fresh pool of members for your program? One time-tested way to boost recruitment is through members-only benefits.

How Moose Became King of the Forest: 5 Tips for Recruiting

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Management Team. But like many other membership-based organizations, the Moose often finds itself riding through the peaks and valleys of member recruitment. Without a doubt, THE most important step in any membership recruitment campaign is determining your existing reputation.

Test-Drive Your Next Member Recruitment Campaign

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Digital marketing tools make it easier to test out a member recruitment campaign in real time. When it comes to new-member recruitment, a little bit of testing and tinkering can go a long way to a successful outcome. Here’s how the AOA team did it.

Membership Hack: Recruiting Award

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To encourage membership recruitment, the North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors gives an award to the member who is the biggest connector. This award has become an effective way to incentive our recruitment process.”. It’s what Gammonley calls “tag-team recruiting.”

The Art and Science of Building a High Performing Team – Part 3


Anyone in charge of building a team knows that feeling. The only caveat is that team leaders have to get exceptional work done through other people. It is scientific in the way that a team leader can use research-based techniques to create an environment in which team members excel.

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Your Member Recruiting Campaign Will Fail Without This

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Next Steps for Business Development – Association Field Report (May 15, 2020)

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Some of you may have suspended your recruitment activity. We got to be ready over the next 30 to 60 days to move on some of these opportunities and I’ve got a few ideas for you based on the conversations with our team. Membership Recruitment.

Report 279

Should You Invest in Recruiting Software?

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Recruiting software can help HR teams become more efficient, but before you jump on board, you’ve got to know which function you’re looking to improve. How has your HR department improved its efficiency with recruiting software? The post Should You Invest in Recruiting Software?

Four Reasons Your Marketing Team Needs Community

Higher Logic

But it does mean that your marketing team can learn what makes your members tick and how to bring in more leads. Save ad space for you to promote monthly webinars, large conferences or anything else the marketing team needs to promote -- like a new ebook or brochure launch.

Team 161

How to Recruit and Retain Millennial Employees (Hint: Start by Building Community)

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It makes sense that a generation raised on team projects would prefer collaboration to competition. It also means they’re not in this for themselves, they’re in it for the good of the team – in this case, your company. Involve the Team in Decisions.

5 People You Need on Your Association's Online Community Management Team


According to research from The Community Roundtable , “investing sufficiently in community teams so that the community is integrated across functional areas of the organization” increases both visibility with, and value to, the organization.”.

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Certainty in Uncertain Times – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 238

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If you don’t have a focused and skilled recruitment team, don’t expect a new member next year – period. You should also make sure that you have a team that is focused and is skilled in membership recruitment.

AARP Gives McDonald’s a Job-Recruiting Lift

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With older individuals looking to stay in the workforce longer, whether by financial need or choice, McDonald’s is teaming with AARP to help fill open roles. It’s not the first time AARP has teamed with employers to help fill its job board.

Why Human Resources and Analytics Make a Great Team

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This evolution also ties into a growing interest in artificial intelligence in the HR field, including for the purposes of recruiting. But recruiting isn’t the only place where a little data can go a long way.

Daily Buzz: Rethink Your Recruiting Process

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To find the right person, you have to tweak the recruiting process. When it comes to recruiting new team members, it’s important to find people who fit your company culture. Stanford Social Innovation Review explains how to build a successful executive team.

Final Look at Lessons Learned During the Onset of the Pandemic – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 237

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We’re focusing on sponsorships and membership retention, renewal, engagement, and recruitment with a look ahead of what’s next for associations. You could potentially see the growth of your communication teams. Membership Recruitment.

There is no “I” in Team

Association Leaders

Remember the old saying “There is no ‘I’ in Team”? I love this saying – in other words, for teams or organizations to succeed it takes more than one successful person. This is a team that has defined success in the National Football League for many years. This year, with one major change to their team (their quarterback is out for the season) they aren’t just under-performing, they are FAILING. Make sure your team WINS!

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Successfully Embracing Change is a Team Effort

Association Adviser

JS: We needed to recruit more members; membership growth hadn’t been addressed in a significant way in some time. But I want to be clear: At NBOA, our success is such a team effort, which makes it all the better.

Team 87

The Pros and Cons of an Internal Marketing Team

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You may have lots of help from an outside agency, but building an internal marketing team could simplify your creative process. Building up a team isn’t always easy. You’ll need to recruit and train the right people.

Team 55

Successfully Embracing Change is a Team Effort

Association Adviser

JS: We needed to recruit more members; membership growth hadn’t been addressed in a significant way in some time. But I want to be clear: At NBOA, our success is such a team effort, which makes it all the better.

Team 78

Coaches vs. Cancer: Groups’ Fundraising Strategy Eyes New Recruits

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Here’s why ACS recruited some of college basketball’s top coaches to their team. In one legendary example, the late Jim Valvano, who coached the North Carolina State University basketball team to an NCAA championship in 1983 and later died from cancer, said, “Don’t give up.

I'm Not Building a Navy SEAL Team

Eric Lanke

I attend a lot of conferences where the focus is leadership and how to build and lead effective teams. One common type of speaker I see at these conferences is someone retired from the military (an ex-Navy SEAL Team member was the latest example), talking about their own experiences with team-building and team leadership. I''m not building or leading a Navy SEAL team. image source Quick rant this week.

Team 143

Successfully Embracing Change is a Team Effort

Association Adviser

JS: We needed to recruit more members; membership growth hadn’t been addressed in a significant way in some time. But I want to be clear: At NBOA, our success is such a team effort, which makes it all the better. We all know that it took every person on our staff team to get where we are today. We’ve been able to grow that team so we can share successes with more people. I was on the team that pitched making a change with NACUBO’s job board to our senior staff.

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Proven Tactics to Recruit, Retain and Unleash Millennial Talent


How to Recruit Millennials. Highlight the company social perks (happy hours, beer cart on Fridays, kickball team, etc.). Tie rewards to individual performance and also to a team-based metric. Guest post by Ryan Jenkins. ————-.

Music City, Our Thought Leadership Team, and a Memorable 2014

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We have been working with this team for three years, and it is a real privilege to collaborate with this outstanding group of association professionals. Flipping the Membership Equation: Thinking Different about Member Retention and Recruitment with Rick Rutherford. One of the real highlights for our YM customers this year was the strong participation from the Thought Leadership team at Xperience 2014 , our Annual Customer Conference.

Team 150

7 ways for new members to fall in love with your association.

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No matter the size of your organization, member recruitment is a constant challenge many teams face. If you work on a small team, however, chances are you wear several hats, making it even more difficult to solely focus your attention on one activity. Membership & Marketing Member Engagement Member RecruitmentWith so much to do, brainstorming fresh ideas for boosting membership can fall to the bottom of the to-do list.

Recruit People Who Naturally Are Inclined to Live Your Values

Eric Lanke

For my comments on the third rule, go here. + + + Here''s Nader''s fourth rule, along with what he says about it in his HBR blog post : Recruit people who naturally are inclined to live your values. This does not mean recruiting clones! I''ve used them as discussion points with my leadership team in making decisions between otherwise equally-qualified candidates.

Association Staff Stretched to the Limit? How to Get More for Your Association Without Breaking Your Team

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This is especially true for associations that are attempting to recruit individuals with a specific skill set. Managers must have an open and honest understanding of their teams’ capabilities.

Team 121

Survey: Charitable Groups Losing More Donors Than They Recruit

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At the end of the day, FEP recommends three interconnected strategies that fundraising teams should deploy : Allocate budget increases to fundraising categories, according to perceived need.

Why Building Teams Doesn’t Always Result in Teamwork

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None of that is necessarily a bad thing; there’s plenty of research out there celebrating the virtues of giving workers stretch goals, mixing up teams, busting silos, sharing knowledge across the organization, and otherwise shaking up how work gets done.

Team 76

How to Apply Social to Marketing and Membership Recruitment


Given all of that, what can the marketing team actually DO with social? Recruit content from satisfied customers who are happy to explain why membership is valuable, or why they are excited for the upcoming conference. Do you work in Marketing?

Executive Recruitment: Lessons From Megyn Kelly’s Move to NBC

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But recruiting top talent isn’t just a challenge in the media or entertainment businesses. You also want to establish your senior staff and board members as experts and thought leaders within your industry to bolster that brand, said ASAE executive recruitment concierge Dany Bourjolly Smith.

Design Thinking: A Team Sport Your Association is Ready to Play


It requires thoughtful application of staff time and team energy.How you work together matters. Design Thinking is a team sport. Your internal coordination will improve when cross-departmental teams own the full course of their work. Team purpose, form and function gains clarity.

Team 130

Build Core Strength with a Modern Marketing Team


Core strength yields benefits in productivity and agility as teams work together to drive recruitment, engagement, and retention. Core strength is made up of culture, human and data assets, and team structure. Multiple team members can step in to send communications.

Team 75

You Won’t Believe the ROI on This Member Recruitment Campaign

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I’m just going to let the following numbers from an association member-recruitment campaign speak for themselves: Total cost for recruitment campaign: $25,000. From there, Mook says, LinkedIn’s advertising team handled the rest.