4 Great Ideas From a Membership Idea Exchange

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When one association hosted a membership-development idea exchange for its chapter leaders (a great idea itself), the recruitment and engagement ideas got members talking. Another chapter asked members to participate in a two-hour member-recruitment call center.

And, You Have to Have the Right Staff

Eric Lanke

Last week I wrote about my experience as Board Chair for the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives (WSAE). Recruit your fellow Board members to make a more lasting impact.

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Chose Your Dimensions of Diversity and Get Started

Eric Lanke

For instance, in a teaching association, diversity in volunteer leadership could mean recruiting K-12 teachers into leadership roles traditionally held by college professors.

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Member Engagement and Association Building Blocks

Eric Lanke

Before joining the board of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives, I was just a member.

Serving Your Professional Community for Impact

Association Adviser

Recruited by one of my customers, I was lured into the publishing industry to work on college textbooks for computer science and management information systems. I told them, “No way am I moving to California from Wisconsin!” Matt Loeb, CGEIT, CAE, FASAE, ISACA.

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Don’t Forget Your Members are People

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We believe peer-peer outreach is good for recruitment, but not for retention. There’s a lot of power in data, engagement scoring, and finely tuned marketing campaigns, but don’t lose sight of the people behind all those numbers.