Super Companies Joining Associations – Association Field Report (March 5, 2021)

Moery Company

Hello everybody, I am excited to share another field report with you today. For example, huge technology companies that have multiple interest, penetrate multiple industries and have competitiveness around some of our core members and our legacy members.

Report 228

5 key takeaways from association learning and technology report.

YourMembership Blog

Community Brands recently sponsored a report. The post 5 key takeaways from association learning and technology report. I’m a numbers girl, it’s true. Data tells such a rich story when used appropriately, and can really be a guide to so many decisions we make daily. As influencers in our organizations, it’s crucial we have the data in our back pocket to justify spending allocations, strategies and execution.


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Report Finds Church Membership Active Technology Users

Wild Apricot

A new Pew Research report offers fresh insight into the attitudes and technology use of spiritually active Americans. churches research

Face Your Fear of Technology

Association Adviser

Technology (and the thought of it) sometimes elicits a similar response. I’ve worked with hundreds of associations and here are some of the responses I have gotten when asking about their take on “technology” or “new ways” of reaching and engaging their members: Do we have to? Our members don’t like technology. There are non-scary ways to embrace technology to better engage with your members and to maximize non-dues revenue for your association.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing New Association Technology

Higher Logic

Purchasing new technology is a big undertaking. Ariel Brandt Lautman , Online Community Manager for the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, has a list of questions to review before she purchases new technology. The more people on your team, the more likely it is you’ll have different tolerances for technology. Will your sales department be able to easily pull necessary reports?

Report: Where Association Learning Technology Is Going

Associations Now

The latest edition of Tagoras’ Association Learning + Technology report finds that emerging learning technology is out there, but the problem is that organizations don’t have an effective strategy to put it into play. “Association Learning + Technology 2017,” a new report from Tagoras sponsored by Community Brands, makes the case that many associations have yet to work emerging kinds of learning into their offerings—though many are looking into it.

The 5 Google Analytics Reports to Master

Association Adviser

CDK Global’s Colleen Harris focuses on 5 Google reports that will best help association marketers. The post The 5 Google Analytics Reports to Master appeared first on Association Adviser. Features Technology Digital Summit Google Analytics

Technology truths for meetings and events

Aaron Wolowiec

I’ve admitted it before, and I’ll do it again: I’m a social media and technology addict. So when I’m choosing conferences to attend, I look for technology use. According to a new report by American Express Meetings and Events , I’m not alone. In the first half of this year, American Express Global Business and Travel surveyed 336 meeting planners and 161 meeting and event attendees to learn more about the evolving landscape of technology in meetings.

2020 Association Technology Trends And Predictions

Nimble AMS

Want to know what’s on the horizon for association technology in 2020? But when it comes to association technology trends, you don’t necessarily have to look far into the future to see the road ahead. Nimble AMS Technology

5 ways to set chapters up for success through technology

Nimble AMS

Five ways you can set your chapters up for success through technology. To successfully carry out operations and make informed decisions, they need access to information, data and technology. Your chapter leaders will welcome streamlined data processes that eliminates reporting burdens.

Interview with an Expert: Emilio Arocho, Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at FDLI

Blue Sky eLearn

As Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at the Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI), he facilitates data-driven decision making across teams and tailors cloud architecture and business processes to anticipate and exceed stakeholder demands. How long have you been involved with technology in the association space? What are some of the most common questions you get about technology? Ignoring emerging technology and digital practices is a bad idea.

Non-Profit Technology Report: Size Doesn't Matter

Wild Apricot

Smaller non-profit organizations get some encouraging news in NTEN’s newly released 2008 IT Staffing & Spending Report -- when it comes to being on the cutting edge of non-profit technology, size doesn’t matter.( Tags: Non-profit technology General non-profit interest nptech Staffing research

Becoming a Champion of Technological Innovation

Association Success

I’ve always embraced technology, and I’ve pushed that forward in every position I’ve been in. Today’s technological advancements present many possibilities and solutions for organizations. Although most people can agree that there is always room for improvement, there are limitations and doubts surrounding the idea of bringing in new technology into operations and changing the way things work. How can you encourage your organization to embrace a tech culture?

Event Technology’s Biggest Benefit? Actionable Data, Report Says

Associations Now

According to a new report from the Trade Show News Network, the biggest benefit technology has brought to the conference business is data—specifically, the ability to apply it to event planning. Of the many things that technology has done for event planners over the years, perhaps the most important is generating data they can act on. Technology budgets may be driving that difference. ” The post Event Technology’s Biggest Benefit?

CES 2016 Report

Association Management

Some interesting things afoot for the world of technology: 1. The technology is becoming more advanced every day. The VR path will be an interesting one—like so many technologies before it, gaming is going to play a key role in its early adoption. I’ll be interested to get my hands on this technology on the show floor later today. Technology Standards Association

Report 100

Your AMS technology partner’s approach to training matters

Nimble AMS

Multiple levels of training depth including basic overviews of navigation, accounts, reports, dashboard, and more to deep-dives on key areas of the product.

How Is Your Association Using Learning Technologies?

Velvet Chainsaw

If you work for a membership organization, whether or not you use technology to deliver or enhance your learning products , we’re asking for your participation before June 1, 2017 in a survey that our friends at Tagoras undertake every couple of years – 2017 Association Learning & Technology Survey. We’ve found that this is one of the most insightful reports produced for digital learning trends in our profession.

Have You Seen the IDC MarketScape Report on Online Communities?

Higher Logic

Companies use IDC services and reports to help them make technology purchasing decisions. Our placement as a Leader in this report is a testament to the community products we’ve built over the last eight years, but more than that, it’s validation for all of our community management-focused products and success our clients have had with their own online communities. Check out IDC’s report summary of Higher Logic here.

Report 216

Report: 90% of Associations Use Technology to Enhance Learning

Associations Now

Associations that implement a strategic approach to incorporating technology into learning report more revenue gains, according to a new report from Tagoras. Roughly half of associations that use technology for learning purposes reported they have been able to increase their net revenue from educational offerings, a new report [PDF] from Tagoras found. That’s no longer the case—technology is now woven into just about every form of learning.

3 technology trends to improve your association’s member experience

Nimble AMS

Is keeping up with technology trends on your association’s radar? Meanwhile, technology advances aren’t standing still for your association. Failing to keep up with technology may cause your organization to fall behind in its ability to deliver a great member experience. One of the key reasons to keep up with the latest technology is to ensure you continue to deliver the experience your members have come to expect. 3 technology trends associations should be following.

Report: Most Associations Use Social Technologies to Extend Learning Experience

Associations Now

A new white paper from Tagoras reveals how associations are incorporating social technologies into their learning products. Among the technologies that groups are using, video leads the pack. More than half of associations are currently using social technologies to augment learning products, and a quarter of associations plan to do so in the coming 12 months, according to a new white paper from Tagoras.

Technology Assessments and Association IT: Part I


WHAT 2 YEARS OF TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENTS REVEAL ABOUT ASSOCIATION IT: DATA and DIGITAL. When we perform technology assessments for clients, we use our IT Maturity Model to gauge how effectively they’re managing IT across four domains: data, digital, infrastructure, and management. What are the most common technology issues for these associations? Develop strategy for improving data analysis and reporting.

Top Three Association Technology Trends in 2020


To keep up as technology evolves, the way you run your association must evolve as well. . Continue reading to learn more about these top association technology trends. The post Top Three Association Technology Trends in 2020 appeared first on Salesforce Membership Management Blog.

Free Non-profit Reports and Resources

Wild Apricot

Here is a round-up of recently released reports and resources available free of charge that might be of interest to non-profit and membership organizations. This post offers an overview of NTEN's eNon-profits Benchmark Study and 2011 Social Benchmarks Report and Idealware's Donor Management System Workbook.( Donor management nonprofit non-profit Non-profit technology nptech social media

Statement In Response To The 2020 Notorious Markets Report


IA member company anti-piracy and anti-counterfeit standards, partnerships, and technologies set the bar for the rest of the world and it defies reason to include them among a list of the worst of the worst IP infringers.

How Associations Can Improve The Member Experience Through Technology

Nimble AMS

Three technology innovations associations should embrace for a better member experience. Turn to technology innovation. One of the key findings from Salesforce’s second edition of the State of the Connected Customer report , points to the importance of innovation. Enterprise cloud platform technologies have transformed the association management software (AMS) landscape. Technology

Why Technology Can Help Small-Staff Associations Boost Nondues Revenue

Associations Now

A new report finds small associations want more nondues revenue but haven’t focused on achieving it. To remedy that, report authors recommend quick tech fixes to bring in more money. Small associations are eager to boost nondues revenue but have little time to devote to the task, finds a new report from Community Brands. Its authors say small associations can prime the nondues revenue pump by taking advantage of technology—without forking over a lot of extra time or money.

Our Vision of the Future of Membership Software Technology

YourMembership Blog

When it comes to technology, understanding and investing in the right areas is critical to an organization’s health and future success. What keeps me up at night, and my team fired up to come to work each day, is how we can design and deliver technology-based solutions that will help associations to: Maximize their resources, both financial and human. The post Our Vision of the Future of Membership Software Technology appeared first on YourMembership.

Is New Technology Worth The Investment?

Association Adviser

We asked Marcus Underwood, vice president for online media at Naylor, to weigh in about technology becoming more personal and, at times, more expensive. The reward from using new technology—and the risk of not implementing it—usually outweighs the upfront costs. Associations have to keep up technologically or risk having members go elsewhere for information and question the association value proposition. Once you have that, find the right technology partner and move quickly.

Digital is More than Technology

Jamie Notter

We’ll be exploring that more in our upcoming book, but I was flipping through Altimeter’s 2014 “ State of Digital Transformation ” report, and in the companies they surveyed (88% of whom reported being in the middle of a digital transformation initiative), the most important challenge they faced was not limited resources, not thinking beyond a “campaign mentality,” and not even securing the executive support of leadership. Digital is a mindset.

How To Identify Technologies That Matter

Velvet Chainsaw

Many of us are looking for the next, big, shiny new technology tool. Yet the noise about new technologies makes it very difficult to identify which tools really matter. The parade of new technologies and advances is persistent. Four Traits To Help Identify Technologies That Matter. High rate of technology change. The technology is rapidly advancing or experiencing breakthroughs. To be economically disruptive, the technology must have a broad reach.

Use Marketing Technology to Solve Members’ Problems Before They Are Perceived

Association Adviser

at the 2017 ASAE Technology Conference & Expo held Dec. One of the most thorough ways to help renewing members and potential members arrive at that same answer is to take advantage of a marketing technology platform that turns user-generated data into a tool your association can use to craft two-way conversations. Use an integrated marketing technology platform to harness your association’s data. Attribution reporting. Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash.

Five Conference Technology Mindsets

Velvet Chainsaw

Meeting professional face a tall technology order today. More conferences are placing a high priority on using technology that not only improves the attendee experience, extends its reach, and streamlines processes, but fits into their organizations’ overall digital strategy. Today, planners are expected to have a grasp on the latest technology solutions and social-media platforms and understand how they can be put to use to improve their events. Five Technology Mindsets.

What to Do When Your Members Hate Technology


Maybe they’re less experienced with web-based technology. More Members Are Using (and Enjoying) Technology Than You Might Think. First, why do you think your members will hate your new technology? Whether we’re talking about membership management software, a new interactive website, or a new event system, a lot has changed in technology over the past few years. 85% of Baby Boomers report that they research things online.

Use Marketing Technology to Solve Members’ Problems Before They Are Perceived

Association Adviser

at the 2017 ASAE Technology Conference & Expo held Dec. One of the most thorough ways to help renewing members and potential members arrive at that same answer is to take advantage of a marketing technology platform that turns user-generated data into a tool your association can use to craft two-way conversations. Use an integrated marketing technology platform to harness your association’s data. Attribution reporting. Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash.

The Hidden Frustrations Behind Expense Reports

Associations Now

No one looks forward to preparing an expense report, an often complex and time-consuming but necessary workplace chore. When it comes to filing expense reports for your association business travel, are you a sidestapper or a martyr? According to Wall Street Journal columnist Sue Shellenbarger, there are five types of expense report filers. “Sidesteppers,” for example, procrastinate on doing their reports out of confusion or to avoid confrontation over spending.

Email Report: Technical Growth, Interactives Picking Up

Associations Now

Litmus’ 2019 State of Email report highlights the issues to watch out for (including Google AMP’s email variant) and trends to follow in email this year. Litmus ’ 2019 State of Email Report, released last week [Registration], reveals the big trends in interactivity to watch in the coming year, along with bigger updates to keep in mind. Among the highlights of the latest report: Mobile, Gmail remain the biggest drivers.

Is Association Technology at a Turning Point?

Associations Now

A recent deal in the association technology space raises some interesting questions about the state of the sector and what’s next. I admit that when I first heard about the deal brokered by YourMembership to bring on Abila and Aptify under the Community Brands banner , comparisons to legendary sports teams were where I directly went—because it is a fairly significant combination of technology talent under a single bench. The post Is Association Technology at a Turning Point?

2017 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report

Membership Marketing

The 2017 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report is now available as a downloadable PDF. Once again, many more associations are reporting an increase in their membership compared to those siting a membership decline. In fact, many associations report substantial growth rates. Of those organizations that showed increases in overall membership, one-quarter report increases of 6% to 10%, while 19% report increases in membership over the past year of more than 10%.

How technology can improve your association’s value prop


Most loyal members place more importance on technology in their lives and feel their organization delivers a better technology experience. Consider this: The 2019 Community Brands Digital Evolution Study shows that technology plays a critically important role in the lives of today’s members. The study also shows that the most loyal members place more importance on technology in their lives and feel their organization delivers a better technology experience.