Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.15.19

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MemberSuite describes the different ways technology can be used to save staff time and stave off frustration. After Bourdain’s suicide and many others in the Sacramento culinary community, Patrick Mulvaney, owner of Mulvaney’s B&L in Sac, is mobilizing to create a safety net for chefs. Beyond the Logo: Building Real Partnerships to Grow Non-Dues Revenue (virtual and Washington DC). Presenter: Matthew Eshleman, Chief Technology Officer at Community IT.

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Strategic Communications Power Membership Value at the American Public Power Association

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Another goal is to keep members informed about advocacy priorities, new technologies, and business and operations trends. So we have some revenue goals, which we’ve been able to achieve and surpass, with the help of our advertising sales partner, Naylor. We address current trends and technology and talk about what our association is doing for members.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.10.20

Reid All About it

Lori Ely, Chief Revenue Officer, Results Direct | RD Mobile. Michael Jones, VP, Mobile Technologies, Results Direct | RD Mobile. Ami Bera, member of Congress representing Sacramento County, California. Particularly for companies and associations who rely heavily on event-related revenue, the COVID-19 pandemic will likely have a significant impact on their bottom line, especially if they do nothing to adapt their sales strategies.

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We cant simply eliminate what may be our largest source of revenue and still do business the same way we always have. What do you do about revenue streams being shared in a national/state/regional association structure? Accelerating innovation in science, technology and the arts by focusing on the knowledge itself. Even in the theory of eliminating dues, I'm suggesting we "re-route" revenue through other avenues, so eventually a price will be exacted.