Where Does Your Association Stand on Stakeholder Development?

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In it Jeff pushes back on the traditional practices of member engagement and suggests an alternative strategy that he has labeled “stakeholder development.”. As Jeff so rightly pointed out, there is a lot of discussion in the association world these days focused on identifying and implementing new member engagement strategies. Also, if you happening to be in Sacramento, CA on June 24 th , be sure and check out CalSAE’s TechTalks 2015 Conference.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.15.19

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After Bourdain’s suicide and many others in the Sacramento culinary community, Patrick Mulvaney, owner of Mulvaney’s B&L in Sac, is mobilizing to create a safety net for chefs. Hear about strategies to make team members more effective, and make the planning workflow less stressful. Learn how to build the four components of a strong corporate partner program—strategy, business model, resource allocation, and internal culture change.

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Conference Circuit: Education Technology Advocates Cross Digital Divides

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” Entrepreneurs, educators, investors, students, and industry experts will gather at Harvard Business School in Boston on January 23 and 24 to discuss the increasingly important role of technology in teaching and how to maximize access to digital tools and strategies. A Boston accelerator brings community members together to discuss ways to improve and expand use of technology to improve education. Plus: A water conservation group chooses a venue that underscores its values.

Latest Association-Nonprofit Social Media Jobs


Here’s just a sampling that have come across our radar recently: New Media Manager , California Medical Association (Sacramento) – “The New Media Manager is responsible for engaging members and the broader community using new media tools, enhancing the CMA brand and growing awareness of the Association’s activities.&#. Ability to think strategically to map and drive a public relations strategy using testing and metrics is a necessity.

The Story Behind California’s Mandatory Vaccination Law

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“We settled on the best way to move forward was eliminating the personal belief exemption, and we put together language,” CMA Senior Vice President Janus Norman told the Sacramento Bee. “They said, ‘Can we work with the CCA on some strategy and to build a coalition?'” A newly signed law in California says parents cannot turn down a vaccination for their children for religious reasons or personal beliefs.

10 Questions Answered About Association Jam

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I do actually try to practice what I preach and a few months ago I did a webinar for Association Universe called, "Beer and BBQ IS a Membership Strategy." But no matter what happens, there will be pizza at the Sacramento party so it can''t be all bad. When I first heard Shelly Alcorn''s idea about having an association gathering in multiple cities across the country at the same time and shared virtually(!), I thought she was smart, but crazy.

Association Weekly Wrap-Up for February 8th!

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Here are three fail-safe strategies that are guaranteed to kill your general sessions and create the walking dead! So, I was one of the lucky ones who got to see Dave Grohl’s new documentary “ Sound City ” last night at the Crest in Sacramento (and yay +Sandra Giarde was with me, Mark and Molly). Happy Friday and Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up brought to you by the team at YourMembership.com!

Have you written your Humanize review yet?


Oh, all right then, twist my arm… Shelly Alcorn , Principal at Alcorn Associates Management Consulting, Sacramento, CA. Susan Spaight , Director of Strategy at Jigsaw, LLC, Milwaukee, WI. Tac Anderson , Vice President, Head of Digital Strategies | EMEA at Waggener Edstrom, London, UK. Jamie Notter and I are amazed – and humbled – what people are saying about our book Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World.

Robert Gates, Donald Stern and Association CEOs

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Sacramento welcomes retiring NBA Commissioner Donald Stern. So, what caught my eye is the hiring strategies of two large associations. As your volunteer leaders plan succession strategies, which direction will they go? Two headlines grabbed my attention a couple of weeks back: Boy Scouts of America hired Robert Gates as its new president. The Boy Scouts – coming out of national turmoil – hires the ex CIA Director, ex Secretary of Defense and former university president.

Association Subculture: It Gets Better.Sometimes

Association Subculture

Yesterday I read how another one of our Sacramento communitys beautiful gay teenagers committed suicide over New Years. Shelly’s favorite words are change, vision, strategy, tactics, learning, teaching and Lord of the Rings. strategy. (5). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, January 16, 2012. It Gets Better.Sometimes. ALL YOULL EVER BE IS THE FADING MEMORY OF A BULLY. Shinedown - New Single "Bully" off their upcoming album. Two rants in one week.

Giving Days and Beyond the Dollars: What Have We Learned?

Beth Kanter

For the past three years, I have had the honor of serving as the facilitator for the Knight Foundation Peer Learning Exchange for the Giving Day Initiative. Today, the Foundation has released a new report: “ Beyond the Dollars: The Long-Term Value of Giving Days for Community Foundations ,” written by Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies. Click to Download Report.

Strategic Communications Power Membership Value at the American Public Power Association

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AA: Tell us about your media relations strategy. Lineworkers from Sacramento Municipal Utility District help restore power after wildfires crippled parts of the power grid in Napa Valley, Calif. Trade associations exist to promote the interests and image of members, and there may be no association right now working harder to enhance members’ image than the American Public Power Association.

Greg Behrendt Gave Me the Best Compliment EVER

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Almost a year ago, I happened to be hanging out after a show at the Punch Line in Sacramento because Ms. Shelly’s favorite words are change, vision, strategy, tactics, learning, teaching and Lord of the Rings. strategy. (5). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Tuesday, December 21, 2010. Greg Behrendt Gave Me the Best Compliment EVER. Cuz I feel like I have 39, 40, 41, 42 year old brothers and sisters who also rock. I know that I do, I know I do!

Association Subculture: Why Being Anti-Indispensability is Pro.

Association Subculture

Although oddly I also subscribe to and enjoy reading about what's going on in Sacramento through CalSAE and hearing about things I'll never personally benefit from). Shelly’s favorite words are change, vision, strategy, tactics, learning, teaching and Lord of the Rings. strategy. (5). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Thursday, January 6, 2011. Why Being Anti-Indispensability is Pro-Membership. You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar. When I met you.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.10.20

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Presenters: Graham Harvey, Chief Strategy Officer, Matchbox Virtual Media. Ami Bera, member of Congress representing Sacramento County, California. – Sales Survival Strategies Amidst COVID-19. Particularly for companies and associations who rely heavily on event-related revenue, the COVID-19 pandemic will likely have a significant impact on their bottom line, especially if they do nothing to adapt their sales strategies.

Peace Sells.But Who's Buying - Association Membership?

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Sacramento has one that started right after I moved away. Shelly’s favorite words are change, vision, strategy, tactics, learning, teaching and Lord of the Rings. strategy. (5). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, December 7, 2009. Peace Sells.But Whos Buying - Association Membership? What do you mean I dont support your system? I go to court when I have to. What do you mean I couldnt be President. Of the United States of America?

111 Intriguing Chats for 2011


8of12 - August Jackson; Sterling, Virginia; Competitive Intelligence and Strategy Professional, Tech Pundit and Bad Speller at Verizon. BrettRelander - Brett Relander; Dallas, Texas; I work with small to medium sized businesses & corporate brands to develop measurable digital & social media strategies. exilauren - Lauren Modeen; Washington, DC; Manager of Online Strategy for GovLoop | Online Community Builder | Boston College ’03 grad | Love Gov 2.0,

Tax Time Coming Up - UBIT Guidelines for 501(c) Organizations

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UBIT Strategy. Sacramento, California, United States. skip to main | skip to sidebar. This blog focuses on legal issues of interest to association leaders, including executives, volunteers and members. It is NOT intended to provide legal advice, but rather to share my informal thoughts on legal issues commonly faced by trade and professional associations, as well as foundations and other charities. This blog does not focus on homeowners associations or religious organizations.