Conference Circuit: Education Technology Advocates Cross Digital Divides

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A Boston accelerator brings community members together to discuss ways to improve and expand use of technology to improve education. Modern educators may have access to a wealth of technology resources, but many of these potentially groundbreaking tools have yet to achieve their full potential. The post Conference Circuit: Education Technology Advocates Cross Digital Divides appeared first on Associations Now

Internet Association’s Plan to Expand Influence: Focus on the Left Coast

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The trade group’s new office in California, a state often at the forefront of technology issues, puts the association both in the heart of Silicon Valley and in Sacramento—complete with a brand new lobbyist to help influence tech policy in the state. IA is opening up a second office in Sacramento, California—an outpost it sees as an opportunity to set the tone nationwide.


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Membership IS the Value of Membership!

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So, I was one of the lucky ones who got to see Dave Grohl's new documentary " Sound City " last night at the Crest in Sacramento (and yay +Sandra Giarde was with me, Mark and Molly). Yes, technology is changing. And I CANNOT stop thinking about it. Dave expertly tells the story of the Sound City studio in Los Angeles that saw the birth of iconic album after iconic album.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.15.19

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MemberSuite describes the different ways technology can be used to save staff time and stave off frustration. After Bourdain’s suicide and many others in the Sacramento culinary community, Patrick Mulvaney, owner of Mulvaney’s B&L in Sac, is mobilizing to create a safety net for chefs. Making sense of long excel reports and vague graphs is challenging for event planning and marketing teams, but technology has changed the game.

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Association Survey Aims to Show Libraries’ Role in “Digital Inclusion”

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The American Library Association is launching a new Digital Inclusion Survey to better demonstrate the role libraries play in providing public access to technology. The results from the Digital Inclusion Survey are critical to understanding trends in both public access technology and the services provided by public libraries,” said Denise Davis, deputy director, Sacramento Public Library.

Association Law Blog: Flip Camera and Cell Phone Videos at.

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And the technology exists for almost anyone to post these videos on the Internet for the world to see? Sacramento, California, United States. skip to main | skip to sidebar. This blog focuses on legal issues of interest to association leaders, including executives, volunteers and members.

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Why a Telemedicine Group Launched a Task Force on Climate Change

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In a study published earlier this year , researchers at the University of California, Davis—which has used telemedicine facilities to enable its doctors to consult with patients remotely via video since 1992—reported that telemedicine saved patients who would have otherwise traveled to UC Davis Health in Sacramento a collective $3 million in costs, nine years in travel time, and 5 million miles.

Latest Association-Nonprofit Social Media Jobs


Here’s just a sampling that have come across our radar recently: New Media Manager , California Medical Association (Sacramento) – “The New Media Manager is responsible for engaging members and the broader community using new media tools, enhancing the CMA brand and growing awareness of the Association’s activities.&#. Holy moly there are a LOT of social media positions out there! Didn’t we tell you the trend is UP for social media hiring?

Hanging Out and Talking About Membership

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This was the brainchild of Shelly Alcorn, CAE, principal of Alcorn Associaties, who hosted a group in Sacramento, California, on Saturday. Technology hasn’t changed that dynamic; it’s merely raised the bar for what people can do on their own. If your members can do their own associating, do they still need to join your association? A gathering of association pros last weekend explored (and exemplified) how membership models are evolving.

Have you written your Humanize review yet?


Brown , technology consultant, Dallas, TX. a session at ASAE’s Technology Conference. Oh, all right then, twist my arm… Shelly Alcorn , Principal at Alcorn Associates Management Consulting, Sacramento, CA. Holly Ross , Executive Director, Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). Jamie Notter and I are amazed – and humbled – what people are saying about our book Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World.

Association Weekly Wrap-Up for February 8th!

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Well, things are changing: the economy, technology, social media tools and paradigms for using them, generation shifts. So, I was one of the lucky ones who got to see Dave Grohl’s new documentary “ Sound City ” last night at the Crest in Sacramento (and yay +Sandra Giarde was with me, Mark and Molly). Happy Friday and Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up brought to you by the team at!

Giving Days and Beyond the Dollars: What Have We Learned?

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To answer, Giving Day hosts turned to each other through Knight Foundation’s Peer Learning Exchange and Facebook Group, and participated in conference calls organized by Priscilla Enriquez, Chief Giving Officer of the Sacramento Regional Community Foundation. Have your technology crisis communication messaging ready. Do your technology due diligence. As such, giving day hosts must practice technology due diligence, by conducting an independent review.

New NBA Players Union Executive Blazes New Trail

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Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, NBPA’s chairman and a former NBA player, took on an additional leadership role during that crisis. Ultimately, she beat two other candidates—Information Technology Industry Council President and CEO Dean Garfield and Dallas Mavericks CEO Terdema Ussery—in last week’s vote.

Virtual Memberships, part 3 of the series : Off Stage

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“Our members dont DO technology,” one AE told me recently. Maybe not, I thought, but your members are aging and being replaced by new, younger, professional members for whom technology is an essential component of successful business. There are many potential MLS alternatives these days—better, slicker technologies and vast amounts of enhanced real estate information. Technology. Off Stage. 21, 2010 - Virtual Memberships, part 3 of the series.

Strategic Communications Power Membership Value at the American Public Power Association

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Another goal is to keep members informed about advocacy priorities, new technologies, and business and operations trends. We address current trends and technology and talk about what our association is doing for members. Lineworkers from Sacramento Municipal Utility District help restore power after wildfires crippled parts of the power grid in Napa Valley, Calif.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.10.20

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Michael Jones, VP, Mobile Technologies, Results Direct | RD Mobile. Ami Bera, member of Congress representing Sacramento County, California. We’ll ask association executives who have made selections why they chose the solutions they did, about integrations with existing technology, and how they have addressed accessibility and inclusivity with their choices. Presenter: Brandt Krueger, Technical Producer, Event Technology Consulting.

111 Intriguing Chats for 2011


ahier - Brian Ahier; The Dalles, Oregon; Passionate about healthcare, technology and government 2.0. Dig design, innovation, technology. andreamiller20 - Andrea Miller; Atlanta; Elementary Instructional Technology Specialist. BrandtKrueger - Brandt Krueger; Minneapolis; Geek Dad, Husband, and Corporate Technology Director for metroConnections, Inc. (A dcoriale - David Coriale; President, DelCor Technology Solutions, Inc.

Peace Sells.But Who's Buying - Association Membership?

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Accelerating innovation in science, technology and the arts by focusing on the knowledge itself. Sacramento has one that started right after I moved away. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, December 7, 2009. Peace Sells.But Whos Buying - Association Membership? What do you mean I dont support your system? I go to court when I have to. What do you mean I couldnt be President. Of the United States of America? Tell me something, its still We the people, right? If theres a new way.